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He watched as climbers around him walked out of the World Tower one after another, either relaxed or silent, unharmed or seriously injured.

Wang Wen was speechless.

He was feeling rather complicated at the moment.

It seemed like he cleared the field.

Did he not make it out of the tower

That matter was too screwed up!

Wang Wen looked up at the sky; his expression made him seem constipated.

The mental power drain made him a little unconscious.

His bodys overdrawn vitality could not be restored through world energy points.

Ren Ruoruos Light of Life recovered only a part of it.

That feeling of not fully recovering to his peak was terrible.

The worst thing was that they stopped on the 699th floor!

Something was wrong.

He had not entered the portal, so he had no idea if the 699th floor had been cleared.

As he thought about that…

Wang Wen quickly checked his progress with the drone.

It was as if the 698th floor had been stabbed into his already broken heart.

Wang Wen clutched his chest.

He staggered a few steps.

He almost died on the spot.

The climbers passing by seemed used to that phenomenon.

They hid far away for fear of being touched.

Wang Wen supported himself on the ground and slowly sat up.

There were still some items, like the Great Rejuvenation Golden Core in his mouth that he had not swallowed in time.

He chewed as he waited.

Not long after.

Zhu Xingguo came out alone.

After walking a few steps, he saw Wang Wen and quickly ran to ask about his injury.

Wang Wen looked behind him and asked, “Why are you alone What about Ren Ruoruo If she doesnt come out, shes going to reset.

Is she not going to climb the tower next week”

Zhu Xingguo shook his head and said, “Weve discussed it.

I decided to leave the tower since you left, Master.

Ren Ruoruo said she wanted to go up and take a look, so I did not stop her.

After all, it was not easy for everyone to get here.”

Wang Wens eyes widened as he looked at Zhu Xingguo.

“You did not reach the 700th floor

He was a little loud.

A group of people celebrating their survival in the tower looked at him.

Then, they laughed disdainfully and turned back to continue hugging their loved ones and friends waiting outside.

“I cant let you leave the tower alone…” Zhu Xingguo mumbled and nodded.


Wang Wen clutched his chest as if he could hear the sound of his heart breaking.

He hated and loved his disciple.

Initially, only one of them had lost.

Then, that number doubled.

He did not know whether to praise or scold him.

He wanted to slap him to death.

Zhu Xingguo looked at Wang Wen with eager eyes.

He did not quite understand why his masters injuries seemed more serious.

Was it because he accompanied him out of the tower

Something was wrong.

His master should be happier that he was so loyal.

It was not that.

Then what was the reason

Zhu Xingguos expression was solemn as he fell into deep thought.

Another half-minute passed.

Time was approaching the reset point.

A figure of light flew out of the World Tower entrance.

It was the man of light.

The crowd could not open their eyes because of the light.

It was as if the starlight and moonlight in the sky had all gathered in one place, and all kinds of gorgeous and dazzling lights spread out with every slight movement of the figure.

The figure could scatter thousands of light spots with a wave of their hand.

Three pairs of massive golden and white light wings adorned their back.

When they flapped, a large area of raindrop-like radiance fell.

Everyone in the square was attracted to that.

They had never seen such a scene before.

What level of god had come out of the tower

Zhu Xingguo carefully helped Wang Wen block the light and said, “Master, be careful!”

Even though he tried to block the light…

The light grew brighter.

Finally, the figure of light appeared in front of the two of them.

“Captain, what should we do if we cant turn it off” a womans voice said.

Zhu Xingguo felt that the voice was familiar.

He forced himself to raise his eyes to look at the figures face.

It was Ren Ruoruo!

He looked at the blinding light around Ren Ruoruo in shock and asked in confusion, “How did you get yourself into that state”

“Did you choose an angel” Wang Wen asked, a little speechless.

“Yeah!” Ren Ruoruo flapped her wings and said bitterly, “The reward asked me to choose a supreme treasure on the 700th floor.

I thought those potions, teleportation scrolls, and the like were all boring.

I remembered that you said I would be the angel of the tower climbers in the future, so I chose the item with the word angel.

I originally planned to test its power in the tower, but I didnt expect it not to disappear when I left the tower! Wouldnt everyone laugh at me if this continues outside the tower”

Zhu Xingguos attention went to a different place.

“Master, how did you know that the reward for the 700th floor was to choose something” he asked Wang Wen in confusion.

Wang Wens heart skipped a beat.

He sighed, thinking his condition was so bad that he had given himself away.

He casually said, “I was just guessing.”

He quickly said to Ren Ruoruo, “Show me the information on the device.” He wanted to divert their attention.

“Its quite beautiful.

I wonder how powerful it is”

Ren Ruoruo obediently released the Battle Angels information.

A blue-light screen with information appeared on the drone.

[Battle Angel, a supreme treasure from the 700th floor.]

[The user can transform into a Battle Angel and master the power of the holy god.

It lasts for one hour and has a cooldown of 24 hours.

For a range of 10 meters, it can infinitely heal any target or cast divine punishment on any target.

It can also cast the big blessing skill once within a 1-meter radius.

All the blessed people will instantly be rid of all negative states, and their health will double for 10 minutes.]

He looked at the information.

Wang Wen suddenly felt like he had returned to his previous life.

In the later stages, as long as he encountered a supreme treasure, he would be greeted with a huge amount of information like that.

It had words like infinite, any, and all, which were obviously out of his league.

The universe was a small tool with a limit.

How could it be called infinite

Wang Wen scoffed at the World Towers information.

Unfortunately, those words often had corresponding effects beyond the words scope.

The moment it was released, the scene exploded.

“F*ck! It was the 700th floor! F*ck!” Suddenly, a voice echoed.

The area near the entrance in the square was silent for a moment, and then an uproar spread like the plague.

Many people went closer out of curiosity.

The people who were already very interested in the dazzling light asked the nearest circle of onlookers about the situation.

The nearest group of onlookers was more or less frozen.

Most of them had heard the words 700th-floor before, and when they saw the supreme treasure, their mouths were agape, tongues numb, and bodies trembled like sieves.

Ren Ruoruo immediately hid the information.

She looked at Wang Wen in fear, as if she had done something wrong.

“What are you afraid of” Wang Wen shrugged, speechless.

“Youre the worlds number one now; how many people can beat you”

Ren Ruoruo shook her head.

“I dont think its a good idea to be so flamboyant.”

Zhu Xingguo, who was next to her, reached out and stroked the six wings.

He said enviously, “Id like to show off like this for once.

Ill let those who look down on me see my glorious day.”

Wang Wen was also speechless.

He clutched his chest and said, “You can do it too.

If you did not leave the tower, you would have one.”

Zhu Xingguo could not hear the regret in his masters tone; he grinned and said, “Master, youre so funny!”

Wang Wen was speechless.

“Funny, your *ss!”

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