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Chapter 187: So, This Is How You Are, Ma Dong

He could not seem to find the right person.

The leader had nowhere to express his rage.

He could not possibly beat up everyone in the crowd.

Not to mention other people from different consortiums.

If he did that, he would undoubtedly incur the peoples wrath.

All the tower climbers would chase him out for disrupting the market.

His jaw muscles twitched as he tried to take a deep breath to calm himself.

“You can sell it.

I will see how many idiots are willing to buy your goods at a high price.

I am also patient.

I will buy the goods after no one else buys them.

Thats good,” he said coldly to Ma Dong.

Ma Dong nodded.

He quickly gathered the funds and delivered the goods.

The two were as anxious as if they had found a bargain.

They shared a drone and were busy collecting the goods while keeping inventory.

Then the newcomer politely said to Ma Dong, “Thank you, Boss, for saving my life.” He turned around and cupped his hands in front of the leader with a cold expression, “Thank you, Tiansheng Group, for helping me.”

“Hurry up and scram,” the leader said coldly, waving his hand impatiently.

“Anyone else”

He was certain that no one would steal the goods from him.

Ma Dong, who was in the stall next to him, had already cautiously and timely announced a new price.

That was the fifth batch of the goods.

The crowd would not be duped.

“This is available for anyone who needs it.

If no one wants it, I will sell it to the Tiansheng Group.”

Ma Dongs tone was cautious.

His voice was not as loud as it had been.

It was as if he were a good man who had been oppressed.

He was truthful in doing business, genuine in selling things, and honest in reminding everyone of a fact that was placed in front of their eyes.

“Now, Im not lying.

If you dont buy it now, it is truly gone.

The Tiansheng Group will buy it all.”

When the leader heard what he said, something did not feel right to him.

He did not bother with him after carefully analyzing the content and finding nothing wrong with it; he simply told the truth.

But at the time, it was as if hornets were buzzing and whispering in the crowd.

Someone was eventually pushed out of the crowd, and he cupped his fists and apologized to everyone.

“Everyone, I didnt mean to disagree with everyone.

I waited for a few batches, but I could not get them.

I cant wait any longer, so I will buy ten bottles to share with my teammates.

I plan to climb the tower next week, so time is running out.

Please forgive me and pretend you didnt notice me.”

He bowed to the Tiansheng Group, saying, “I am sorry.

It is just ten bottles.

I have wasted your time.

I will be done in a moment.”

“Boss, hurry up and give me ten bottles.

I will use them to climb the tower,” he said anxiously to Ma Dong.

“All right, ten bottles of Quick-acting Antidote.

That will be 910,000 points.

Thanks for your patronage,” Ma Dong said quietly.

The individual quickly scanned the code and paid.

Ma Dong also got the goods quickly and handed them over.

Wang Wen, who was in the crowd, was perplexed at the time.

He checked his phone; had the transfer arrived yet

“I still have to give the goods,” he said, raising his head and looking at the drone.

The transaction at the stall went off without a hitch.

The buyer cupped his hands and apologized to everyone before quickly leaving.

Someone else walked forth just as that person was leaving.

Almost simultaneously, he ran in front of Ma Dong, and while scanning the code and paying, he yelled anxiously, “Boss, hurry up! I am interested in the remaining 90 bottles! Its 8.19 million points, right I have paid for the goods!”

Ma Dong nodded and hurriedly accepted the money.

He had a worried expression.

Wang Wen looked at his cell phone.

Nothing had happened yet.

He also had yet to take the goods from the drone.

Then, he understood something.

‘So, this is how you are, Ma Dong.

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes and nodded in satisfaction as he looked at Ma Dong, who was so busy that his forehead was sweaty.

That person was a good partner because he was decisive and agile, and his brain was also very quick.

He thought about giving him all the goods from the academy to sell in the future.

From that point forward, Ma Dongs stall became somewhat overcrowded.

The sixth batch of goods, which had increased to 97,000 points, had been completely sold out in the blink of an eye.

Wang Wens phone finally rang with a notification—a batch of 30 bottles of goods had been sold for 97,000 points each.

Following that, the seventh batchs price increased to 100,000 points.

The 100 bottles had been sold!

Wang Wen arched his brows.

His heart was already shifting from satisfaction to admiration.

As for the person standing by the stalls side, his expression had shifted from impatience to shock.

As he watched the bottles of Quick-acting Antidote being sold short in batches, he realized something was wrong.

However, he could not stop the crowd from enthusiastically waving their hands and desperately trying to buy them.

How did it get that way

He might never get an answer to his questions.

Ma Dong had mercifully stopped raising the price of the Quick-acting Antidote since it reached the 117,000 points mark.

As a result, everyone became even crazier.

The previous crowd had vanished.

Even the old man had vanished, leaving only a vague memory that he hunched his back and ran very fast.

He had something in his hands and constantly stored it in the drone.

Only a few zealous buyers were waving their hands and clamoring to do business with Ma Dong.

On the other hand…

Wang Wen put his phone away and left satisfied.

Ma Dong was left alone in front of the stall, selling goods while sweating profusely.

He had received many goods from Wang Wen when the price was still at 110,000 points.

He still had many bottles to sell at the moment.

That business transaction.

Wang Wen had sold a thousand bottles of Quick-acting Antidote in less than a half-day, and 50 million points had been deposited into his account.

Ma Dong, on the other hand, had earned a large sum of money, and his entire body trembled as he had the wisdom to reverse the situation in front of the Tiansheng Group.

Aside from the first few batches of goods sold at low prices, the rest were sold at high prices.

The amount of money that fell into his pocket would not be less than Wang Wen, the supplier, and it might even be slightly more!

His only capital was a few thousand points for large-screen advertising.

Using a few thousand points to earn tens of millions of points was a genuine skill that could not be imitated.

Both parties were pleased.

The Tiansheng Group were the only ones who were not pleased.

Ma Dong, not wanting to offend the Tiansheng Group, boldly stopped the surging crowd at the last moment, indicating that the sale was over.

He had to deal with a few uncooperative climbers who wanted to exchange contact information in anticipation of the notification of when the goods arrived.

He looked at the Tiansheng Group member who was trying to leave.

He fawned over the man and handed over a hundred bottles of Quick-acting Antidote.

He had kept them, especially for the group.

After all, they were on the same side, so he could not let them wait in vain.

“Boss, your business must be very good,” the leader said.

“Dont worry.

Ill come by every day.

I dont think Ill pay 81,000 points for that, though.

Maybe the market price of 60,000 points per bottle.

It will help you with your memory.”

Ma Dong apologized and said, “Boss, I already said I kept this for you.

Theres no need to pay.”

When those words were spoken, the leader came to a halt.

He weighed the Quick-acting Antidote in his hand, which had already risen to 117,000 points per bottle, and then looked at Ma Dong, speechless.

The other Tiansheng Group members could not hide their solemn expressions and looked at each other in disbelief.

Ma Dongs actions astounded them.

A hundred bottles! No matter the previous market price, it could be sold for more than ten million points, but it was given away for free.

It was all good, whether the seller raised the average purchase price to a terrifying level or kept it for personal enjoyment.

The leader turned to look at Ma Dong.

His stare was perplexing.

Ma Dong bowed his head and smiled apologetically, looking like an honest person.

After an extended period, before leading his people away, the leader patted Ma Dongs shoulder.

He said, “Work hard in the future.”

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