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Wang Wen, who had lived two lives, could not tell if Zhu Xingguos three draws were good or bad.

Perhaps those were bad.

One was a super single kill, one was a practical item, and the last could cause AoE destruction.

Perhaps those were better than Wang Wens.

If he were to brag about it, he would do so arrogantly.

However, if they sat down and discussed the pros and cons…

Something like the Gourmet Bread was useless.

A piece of bread could be taken out and not finished, or it could be eaten later.

If Zhu Xingguo did not have the Fair Exchange, which could stabilize and keep the bread fresh, he would have squandered many future opportunities.

There were only two transcendent skills left.

The Fart Technique and the Mosquitoes Must Die—just the names alone were comical.

No matter how he looked at it, those did not seem like proper skills.

When one considered the skills effect, it was not very serious.

The Fart Technique would probably cause more psychological damage than physical damage.

If he encountered a demon like Wang Wen, he might have to take off his pants and concentrate on releasing his fart for an hour without even blinking.

Maybe it would even feel a little good.

The Mosquitoes Must Die skill was even more excessive.

It had an area of effect destruction.

Even though the level zero Apocalypse was less powerful, it was still effective against all living things.

Why did that skill only target mosquitoes

Did the tower have a grudge against mosquitoes

Even if it was powerful, would he use mosquitoes as bombs

Who would have a bag of mosquitoes to use when they met an enemy

Did that even make sense


The three lottery draws had ended.

Everyone seemed to be quite satisfied.

Especially Zhu Xingguo.

He was grinning and laughing non-stop.

Ren Ruoruo did not know why he was happy.

She asked if they should strengthen their physique or skills next.

Wang Wen shook his head, indicating that it was neither.

He had to heal his wounds first.

He wanted to see if they had suffered any hidden injuries along the way.

The Elixir of Life was only an item from the 200th floor.

Everyone had already reached the 600th floor.

The enemys attacks were becoming more and more unreasonable.

Many injuries could not be healed by simply looking at them.

He had to take advantage of the abundant funds at the time to fully recover his body in one breath to avoid the phenomenon of not having enough money to heal any hidden dangers later.

They used world energy points to heal their bodies.

That type of healing would put one at ease.

It was even more thorough than the hospitals most comprehensive physical examination.

Not long after that…

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo had both finished their recovery.

They were both in high spirits as if they had been reborn.

Ren Ruoruos healing cost was the cheapest.

It seemed like there was nothing she needed to heal.

She only used one world energy point.

The statistics showed that it was very superficial, such as repairing the damaged epidermis cells, removing excess keratin, removing residual toxins, and so on.

In short, since she had requested to be healed, she could not return empty-handed.

That was comparable to the hospitals located outside the tower.

Zhu Xingguos condition was slightly more complicated than hers.

He had to use three world energy points.

Aside from surface repair and other tasks, the main goal was to eliminate a symptom known as demonic power residue.

Zhu Xingguo felt much better after that.

His shoulder, which had been in pain but had no visible wound, had finally healed.

That only left Wang Wen.

He was taken aback by the price list.

He had to use more than 1000 world energy points!

It was worth 100 million points!

Wang Wen was shocked.

He had not even begun the strengthening process, and he already needed to spend 100 million points to repair his body

He held his wallet and asked suspiciously, “Is this a robbery”

The drone seemed very proud.

The statistics were displayed.

He would not know if he did not look.

Wang Wen was dumbfounded.

There was no need to talk about anything else.

Just the curse alone was a long list.

The resentment statues curse.

Shen Rushuangs curse.

The cement statues curse.

Liang Xiaobins curse

The people involved in the cement burials curse.

The cruise ships curse.

The cruise ships first mates curse.

The cruise ships ladys curse.

The snake demons curse.

The demonic rabbits curse.

The demonic chickens curse.

The flower goblins curse.

The Emperors beloved consorts curse.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruos jaws almost exploded as they watched from the side.

Zhu Xingguo gave Wang Wen a thumbs-up.

“Master, youre so strong! So many people were thinking about you!”

Wang Wen pushed him away in a huff.

He pointed at the name Qu Guiye and asked, “Why are you charging me for this person I dont know them! Where did this curse come from”

The mechanical voice said, “After verification, Qu Guiye was Liang Xiaobins wife, and she died after learning that her husband and son were dead.”

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows.

He changed his target.”The cruise attendant was the one I threw into the sea, right I recognize that person, but I did not kill the first mate and the lady! Why are there curses from them”

“After verification, ordinary resentment was not enough to create a curse.

Only extraordinary resentment will form a curse.”

“What about the snake demon I did not kill that guy, did I Jue Mingzi was the one who hurt it!”

“Too many curses in the tower climbers body have formed a cursed body, automatically attracting scattered targets or curses in unknown directions.”

Wang Wen was speechless.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were amazed by what they heard.

They felt he was worthy of his position as their captain and master.

Wherever he went, he exuded a unique temperament.

He had also attracted so much hatred.

Everyone had already spent a long time in the 600th-floor waiting area.

It was unusual for the drone to be in no rush.

On the contrary, it was happy and proudly walking back and forth.

Wang Wen clenched his teeth as he stared at the drone.

“You want to steal my money Ill take you down with me!”

He waved his hand and used a transcendent skill at himself.

[Purification—nullifies all negative effects on the target, including but not limited to poison, slowness, curses, etc.

It comes with a 24-hour cooldown.]

Following a brilliant ray of starlight…

Wang Wen felt his body become several times lighter.

It felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted.

He assumed it was because he was under too much pressure and tired from constantly charging the tower.

He had no idea it was a curse.

There were not so many curses even after killing so many living beings in his previous life!

Perhaps he had been too truthful

Wang Wen reflected on it and resolved to be more cautious in the future, attempting to avoid telling the truth if possible.

He did not want to irritate someone and make them curse him again.

He had used a transcendent skill.

Then, he looked at the drone to check the price.

As expected, it had dropped a lot.

He only had a little more than 100 points left.

There were two more curses—Shen Rushuangs curse and the cement statues curse.

Those two were very firm.

Even Purification, which was known to remove all negative effects, could not get rid of them.

One could only imagine how much Shen Rushuang and the cement statues hated Wang Wen.

Wang Wen had no other choice.

He paid for the healing.

He had to use 126 world energy points, but it healed his body fully.

Wang Wen shook his arms.

He felt satisfied.

However, he felt he had overlooked something.

His mind was racing at full throttle.

He racked his brain.

His gaze was drawn to Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo.

His eyes gradually narrowed.

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