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Many giant trees fell in the distance, causing dust and birds to fly everywhere.

A man in a snow-white robe stood in the air, a fallen leaf on his toes.

His hands appeared to be gently pressing on the heads of two individuals.

“I had no idea someone in the world would dare to steal the State Preceptors belongings!” The murderous aura between his brows was thick as the white-robed man examined the holes in his snow-white robe.

“I hope everyone can hold on for as long as possible,” he said coldly from above.

“It will be difficult to resolve the hatred in my heart if I dont skin you alive.”

“Are we his hostages” Zhu Xingguo secretly asked Ren Ruoruo.

“Is he trying to kidnap us”

Ren Ruoruo looked at him dumbfounded.

She wished to encourage him to read more books.

Unfortunately, she was not in the mood to teach an idiot.

She turned toward the white-robed man and asked, “Dont you want the Immortal Stone”

The white-robed man snorted coldly.

“Dont worry about it.

I will slowly search for it after I vent my anger.

For now…”

“Demon, die!”

An iron sword glowed with green light as it pierced the sky and shot straight from the Immortal Slaying Platform.

Jue Mingzi and his disciple were following them.

The long sword moved as quickly as lightning, piercing the long robe in the blink of an eye.

The white-robed man detected the sharp aura on the iron sword.

He could not defend himself in time and had to retreat to avoid the sharp edge.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, who had regained their freedom, ran to Jue Mingzs side and asked happily, “What are you doing here”

Jue Mingzi did not answer them.

He frowned at the white-robed man floating in the air.

With a sword spell, the old man behind him summoned the iron sword to his side, and his clothes fluttered without the wind, giving him the appearance of an immortal.

The white-robed man looked at the two of them and sneered, “The Cloud Killing Sword Three years ago, I was kind enough to spare your lives.

Now that youre asking for death, Ill fulfill your wish!”

His robe fluttered as he spoke, and with a wave of his sleeve, the fallen leaves on the ground turned into sharp blades that covered the sky and aimed at Jue Mingzi and the others.

“Thousand Fortune Palaces, defend!” Jue Mingzi took a step forward and raised his palm.

A blue light curtain that looked like an Eight Trigrams formation instantly expanded from the tiny point in the palm to a few meters wide, protecting everyone.

The sizzled fallen leaves pierced the light curtain.

They eventually turned into ashes, as if burned, and none of them could pass through the light curtain to cause harm.

Jue Mingzi was the only one sweating profusely.

When the old man saw that, he waved his iron sword and shot at the white-robed man.

The iron sword splintered into three, then nine.

In the end, it also became overwhelming, sweeping fallen leaves on the way to the white-robed man.

The white-robed mans eyes narrowed.

He reached out his fingers and gently pinched them.

Thousands of iron swords merged back into one, the tip of which was pinched by a finger.

Looking at the struggling sword, the white-robed man sneered, “I dodged your attack because I did not want my clothes to be damaged again.

Do you think Im afraid”

The old mans face changed dramatically, and he clenched his fists tightly.

The pinched iron sword trembled even more violently, and faint roars of tigers and dragons could be heard.

A hand rose from below, flicking his index finger at the sword.


The crisp sound echoed throughout the forest.

The iron sword finally gave up and fell to the ground in several pieces.

The old man spat out a large mouthful of blood.

As he gazed at the broken sword on the ground, he trembled, and his spirit seemed to be fading.

“Master!” Jue Mingzi was shocked and quickly reached out to support the old man.

The old mans spirit was exhausted.

He shook his head and sighed.

“Hes a monster.

Were no match for him.

Weve lost today.”

“Thousand Fortune Palaces, break!” Jue Mingzi unwillingly pointed his finger like a sword and pointed at the white-robed man.

The white-robed man waved his sleeve casually, scattering Jue Mingzis tiny mane.

He threw away the sword tip and clapped his hands lightly as if he had accomplished nothing.

Soon after that…

He did not seem to be having fun anymore.

He opened his palms and faced the sky.

A strong wind blew through the air.

The sky, which had been becoming increasingly bright with the rising sun, was suddenly obscured by dark clouds.

Heavy rain poured in the rumbling sound, infuriating the weather bureau.

They turned into cold icicles in mid-air and shot toward Jue Mingzi and the others like bullets.

“Thousand Fortune Palaces, defend!”

The blue light curtain reopened.

There were two pairs of hands supporting the light screen at the time.

“Master!” Jue Mingzi turned his head to look at the old man.

“Be careful!” The old man yelled, his veins bulging beneath his wrinkled skin.

The icicles clattered as they hit the light screen.

It was no longer sizzling at the time.

Instead, it drilled down like a living creature.

Seeing that the master and disciple were trembling as if they were about to die on the spot, Ren Ruoruo anxiously asked Zhu Xingguo, “What do we do My Great Sage is still on cooldown.

Do you have any more missiles to kill that damn monster”

Zhu Xingguo hesitated.

“I dont have a missile, but Master asked me to pick a unique true treasure.

He advised me not to use it unless absolutely necessary.

I think this should be considered a last resort, right”

Ren Ruoruo looked at the bottle in his hand.

The information given by the drone was simple.

[The Nine Transformations Golden Pill is a supreme treasure from the 300th floor.

It can enhance ones physique.

All injuries will be healed, and the dead will be revived.

Everything will be restored to the beginning.]

Ren Ruoruos heart skipped a beat.

Why did she not see such a heaven-defying treasure when it was her choice

Wang Wens eyesight was indeed better than an ordinary persons.

“Are you giving it to Captain” she asked..


But I dont know if itll work.

If it does not work, Master will scold me,” Zhu Xingguo said.

“Who cares if its effective or not If we dont use it now, he wont have a chance to scold you in the future.

Well die!” Ren Ruoruo witnessed the master and disciple supporting the light curtain vomit blood and fall to the ground.

Zhu Xingguo nodded.

He opened the jade bottle and poured a smooth bead emitting a golden light.

It looked like an exquisitely made toy.

He picked up the bead and stuffed it into Wang Wens mouth.

“Did it work” Ren Ruoruo shouted from behind.

“If it doesnt work, Ill skip this level.”

A hand blocked Zhu Xingguos hand.

He looked at Wang Wen, who had opened his eyes.


Wang Wen waved his hand, and a semi-transparent barrier appeared above everyones head, blocking all the icicles.

He got up from the ground.

He threw the bead in Zhu Xingguos hand back into the jade bottle and returned it to him, saying, “I said to use it only as a last resort.

Dont act rashly.”

“Master!” Zhu Xingguo suddenly had the urge to cry.

“Youre awake”

“I have been awake the entire time, but my consciousness was a little off.

You should have woken me up if something so serious had occurred.” Wang Wen patted Zhu Xingguo on the arm before making his way over to Jue Mingzi and the other man.

Ren Ruoruo was so overjoyed when she saw that Wang Wen had awakened.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Usually, she would hide her feelings.

In the tens of minutes of Wang Wens deep sleep,every minute had felt like a year to her.

It was as if the sky had fallen.

The speed of climbing the tower was too fast for her strength and vision to keep up.

Wang Wen had almost fallen.

It was the first time the two of them faced the 500th floor.

The exaggeratedly difficult task that was beyond his imagination nearly defeated him.

That was, until Wang Wen awoke.

Only then did she feel that her pillar of support had returned.

Her heart was back where it belonged.

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