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He looked at the same gold coin that appeared in Zhu Xingguos hand again.

Wang Wens hands were trembling.

He felt that the disciple he had taken in was obedient and lucky.

It was too good!

He took the gold coin and held it in his hand.

Then he closed his eyes.

After a long while.

Under the watchful eyes of Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo

Wang Wen opened his eyes and looked at the gold coin in his hand.

He said in a daze, “How can it be a gold coin”

Zhu Xingguo looked at the gold coins in a daze, then looked at Wang Wen and asked in confusion, “Whats wrong, Master Thats right.

Its the same gold coin.”

Ren Ruoruo pulled him aside.

“Dont disturb your master.

Hes overthinking.

Try mine.”

She handed him a bottle of Body Health Water.

“Selling water” Zhu Xingguo was puzzled.

“Thats right, sell it.” Ren Ruoruo nodded.

A long sigh came from the distance.

“What Oh, f*ck, is it a gold coin

“Master!” Zhu Xingguo had to find time to comfort his master.

“Thats right, Master.

The price hasnt changed at all.

Its 5000 points for one!”

Ren Ruoruo patted him several times.

“Stop talking.

You dont want to get beat up.”

“Get beaten up Master, are you going to beat me up” Zhu Xingguo did not understand.

However, he still sold the water and asked, “Do you want to buy it back”

He received an affirmative answer from Ren Ruoruo.

The same bottle of water appeared in his hand.

Ren Ruoruo pulled the drone and scanned the information on the device.

She then opened the bottle and carefully drank some of the water.

“Can you still buy it Give me another bottle!” she asked.

Zhu Xingguo spread his hands and said, “I dont understand what youre researching! Just give it to me.”

Seeing that he was staring at the water bottle in her hand, Ren Ruoruo quickly tightened her grip and shook her head.

“Not this.

I mean, can you still buy another bottle of this Can you do it”

“I cant.

There was no more Body Health Water in the information,” Zhu Xingguo shook his head.

“Do you not have enough money” Ren Ruoruo asked.

“The points required to buy things there are the same as what we normally use”

“The same.

Just like the reward points in the tower, theyre taken from my personal account.” Zhu Xingguo looked at his point balance.

“I still have 200 million.

Its definitely enough.”

Upon hearing that…

“So we can only buy and sell the same item.

It cant generate one out of thin air” Ren Ruoruo looked disappointed.

She laughed at herself.

“There are fewer ways to get rich,” she said softly.

She raised her head and saw Zhu Xingguos confused face.

She sighed.Sure enough, fools had their own fortune.

It was always good to be content with what one had!

She took off her backpack and stuffed it into his hands.

She pouted and said enviously, “That skill is very useful.

Free storage space! Youre rich! In the future, youre not allowed to charge me a handling fee when you store things!”

Zhu Xingguo seemed to have noticed that the other party was not very happy and asked carefully, “Are you going to sell the entire backpack”

“Of course!” With the big bag gone, Ren Ruoruo swung her arms and moved her neck, feeling much more relaxed.

The backpack disappeared into thin air.

Zhu Xingguo looked at the skill information and muttered, “Mountaineering bag, rice, lemon sandwich biscuits, canned beef, instant noodles, chocolate, small vegetables, kitchen scissors, fruit knife, rotten chicken legs, pears, and rotten apples.

Wow, you have too much stuff in that bag.

Theres also luncheon meat, dried tofu, raw chicken oil, salt flour, dry towels, sanitary pads, underwear, and wet tissues.”

Ren Ruoruo blushed and slapped his arm hard.

She frowned and said, “Has the chicken leg gone bad Can you bring it back for me to see”

A chicken leg that looked fresh appeared in Zhu Xingguos hand.

Ren Ruoruo picked it up and smelled it.

“No problem.

Is the World Tower that hypocritical”

Zhu Xingguo spread his hands to show that he did not know.

That was how people defined it.

Ren Ruoruo pushed the hair in front of her eyes away with the back of her fingers, then took the Body Health Water and carefully washed the chicken leg before handing it back.

They were both excitedly learning how to use their new abilities.

They were happy.

On the other hand, Wang Wen composed himself.

He walked forward expressionlessly.

He handed a pearl to Zhu Xingguo and said, “Lets see how much that can be sold for.”

Zhu Xingguo looked at the Shear Water Beads in his hand.

He sold it.

His face suddenly changed.

“Master! That is so valuable! A few hundred thousand points each!”

Ren Ruoruo was puzzled.

“Is that the Shear Water Beads The rare items from the 30th floor are that expensive Then lets go to the market and see if any idiots are selling it.

Well get rich!”

Wang Wens expression was complicated; he didnt know whether to be happy or sad.

Then he took a bead from the drone and handed it to Zhu Xingguo.

“Look at that.”

Another Shear Water Bead was sold for 90,000 points.

Zhu Xingguo looked at Wang Wen in confusion.

Ren Ruoruo asked, “Perhaps different beads absorb different amounts of water Even if you buy an empty pile of beads from the market, they wont be worth much.”

“Not bad! I suspect that theres something fishy going on here.

A fair exchange is simply not fair!” Wang Wen took a bottle of Quick-acting Antidote and handed it to Zhu Xingguo.

The price was 117,000 points.

“The highest price” Wang Wen narrowed his eyes.

He seemed to have thought of something.

He smiled faintly and stopped testing the real thing.

Instead, he condensed a small sun that emitted golden light and carefully put it in Zhu Xingguos hand.

Zhu Xingguo shook his head, indicating that he could not sell it.

Wang Wen retracted his spiritual power.

He frowned and fell into deep thought.

Ren Ruoruo pulled the drone over and asked.

The drone replied, “Fair Exchange is restricted to physical objects only.”

Wang Wen noticed that the drone was willing to respond, which was rare, and quickly asked, “The first gold coin was created from my power of will.

Is it still fair when you took my power of will and returned an ordinary gold coin How much does my mental power worth How did you set the price”

“All material things were in their final form during the transaction.”

“Remember what you said!” Wang Wen pointed at the drone and had a bold idea.

The corners of his mouth curled slightly.

It condensed.

He used force.

Then it condensed again.

It lasted for more than ten minutes.

Then he waved his hand and threw a diamond the size of a fist and stuffed it into the hands of the dazed Zhu Xingguo.

Ren Ruoruos eyes started to sparkle.

“Im selling this!” Wang Wen covered his head and prepared himself.

Zhu Xingguos hands were empty.

Wang Wen frowned slightly, but it was not as painful as he had imagined.

His heart skipped a beat.

He knew he had succeeded.

Sure enough, he heard Zhu Xingguo say, “Master, such a big one was only sold for more than one million points.

Its too much of a loss.

If we sell it outside the tower, itll be at least a few hundred million, right”

“No loss.”

Wang Wen released his hand.

Looking at the drone, he smiled happily and said, “Were going to be rich.”

“Activate the checkpoint!”

[The 500th floor begins.]

The surrounding fog dispersed.

The three of them appeared in a somewhat dilapidated courtyard.

The sound of fighting could be heard from the room opposite the courtyard.

He did not have time to poke his head out to see what was happening.

A slim woman ran out in a panic.

A young man in a combat suit chased after her.

He mumbled some words she did not understand and pointed his finger at the womans back as a sword, shouting, “Thousand Fortune Palaces, break!”

Wang Wen and the others watched helplessly as the woman screamed and spat blood before falling to the ground.

They frowned.

He looked at the drone.

He quickly threw out a bunch of traps and tools to kill the woman.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

The young man, who was looking at the three of them from not far away, was confused and speechless.

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