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Chapter 276

Lu Cis team members did not make a move.

That meant that the top team of the First Consortium did not display its full strength.

Lu Ci alone could not represent the entire teams strength.

However, given the situation, it made no difference whether or not the top teams attacked.

Wang Wen was alone.

Even if the top teams won in a 5v1, it did not mean anything.

Furthermore, they might not even win.

In the match…

Wang Wens appearance had given everyone a new perspective on the world.

They realized that no one seemed to be able to control that wild young man!

That was too much.

Would the young man rule the world

The remaining consortium leaders expressions were unsure, and they left quietly under the protection of their men.

The situation was too strong for them.

That teenager did not follow the rules or routine, and he killed people without blinking.

The bosses decided to retreat temporarily.

However, they might have wanted to leave.

Wang Wen had no intention of letting them go.

“The bosses havent expressed their opinions yet.

The Tiansheng Group is mine.

Does anyone disagree” he asked.

“Oh, right! The fourth consortium too.

Lets go through the process today.”

Those ten consortium leaders were on the verge of tears.

Some of their men could not make clothes out of thin air.

As a result, some of them were still naked.

Some were slightly better.

Some people were used to having a secretary or even a person in charge of a consortium.

Those people were troublesome.

The First Consortiums top team tried to help the ladies, but they had not expected to run into such a situation, so they were not adequately prepared.

They could only make three to four items.

Even if all the ladies wore one item each, it could barely keep them covered.

They wanted to leave, but they could not.

They wanted to stay, but they could not.

At that moment, they were either staring at the boss who had brought them there or at Wang Wen, who had caused all that.

Seeing such a situation…

Wang Wen paused for a moment before waving his hand.

He only used about half his energy to return the floor, walls, tables, chairs, and everyones clothes to their original condition.

The only difference was that everything in the conference room was made of his energy.

He could retract the energy and make the item disappear again by beckoning with his finger.

Everyone was taken aback by the miraculous scene in front of them.

They were stunned and unable to speak.

What was the difference between being able to control the clouds and rain with the flip of a hand and being a god

Lu Ci mumbled to his team members.

He was confident that even if they all went up, they would not be able to compete with Wang Wen.

That was Zhou Dafus first official contact with Wang Wen.

He would finally see for himself how perverted the person his son talked about on a daily basis was.


That was simply ridiculous!

What was there to discuss

What was there to say when Wang Wen was so powerful

The entire world would be his with the snap of his fingers!

Zhou Dafus pride and confidence had vanished, replaced by a deep sense of despair.

He had given up!

And he was not the only one to give up.

Most of the people in the room looked desperate.

The consortium leaders and regional rulers finally realized that Wang Wens appearance here today was already a polite gesture.

Otherwise, he could completely ignore them and do whatever he wanted with his strength.

No one could stop him.

The leader of the fifth consortium examined the bodies thrown into the corner by the invisible giant hand.

He disagreed with the condescending words of the fourth consortiums fat man.

Based on the strength that Wang Wen had displayed…

How could they be considered people in his eyes

They were like ants.

The leader of the fifth consortium felt a burst of sadness in his heart.

The big boss, who was usually high and mighty, could only compare himself to an ant.

There was nothing more sorrowful than that.

It would be easy for the other party to kill him.

No matter how tough or weak he was, hostile or ingratiating, it would not change the fact that he could defeat ten people with his strength alone.

He thought about that.

He lost his fear.

He stood up and asked Wang Wen the question everyone had in their minds.

“Youre already so strong; why are you still staying here and fighting with us ordinary people”

When they heard that question…

Almost everyone nodded.

Even Chen Hansheng could not hold back.

Wang Wen was taken aback.

He reasoned that despite his polite demeanor, he had been chastised for being arrogant.

Was he supposed to tell the truth To say that it was not so much that he was strong as he did not expect them to be so weak

He would definitely be scolded again if he said that.

No one liked to be scolded.

Especially Wang Wen.

Because he would have to kill someone again if he was scolded.

His eyes were swollen from the trauma of killing so many people.

He rubbed the corners of his eyes and thought for a while.

He tried to make himself look friendly and said, “Actually, I just want to climb the tower.

Are you willing to let me focus on climbing the tower”

A sudden kindness.

The bosses felt touched.

Someone was so touched that he shouted, “Who the f*ck organized this meeting! Do you have too much free time You dont have a say in how they deal with their own business!”

As soon as he said that.

The direction of the wind changed.

They were smart people.

With someone taking the lead, the rest of the people, who did not care how they had scolded him before, immediately said, “Boss Wang, you can climb the tower peacefully.

Well be very quiet! If anyone else causes trouble, well help you deal with them!”

The leaders of the six districts trembled in unison.

They realized that they were made the scapegoats again.

One of them quickly explained to Wang Wen.

“Boss Wang, Im sorry.

It was just a normal procedure, and we didnt want to disturb you because you were so busy.

We did not expect to cause you so much trouble.

Well visit you another day and apologize to you properly.”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“Dont call me boss.

Im not a boss.

I used to be a student at the academy.

From now on, Ill be a glorious teacher.”

It was a simple sentence that sounded like they were having a chat.

The atmosphere in the meeting room quickly relaxed.

Wang Wen did not know how much weight his voice carried.

He also did not know how happy the atmosphere would be when the person in charge of a consortium lowered his stance and catered to his needs.

All the bosses except Zhou Dafu smiled kindly.

Some even said, “I knew it! Its indeed Little Teacher Wang!

“I see!”

“Argh! Teaching and educating people Little Teacher Wang is too noble!”

“Yes, yes!”

I cant believe that hes so strong at such a young age, but hes not arrogant or impatient, and hes low-key and steady.

That was a true role model!”

“Thats right, thats right!”

Zhou Dafu frowned as he listened to the nauseating flattery in the room.

He slammed the table and shouted, “Youre all too much! Do you have no sense of shame”

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