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Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo could not imagine how fierce the competition for wealth would be between the major consortiums in the future when more and more top teams would rush to the 600th floor if the incident with Wang Wens man in green did not happen.

Wang Wen vaguely remembered the First Consortium investing hundreds of billions of points in training his team.

Most of them had improved their skills to level eight, and their core skills had improved to level nine.

The points required for level nine were a terrifying ten trillion, according to the tenfold increase in world energy!

Even the First Consortium could not have gathered such a large number in such a short period.

They could easily undermine the groups foundation if they were too forceful.

As a result, Wang Wens team spent most of their time in the later stages collecting super high-level relics or intelligence to help the group exchange points with other consortiums.

It was already difficult to tell who was assisting who at the time.

It was a genuine collaboration in which they were bound together for good or bad.

As Wang Wen remembered, before his reincarnation, the strengthening of his world energy points, whether it was his physique or his extraordinary skills, had not reached level ten.

The level nine…

It was as if it had been locked away in the darkness.

He could not break through it.

In that new life, with all the opportunities combined, Wang Wen realized he had the chance to try and walk a different path from his previous life.

He had previously relied on consortiums to amass wealth.

It appeared that he could benefit from the World Tower in that new life.

Was that the same

Wang Wen and the others began to burn their money by looking at the exchange channel for world energy points.

So far, the three of them could still have a chance of reaching the fourth enhancement level.

That was why everyone set level four as their goal.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo had more than 200 million points combined.

They did not have a choice.

They must have a level four physique and exceptional skill.

The lucky draw could only be used three times to see if there were better options.

The fourth draw was not worthwhile for them, given their financial situation.

Wang Wen was different.

He had nearly one billion points on him!

Even though it was impossible to reach level five immediately.

However, he could still get a fourth draw.

If the three were ordinary people climbing the 600th floor, Wang Wen would have gained one more extraordinary skill than Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo simply by burning his money.

The difference in strength would be like heaven and earth if he gained a few more levels.

As suggested by Wang Wen…

The three of them began to select their transcendence skills first randomly.

It was 100,000 for the first time.

[Tower climber Mr.

A has mastered the following extraordinary skill: Healing Impediment.]

[Healing Impediment can prevent the targets injuries from healing for 1 hour.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

[Tower climber Ah Yan has acquired a transcendence skill: Life Lock.]

[Life Lock can be used on any living being nearing death.

The injury will not worsen unless they are attacked again within the duration of the skill, lasting one hour.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

[Tower climber Sha Zhouleng has obtained an extraordinary skill: Fart Technique]

[Fart Technique allows the target to fart continuously for 1 hour.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

Wang Wen was silent, deep in thought.

Ren Ruoruos eyes lit up with joy.

Zhu Xingguo was stunned and scratched his head in shock.

He seemed to have figured out something, but he also seemed to have thought nothing through.

Wang Wen and Ren Ruoruo looked at his strange expression.

They all looked curiously at the information exchange between him and the drone.

When she saw the god-like Fart Technique that could make people fart for an hour, Ren Ruoruo was stunned.

She felt that her skill was too weak compared to others.

Wang Wen frowned as his brain worked quickly.

He came to a conclusion.

It was an extremely powerful single-kill skill.

He held a sword in his hand.

Few people in the world dared to confront Zhu Xingguo.

Zhu Xingguo was taken aback.

He was overjoyed when he heard his master say that, so he gladly performed the next draw.

The three drew the lottery for the second time.

The ten world energy points were worth one million points.

[Tower climber Mr.

A has obtained an exceptional skill: Spirit Shield.]

[Spirit Shield can release a light composed of spirit energy that can resist various kinds of damage to anyone or anything.

The strength will be determined by the amount of spirit energy injected, lasting one hour.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

[Tower climber Ah Yan has acquired a transcendence skill: Undamaged Illumination.]

[Undamaged Illumination releases a constant-temperature light ball that can be used in any environment.

The brightness will remain unchanged for one hour.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

[Tower climber Sha Zhouleng has obtained an extraordinary skill: Gourmet Bread.]

[Gourmet Bread can create a piece of bread the size of a football.

Each bite can change the texture and taste of the consumers previous taste.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

Wang Wen was deep in thought.

Ren Ruoruos eyes lit up.

Zhu Xingguo scratched his head in shock, as if he had figured something out but also as if he had not figured anything out.

Ren Ruoruo saw his expression and looked at the skill information doubtfully.

Then she opened her mouth wide and could not close it.

Drooling, she grabbed Zhu Xingguo and said, “Thats so good! Why dont you try it Should I try Why dont you give it a try now”

The last meal was the stewed mutton soup in the farmers house on the 500th floor.

After that, they rushed through the night until the progress was completed, but they did not eat anything.

After they left the 500th floor, they continued to break through the tower without stopping.

They did not even stop to rest or eat at their favorite outdoor survival stage.

If Wang Wen were hungry, he would eat some dry food.

He had not eaten or drunk anything for nearly 20 hours.

At that point, everyone was in a safe area.

No one would be singled out on that floor.

Furthermore, Zhu Xingguos skill description was so attractive.

Ren Ruoruo could not help but drool as she grabbed Zhu Xingguo and shook him.

Wang Wen was startled out of his thoughts by the twos movements.

Wang Wen exclaimed as a golden loaf the size of a football appeared in Zhu Xingguos hand.


A few minutes later…

Ren Ruoruo cried.

She cried while chewing on a mouthful of bread.

Wang Wen was holding a small piece of bread in his hand and eating it bit by bit.

Every bit he stuffed into his mouth made him a little sad.

In the end, he simply crushed the bread and sprinkled it into the bottle of Body Health Water, shaking it evenly and drinking it.

He did not know what he was thinking about.

What was different between the two of them was…

Zhu Xingguo was very happy.

He held the half-eaten bread and gnawed on it.

It was filling and delicious.

What more could he ask for when confronted with such divine ability

Zhu Xingguo kept his gaze fixed on the time displayed on the drone, and he resolved to bake a loaf of bread every time his skills were released from cooldown; even if he did not eat it right away, he could always save it for later!

The three of them ate the bread until they were full.

He did not reject it…

On the contrary, he was a little unsatisfied.

Wang Wen did not drink any wine, but he looked a little drunk.

He heaved a sigh of relief and pulled himself together for the third round of the draw.

After the third chance, the price had already risen to 100 world energy points, which required ten million points to exchange.

They were confident and were the first to make a move.

As soon as the name of the skill came out, he felt his heart skip a beat.

[Apocalypse: An AoE destructive damage will be dealt to all living things within ten meters of the user.

The damage is equivalent to a rifle bullet.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

He obtained that skill! Wang Wen could not help but cry out for the first time.

He was not to blame for losing his cool.

That skill was simply too famous.

A top climber in a consortium had drawn that skill and strengthened it to level six, which nearly destroyed the world in his previous life.

The climber had relied on that ability to lead the consortium and overtake the Tiansheng Group!

That was also why the Tiansheng Groups performance in his previous life was said to have hovered around two or three.

No one else could withstand the damage from the skill except Wang Wens team, which had taken the hit with their own strength.

The most terrifying aspect was that no matter how many people were present, the damage to each living being was equal, and there was no chance of the attack power being reduced due to dispersion.

Ren Ruoruo noticed that Wang Wen had received an exceptional skill.

Enviously, she rubbed her hands together and began the third draw.

[Light of Life: consume your own life force to heal others.

The users overall power determines the strength.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

“Captain!” Ren Ruoruo did not know if she should be excited, so she quickly turned to Wang Wen for help.

If all damage-type skills were what the tower climbers desired…

The tower climbers sought out all defensive abilities.

In that case, healing-type skills were something that one desired but could not obtain.

That was because the number was simply too small.

That was the same proportion of relics as in the World Tower, and there were a wide variety of other relics.

Only the number of healing items was changing.

Wang Wen had a special resource team to help him collect theElixir of Life, which was probably the first time in that world.

Even the major consortias warehouses frequently ran out of healing items.

Nobody would object to having too many healing items.

As long as they had the privilege, they would do everything possible to obtain as many healing items as possible before considering other types.

Ruoruan Ren had drawn a healing skill.

It should have been a cause for celebration.

However, the skill description stated that she had to consume her energy to heal others!

That was utterly contrary to the principles of a professional tower climber!

Ren Ruoruos mind was racing.

She could only helplessly ask Wang Wen for assistance in analyzing the situation and determining whether she could be saved from that round.

Wang Wen was perplexed after reading the message.

“I remember you getting a Life Lock the first time you chose a lucky draw”

Ren Ruoruo nodded.

“Did you use a transcendent skill to get a demon body when you were on the 500th floor” he asked.

Ren Ruoruo was perplexed by the abrupt change in topic.

“That is correct.

What does that have to do with this”

“I have a feeling,” Wang Wen said, clasping his hands and clenching his fingers.”Youre going to become the angel of all the tower climbers in the world.”

Ren Ruoruos mouth was wide open in shock.

“Are you exaggerating”

“Of course!”

Wang Wen nodded.

“This round is very important.

The transcendent skills we drew were all of the highest quality!”

The two of them turned to look at Zhu Xingguo.

Zhu Xingguo scratched his head and asked carefully, “Then, Ill draw once too.”

The third time…

It required 100 points of world energy points.

It was worth ten million points.

[Mosquitoes Must Die: All mosquitoes within a one-meter radius of the user will suffer an AoE destructive damage equivalent to the explosion of TNT of the same weight.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

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