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Chapter 182: Goods from the Academy

To be honest.

Wang Wen saw how Li He progressed up the tower and effectively gathered intelligence.

Wang Wen could not help but be concerned.

There was only one week until he could climb the tower.

He did not want to rush into anything.

So, he focused on gathering the items first.

He had less than 2,000 items at the time.

Most of them were junk that no one wanted from the Tiansheng Groups warehouse.

Wang Wen was also interacting with people of higher levels.

It was not the first time people had looked down on items like the Daluo Creation Pill.

Even so.

Without considering the quality of the items,

Just by looking at the quantity, there was still a big gap between the 10,000 items and their different effects.

As for Li He, he had supposedly gotten more than half of them last week.

The other partys progress was too fast.

That made Wang Wen feel a rare sense of pressure.

He was into the fourth week of his ban from the tower.

He did not give the resource team any new targets.

Instead, he maintained the plan to collect the Elixir of Life.

The rules did not change.

It was still the same for every team that found the target item.

No matter how many items they got, Wang Wen would only take one.

According to their experiences, the number of Elixir of Life that appeared on the 200th floor was usually one to two; it would not exceed three.

Wang Wen would take only one, which meant that the income of the resource team depended on luck.

It had nothing to do with others.

That was very consistent with the principle of climbing the tower.

How much income depended on luck

Wang Wen only needed to verify that the teams that returned empty-handed really did not find anything on the 200th floor.

Apart from Wang Wen, there was basically no one else who could do that kind of work.

The World Tower was ever-changing, and the levels the resource team encountered on the 200th floor were different.

Unless the teams description were obviously wrong or contradictory, it would be difficult for ordinary people to find problems with it.

Wang Wen was different.

Even though he was not 100 percent sure, with his experience from his previous life, he could analyze the possible prerequisites from the description of the level.

As long as the prerequisites were described, it would prove whether the team had followed the steps Wang Wen had given them.

Regardless of whether there was corruption, just the incompetence was enough to punish the team members.

That was also why Wang Wen did not give them a new target that week.

He wanted to see what happened to the teams that could not find the target relics.

New targets could confuse them.

It was more convenient to keep the same target.

Anyway, the more bottles of Elixir of Life he had, the better.

He would not be afraid to search for a few more weeks.

He arranged the task for the resource team.

Wang Wen began to take care of his own matters.

The Tiansheng Groups warehouse only brought him more than a thousand items with different effects.

Most of them were even usable.

He still needed to find around 8,000 items through other ways.

Wang Wen did not want to cause a world war, so he could only think of two ways to do that.

One was the ordinary relic market.

The other was a high-end auction that specialized in selling precious items.

The relic market could supplement many basic items with different effects.

The auction could get him the valuable items he needed.

The only thing was that both places needed money.

A lot of money.

Wang Wen thought about it and decided to go to the relic market first.

Excluding the unsold relics, he still had more than 500 million points in liquid funds.

He was confident.

He left the academy and entered the World Towers teleportation gate.

The market and the auction place were located in District 2, where the rich gathered.

There were all kinds of high-end malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues there.

The Season Hotel, which the First Consortium with missiles recently bombed, was there.

Humans were very adaptable.

It had only been a while since that had happened.

The chaos caused by the missiles had subsided.

District 2 returned to the bustling scene of the past.

Wang Wen transferred to District 2 through the teleportation gate and then took a taxi to the relic market.

Before entering the market, he could already see the hustle and bustle inside.

Even though all the stalls were well-planned, leaving wide passageways for people to walk through, it still could not stop the tower climbers from pushing against each other and squeezing through all the aisles.

There was no other way.

There were too many tower climbers in that world.

The relics were also the materials that every tower climber needed.

No one dared to make online purchases for things needed for tower climbing.

They would not feel at ease until they saw the real thing.

As a result, the relic market was always crowded almost 24 hours a day.

Especially in the first few days of the week.

After the tower reset, there would be a large number of World Tower relics flooding into the market.

That was the best time to search for them.

Of course, it was also the most crowded.

Unfortunately, Wang Wen had no choice.

He needed too many items, and they had different effects.

He could only go to the market to go shopping during that most crowded time.

He was forced into the crowd.

If it were not for his improved physique, he would not even be able to get into the stalls.

Positions near the market gate were generally regarded as advantageous.

As a result, those who could sell there were typically large merchants.

After a few steps, Wang Wen noticed at least three stalls bearing the First Consortiums banner.

The rest belonged to the Tiansheng Group or the Boai Group.

They were all essentially monopolized by large consortiums.

Wang Wen went up to take a closer look at the goods.

However, they only had ordinary relics from the 100th floor.

The good things were never placed near the entrance.

It was typical for people to browse and not buy.

Fortunately, Wang Wen was not picky.

In any case, he needed to buy the items, even though those items were from the 100th floor.

He casually walked to the Tiansheng Group stall and looked at the items.

He asked the owner, “Are all your items here Anything not displayed”

The stall owner was reading a novel on his phone.

When he heard that, he replied bitterly, “I am not sure why the Tiansheng Group had recently put out very few items for sale, especially the lower-level relics.

It is so bad that we, who take commission, cant survive.

Many of my colleagues have changed jobs.

The group didnt stop them and let them go.” He sighed.

That person seemed to have an endless stream of complaints, and it was unusual for him to meet a guest who took the initiative to ask questions, so they began chatting.

Wang Wen nodded repeatedly.

He silently listened to the other party vent their grievances.

The reason for the lack of Tiansheng Groups low-level relics was very obvious.

He was also embarrassed to tell the other party those items were in his pocket.

He did not expect to make those innocent low-level workers lose their income, but he did.

However, that was also good.

They needed a change to continue living.

If the Tiansheng Group could not help them, why did they not change suppliers

Wang Wen thought for a moment, then cleared his throat with a cough.

He approached the stall owner mysteriously and asked in a low voice, “The Tiansheng Group doesnt have any goods for you to sell.

Will you accept goods from other groups ”

The stall owner put down his phone and looked at him in confusion.

“Arent you here to buy something Whose goods are you selling”

Wang Wen looked around and said softly, “Its from the academy.”

He did not forget that he still had many items that the resource team had gathered and could not sell in time.

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