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Chapter 125: Moving Mountain And Reclaiming The Sea

The distant peaks were fogged in, and clouds hung around the boat.

Eagles were clamoring and whistling through the air.

The wind was blowing, but there was no frost on the temples.

The setting sun was unaffected by the rain on the hair.

That was good.

The sky had always been mankinds most coveted territory, and the ability to fly into the sky had always been mankinds most proud invention.

Wang Wen and the female mage boarded the airship, which the airships commander personally piloted, and flew into the sky above the flooded village.

A birds-eye view revealed just how bad the villages geographical location was.

It was situated in a small depression basin, close to a large river.

The main point was that the river water had turned around and formed a massive lake.

It was clear that a circle of barriers had been built around the lake.

It was higher than the village.

If a rainstorm raised the water level upstream, the basin below would quickly become a mudflat.

Of course.

The situation in the village had already reached flood stage.

The airship landed in a slightly higher, dry location.

The pilot and the person in charge were the first to exit the cabin.

He wiped his face and hair with a linen cloth before nimbly moving the footstool.

He waited for him to set up the footstool.

Wang Wen had already addressed the villagers who had gathered to greet him.

At the same time, he said who he was and knew what was happening with the water problem.

A middle-aged man walked forward, leading the villagers in draining the villages water.

His skin was dark brown, his palms were rough, and he had bright eyes.

He referred to himself as the village chief.

When he saw Wang Wens Mage Association badge, he made an unhappy gesture toward the dikes, which were almost as high as the sky, and said, “Come on, come on.

You mages were the ones who continued to fill the dikes with so-called earth magic.

When the sky falls, the villagers will relocate to the Mage Association.”

When she heard that, the female mage who happened to step on a footstool and slowly walk down from the airship became enraged.

“If it had not been for our repeated assistance, this place would have long been washed away by the river,” she said to the village chief.

“Even His Majesty praised us for our exemplary treatment.

How dare a commoner like you say such things”

Her imposing demeanor and words frightened the other party.

She mumbled a few words that no one could understand and refused to say anything else.

Wang Wen did not care about the dispute between the two of them.

He just looked at the lake in the distance.

Then the voices stopped.

He turned around and asked the village chief, “The mission I accepted mentioned that the village chief must approve it before it can be considered complete.

“I want to know, to what extent do I have to deal with that flood so that youd be satisfied with the results”

The village chief glanced at the female mage beside him and saw that she did not make any movements.

Then, he said, “The ancestors have always dug down to clear the silt.

I want to dig that river and that lake back to the surface, or even better, below the surface.”

Wang Wen nodded and walked up to the lake.

He stuck his head in and looked inside.

Then, he turned around and asked the village chief loudly, “There are aquatic things that you raise in that lake, right Is there any problem if I kill them all”

The village chief was tongue-tied.

He widened his eyes and asked, “What are you going to do”

“You dont have to care about what I do.” Wang Wen pointed at the lake and said, “If I dig that place to the ground, is there a problem if all the aquatic things are killed or lost”

Even the female mage was intrigued when she heard that.

She looked at him, perplexed.

“Do you understand what you are saying The reward does not include digging into the ground, right The association cant afford that kind of workload.”

Wang Wen did not answer.

He just looked at the village chief quietly.

The village chief became more and more distressed.

He asked, “Can you let us move a part of it first”

Wang Wen shook his head decisively.

“Theres no time.

It will take a long time to clear the flood.

I dont have much time to wait for you guys to move it slowly.”

The village chief looked around.

His gaze finally fell on the high barriers.

He gritted his teeth.

“As long as we can bring the lake back to the ground, everything will be fine!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the villagers immediately protested.

The scene of a person yelling at a group of people was fascinating.

The village chief said, “Why are you arguing This is a matter of life and death!”

The villagers continued to yell.

The village chief said, “Who cares about those fishes Who has more fish than my family”

The villagers continued to yell.

The village chief was furious.

“Fine, Ill compensate you! Is that alright!”

The villagers were delighted.

“Its a deal!”

The village chief was stunned for a moment.

He turned to Wang Wen and shouted, “As long as we can bring the lake back to flat ground, everything will be worth it!”

Wang Wen gave him a playful look and nodded.

Then he found an open riverbed by the river and summoned the water stone giant using the Giants Heart.

The moment the water stone giant, which was as tall as a mountain, appeared, half of the sky in their line of sight was obscured.

All the onlookers were stunned.

Even the female mage had never seen such a huge and terrifying creature.

At that moment, she covered her mouth and kept trembling.

She looked at Wang Wen as if she had seen a ghost.

She initially believed that the other partys most terrifying ability was spiritual power.

She had no idea there was something even scarier in store.

Other than spiritual power, was that man a summoner

Before the stunned audience could recover from their shock.

The water stone giant followed the summoners will and stepped into the river.

The water quickly rose to the surface and flowed toward the village at the bottom of the hill, frightening the residents and causing them to jump up and down.

The village chief even turned toward Wang Wen, wailing like a ghost and howling like a wolf.

Recognizing the danger, Wang Wen ordered the water stone giant to move to the side.

He simply stretched out his palm and gently touched the lakes surface to begin absorbing water.

The water stone giants absorption rate was extremely fast, much faster than the rivers replenishment rate.

Soon after, the lakes surface became noticeably shallower.

Even so, Wang Wen observed the suns movement and concluded it was too slow.

He took out seven more Shear Water Beads.

He had intended to give them to the giant, who would flatten them and throw them into the lake to absorb water.

Finally, after placing them on the other partys finger, he realized that the water beads were no more than a grain of sand to the water stone giant.

The stone pillars rough fingers could not hold the bead at all.

Wang Wen had no choice but to enter the field himself.

He crushed the beads one by one and dropped them into the lake to aid in water absorption.

He sucked the round beads, scooped them back up, crushed them once more, and threw them away.

That was a repetitive mechanical, physical labor process.

When the lakes water level had dropped to about half.

Wang Wen let the water stone giant walk to the other side of the river.

He sat on an uninhabited stretch of the barren gravel beach.

He reached into the lake with his massive hands and began digging out the mud.

The villagers watched helplessly as a massive monster closed its hands and scooped up a handful of mud to pile on the gravel beach to sink in the sand and water.

With just a handful, it was a small hill.

One or two appeared to be country bumpkins who had never seen the outside world.

They were frightened and a little excited as they cried out.

The female mage felt her legs weaken.

She returned to the airship and flew it high into the sky.

The psychological pressure appeared to be slightly lower from above.

However, when the water stone giant looked up, she saw the stone head close by, and she felt her scalp numb.

She imagined what would happen if that big guy slapped her.

It was distinct from the shock felt by those around her.

Wang Wens sensation was novel and entertaining.

It was the first time he had commanded the giant to do something like that.

Even though he was not the first to notice it, it reminded him of playing with mud as a child.

The giants hands allowed visitors to experience what it was like to dig a hole with both hands.

He gave the giant the order to dig a handful of lake mud into the gravel beach.

In the stinky mud, there were all sorts of strange-looking creatures.

They scurried back into the river from the escalating mud mountain, screaming and fleeing for their lives.

Soon, the lakes water level was so low that it could not be seen.

The giant had basically dug the mud at the lakes bottom clean, leaving behind many hard stones that rendered the water stone giant somewhat helpless.

Its thick fingers could not be buckled.


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