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Jue Mingzi looked at the icicles above his head, which he and his master could not block, easily blocked by an invisible barrier.

His eyes widened in surprise.

The old man, who was still bleeding from the corner of his mouth, had his mouth open as if he had seen a ghost.

Even the white-robed man floating nearby was taken aback.

He had expended nearly 70 percent of his strength.

There was someone in that world who could stop it.

He could never underestimate the worlds heroes!

The white-robed man composed himself and smiled at Wang Wen.

“I believe you used the golden light.

You are quite powerful.

I can spare your life and even recommend you to His Majesty as my guardian if you hand over the Immortal Stone.”

Wang Wen did not reply.

He leaned over and helped Jue Mingzi climb to a tree trunk and find a comfortable place to lean on.

Then he looked at the old man lying on the ground.

He thought about it.

He hooked his finger and used his mental power to pick up the person and place him next to Jue Mingzi, seeing that he had rushed there.

He stood up.

He smiled at the four pairs of eyes staring back at him.

“I am sorry for sleeping for so long; please leave the rest to me.”

Wang Wen turned around and approached the man in white robes.

While fiddling with something on the ground, he casually asked the man, “So, you are a woman I can spare your life and even recommend you to Senior Li as the guardian of our academy if you willingly give up the Immortal Stone.”

The white-robed woman could not understand what he was saying.

But from his nonchalant tone…

As well as the formal voice…

The other party was teasing her!

“How bold!” The white-robed woman felt that she had done something wrong.

She had been cultivating for so many years, but she had been provoked by the same person time and time again to the point that she had lost her composure and become angry.

She did not waste any more time.

She used all her power and aimed at Wang Wen, shooting out a dark red beam of light that reeked of blood.

It was as if her previous techniques were to borrow natural objects for an attack.

At that moment, the white-robed woman was serious.

She used her bodys magical power, no longer pretending to be sanctimonious and hiding.

She knew it was not something fun by the smell of the beam of light.

It was as if thousands of dead fish were crushed all at once.

The extremely pungent odor caused Jue Mingzi and the other three to vomit.

The light beam struck the transparent barrier.

Wang Wens movements stopped.

He stood up and noticed that all the flowers and plants the light beam had splashed were dying quickly.

“It is immoral to destroy flowers and plants,” he said to the white-robed woman.

The white-robed woman clenched her fists and sneered.

The blood splattered on the ground seemed to come to life and bounce around Wang Wen, encircling him.

To protect his body, Wang Wen held up a transparent barrier that had formed a circle.

The voice in the dark red sphere said, “To be honest, the small sun from before only had half of my strength.”

“Youre still so stubborn even when youre about to die.

Then you can use all your strength and see if you can hurt me,” the woman in the white robe sneered.

“My full strength What an exaggeration! I worry this place wont be able to withstand it.

Besides, I have not recovered that much yet.” Wang Wens voice was muffled.

One object after another was gradually revealed outside the ball of blood.

There was also a black iron can the size of an RV.

The red and blue lines arranged on it resembled ferocious blood vessels.

Zhu Xingguo thought it looked familiar.

He pointed to the black iron can and babbled, but he could not remember the name he had been trying to remember.

The white-robed woman sneered in disdain.

“A smokescreen What are you trying to do by bringing out such a huge lump of metal Smash me to death”

Ren Ruoruos eyes flickered.

She slapped her forehead and shouted, “F*ck! A high-speed particle generator! ”

She grabbed Zhu Xingguos hand with one hand and pulled Jue Mingzi with the other, and the three of them fell flat on the ground.

“Captain!” she called out anxiously to Wang Wen.

“What should we do That thing doesnt recognize anyone!”

Wang Wen, who was in the blood ball, did not seem to hear it.

“How do I get electricity… I got it! ” he murmured to himself in hushed tones.

A diesel generator slowly appeared next to the black iron can.

He continued to say, “Is there something wrong Is it going to crack The consumption is too high.

Its better to make a nuclear bomb than to squander it.”

Everyone was frozen.

The white-robed woman had been controlling the blood ball for a long time, but it still had not sucked her dry.

She felt that something was wrong.

And the thing that was being sucked, which was very strange.

It did not seem like magic.

It did not look like flesh and blood.

It was empty as if it had sucked in a fart.

That feeling made her very uncomfortable.

Especially when she saw that the black metal lump was starting to rumble.

The ominous feeling in her heart grew stronger.

She waited until all of the small light bulbs on the wires were illuminated.

Wang Wen dragged the bloody ball and retreated slowly.

He retreated to the pit, where the four of them were standing.

Ren Ruoruo and Zhu Xingguo had already taken all their tools and dug the ground a few inches deep to avoid being on the same level as the generator.

The old man saw the two acting as if they were facing a great enemy.

His heart trembled.

He remained on the ground.

Jue Mingzi looked at the blood ball approaching and said, “Master, master, dont retreat anymore.

If you do, youll touch us.”

Wang Wen did not seem to hear him.

He was still retreating.

Just as the four of them were drenched in a cold sweat…

A hole suddenly opened at the end of the blood ball and swallowed everyone.

The opening was closed.

Wang Wen said to the white-robed woman in a muffled voice, “Didnt you want to see my full strength That move was about 30 percent of my strength.

You can try it first, and Ill quickly follow up with another one.”

The white-robed woman saw the ball of blood wriggle and retreat far away.

She raised her eyebrows.

She was hesitating about whether she should also retreat a little tactically.

Before she could figure it out…

Wang Wen shouted.

“Attention, everyone! Ignite and detonate!”

The small light bulb on the black iron can flickered and jumped around.

The previously orderly rumbling became chaotic.

It was as if the galloping horses had transformed into a herd of wild bulls.

Hearing the sound made ones heart race and sent a shiver down ones spine.

When all the chaotic sounds reached their peak…

He fell into a moment of silence.

The white-robed woman was dumbfounded.


Thousands of high-speed particles shot out in all directions like fireworks.

It destroyed everything it came into contact with.

In that forest…

It was as if a colossal spirit had hurled a bottle of paint.

The original color was cut and mangled to create a sphere of radial broken space.

Other than oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen…

Nothing could keep its shape in that radial space.

Even the ball of blood that had been wrapped around Wang Wen was destroyed in an instant.

What the f*ck was that He heard a miserable cry.

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