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Chapter 273: The Braggart

The head secretary, who was still wearing cotton pajamas, was just an ordinary person who had yet to reach the towers 20th floor.

Usually, climbing the tower was just a hobby, similar to skydiving, rock climbing, and bungee jumping.

He wanted some excitement.

He could earn tens or hundreds of extra points if he were lucky.

Therefore, he did not resist when the Tiansheng Group people found him and kidnapped him.

His injuries were the lightest.

After being rescued, he checked on the injuries of his other colleagues and roughly calculated the damage to the group with the help of some staff.

He quietly went to Chen Hansheng and reported the results.

Chen Hanshengs eyes flickered when he heard that their relic warehouse and headquarters had been ransacked.

He nodded to show that he understood but did not say much.

He quietly followed Wang Wen and the others to the Tiansheng Group.

Dongbei Qin was dead.

That news spread like wildfire across the world.

It was like a deafening alarm clock that woke everyone up just as the sky was about to brighten.

The whole world was shocked!

The Tiansheng Groups big boss had died.

What would happen next

Should they elect a new boss, or should the family pass the position to the Qin familys eldest young master no one had heard of

No matter what.

The days ahead would undoubtedly be tumultuous.

With the second consortium changing its leader, the many industries under its banner would be like fresh blood in the ocean, attracting countless bloodthirsty and hungry sharks to surround them.

At the Tiansheng Group Headquarters…

The place had been deserted; only a pile of ashes from the battlefield showed the tragic situation of the battle.

There was obviously a price for the thousands of tower climbers who risked their lives in that battle.

They were there for the benefits promised by Qin Dongbei.

Since he was dead, where would they get the benefits

Would they have stayed

The actual core members of the group, including the deputy chief, had long fled.

The rest were just a bunch of cannon fodder.

Those still alive had scattered and fled when they learned that Qin Dongbei had been defeated and killed.

No one was stupid enough to stay and wait for judgment.

Wang Wen turned to the old monster and said, “Your company must have personnel records, right Find the people who were involved last night.

Find out who robbed and killed Boai Group members.

Tell them to pay with money or pay with their life.”

The old monster seemed reluctant.

“Im just a thug.

Im not good with that kind of work.”

“Find someone whos good at it to help you.

I only care about the results.” Wang Wen was very good at commanding the losers.

Unless the old monster hid in the tower and never came out, he had to get through that.

The old monsters face twisted, but he did not dare to refuse a second time.

He tried to think of a countermeasure.

Chen Hansheng glanced at his subordinates.

The head secretary, who was wearing cotton pajamas, got the hint and went to the old monsters side to speak to him.

The old man was overjoyed and cupped his hands to thank the head secretary.

The head secretary turned around and waved at some people from Boai Groups team.

They followed the old monster into the Tiansheng Groups headquarters to find the paperwork.

Wang Wen nodded his head in satisfaction.

Chen Hansheng said, “With Qin Dongbeis death, the Tiansheng Group will be without a leader.

We can take over all of their businesses, which will be worth a considerable sum of money, whether sold or bought.

They were estimated to be worth at least ten trillion points!”

Wang Wen turned around and smiled at him.

“Dont worry; those things will be divided equally between the Boai Group and the academy.

Im only in charge of dealing with the trouble, not the profit.

After all, the tower was my main goal.”

Chen Hansheng was overjoyed when he heard that.

He kept rubbing his hands and said, “How can I accept that”

Wang Wen deliberately teased him, saying, “If you feel embarrassed… Dont you have a few trillion points to give to Dongbei Qin Now that you have no use for the money, can you lend it to me”

He was just teasing the man.

He did not expect Chen Hansheng to consider it so seriously.

“Thats what I should do.

I have about five trillion on hand now.

After deducting the one trillion I borrowed and some working capital, I still have three trillion.

Its all yours!”

Three trillion!

When they heard such a large number, Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo could not stop talking.

Ren Ruoruo even grabbed Zhu Xingguos arm unconsciously.

Her strength was so strong that Zhu Xingguos face paled.

When Wang Wen heard Chen Hanshengs answer, he was also slightly taken aback.

The atmosphere became heated.

He was tempted.

He thought about how much improvement a trillion-dollar fund could bring him; Wang Wens heart raced.

He could draw three or four more transcendent abilities, which was incredible!

No one would complain about having too many transcendent skills.

They would always want more.

Qin Dongbeis unscrupulous behavior was apparent.

No one was his match except for Wang Wen.

If Wang Wen had such a level of enhancement…

He would be the king of the world.

Missiles and nuclear bombs would not be able to kill him.

They might not even hit him.

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

“I dont want all your money.

Just give me one trillion.

Ill return it to you with interest in a month,” he said to Chen Hansheng.

Chen Hansheng started to rub his hands again.

“How can I accept that If you want to use the money, just use it.

No need to pay me back.

Its too much to pay interest.”

“All these should have clear calculations, despite our partnership.” Wang Wen patted his shoulder and said, “Well be working together on a large scale in the future, so dont get caught up in those small things.”

“Thats true.” Chen Hansheng nodded repeatedly.

When the people around them heard the casual conversation, they would have slapped them if they did not know their identities.

The significant problems were almost settled, and Wang Wen was not interested in trivial matters, so he led the few people around him back to the academy.

Sitting in the academys newly built deans office, Wang Wen was so sleepy that he kept yawning.

He said to Li He, “Senior, youll take over the Tiansheng Group on behalf of the academy.

The Boai Group will calculate the distribution and split it in half.

Old Chen is reliable, so you dont have to worry too much.”

Li He was in a daze as if he had yet to wake up from his dream.

“Wang Wen, I remember you saying you would take revenge on the Tiansheng Group.

I thought you were just bragging.”

Wang Wen smiled and drank the healthy tea quietly.

“Even though I made a bet with you, I was not hopeful.” Li He looked around at the repaired office and sighed.

“I think its much more difficult for you to realize that than it is for me.

Even if its possible to achieve it in the future, itll be a few years or even decades later!”

His gaze returned to Wang Wen, and he looked excited.

“I cant believe youve done it in just two months! Ive lost that bet, but Ill be more than happy to treat you to a meal.

Itll probably be the happiest treat Ive ever had in my life.”


Perhaps because he was surrounded by people he trusted, Wang Wen began to snore happily on the sofa.

Li He was stunned.

He turned to the people around him and asked, “He—”

“He has been climbing in the World Trade Center for a week.

He didnt even have a hot meal when he came out of the tower.

And he had been busy the whole night, fighting Qin Dongbei.

His body cant even withstand it any longer.” Tong Xiaolei patted Mo Rans back and said, “Let them take Wang Wen to a room with your chair.”

Mo Ran was dumbfounded.

Gu Jianbing sighed as he looked around the room at the injured and tired people.

“The academys mechanism formation does need to be tightened.

Otherwise, no one can enter or leave freely.”

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