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Chapter 283: Not Embarrassing To Be Afraid

It could no longer be described as a tower-level difficulty to be able to trap a Broken Might spiritual master in an illusion.

The timing had to be very good.

Wang Wen recalled his mental state when he first entered that floor.

He eventually discovered the reason.

That was when he agreed to let Ren Ruoruo skip the level.

They had just completed the 700th floor and had arrived at the 701st floor.

He was a little concerned about the journey ahead of him.

The more he learned about the World Tower, the more pressure he felt.

His mind relaxed at that moment as a result of the stress.

However, the illusionary realm jumped at the chance to enter.

A master of spiritual power could only see through an illusion at the beginning of its construction.

The only difference was who paid more attention to details, and the flaws in the fakes were more pronounced.

In terms of that stage, it had already begun when Wang Wen reacted.

The illusion had been created, and without mental preparation, one would struggle to recognize oneself.

Not to mention that there were at least ten possible combination trials in the double checkpoints, and the number of variants was unknown.

Even if he had suspected a double trial, he could not tell if it was a trap plus survival or an illusion plus a secret room.

He could only go through them one by one.

If the illusion had not let the sea dragon out, he might not have discovered the flaw as quickly.

He looked at the sky.

Fortunately, the illusion was shattered early on.

He needed to regain his energy before making his way to the entrance.

It would probably reach an extremely high temperature at noon.

That would be troublesome.

Wang Wen waved his hand again, conjuring up a small wooden boat.

He used a heavy object to secure it to the stream and continued to close his eyes to conserve energy.

Who knew what strange things he would come across in the next round

The more energy he could regain, the better.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo stood guard at the side.

They were in a daze from the endless ocean to the pleasant mountain forest and stream.

It was the first time they had faced two trials simultaneously.

It was the first time in human history.

At the same time that he was terrified, he felt even more proud and arrogant.

No matter what level they ran into, it would be a world record that no one had ever set before!

‘Captain is so strong.

How did he know that it was an illusion I didnt even notice my headache when I saw it, and I was still looking for the entrance.

Ren Ruoruo savored the taste with lingering desire.

Wang Wen, who was resting with his eyes closed, said, “The biggest flaw in that illusion is that I dont know what Im rejecting in my heart.

It was not the sea dragon or the dead sea but an era those two represented.

Maybe a magnificent but desolate era.”

“More importantly,” he said, opening his eyes, and a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes.

“Back when I experienced that scene, I hadnt reached the Broken Might level for scientific decipherment yet, so it was normal that I couldnt recognize ancient fish or other marine creatures.

I couldnt even recognize them when they swam past me.

That was too much.”

Ren Ruoruo nodded, deeply moved.

“When all the flaws are added together, it can only be an illusion.”

“Thats right.” Wang Wen closed his eyes again.

“The illusion has been broken, so well survive.

Its a few hours before the extreme heat hits.

Be careful, and wait for me to fully recover before going to the next floor.”

Outside the tower…

In an extremely well-hidden and dark secret room.

The heads of several major consortiums had gathered, smoking cigarettes or cigars.

Even the only woman in charge was holding a long and thin cigarette in silence.

The leader from the Fifth Consortium took a big puff of the cigar and said, “Are we going to let a little wimp like that suppress us Are you willing to accept that”

Zhou Dafu smiled mysteriously, “I think its rather good.

Wang Wen doesnt interfere with my group or ask for any resources.”

“So, from now on, everyone will have to act according to Wang Wens wishes” the woman said.

“The top ten consortiums are no longer in charge of the world.”

There was no fluctuation in her tone.

It was not a question but a statement.

It was to describe the foreseeable future.

As soon as she finished speaking, the secret room fell silent.

The atmosphere became even more solemn.

After a long while…

Zhou Dafu stood up, tidied his clothes, and said, “If theres nothing else, Ill take my leave.

I still have things to do.”

No one stopped him.

The Fifth Consortium leader looked at his back and said half-jokingly, “Alright then.

Since no one has any objections, Ill give my company to Wang Wen later so he can take care of me.”

The voice drifted past.

Zhou Dafu stopped in his tracks.

He did not turn around.

He opened the door and left.

The six remaining people looked at each other.

“Dont look at me,” someone said.

“Even Zhou Dafu and Qin Dongbei cant beat that Wang guy.

What can we do”

There were a few seconds of silence.

“If we cant earn by climbing the tower, what about selling technology”

The six pairs of eyes flickered in the dark room as if they were evil beasts hidden in the dark.

Inside the tower…

There was no more incident.

Wang Wen had successfully recovered his energy.

He stretched lazily, full of energy.

He waved his hand at the sky to move all the snakes, insects, rats, and ants away from the entrance.

A large section of the gravel beach was emptied in an instant.

They stepped into the bright entrance and successfully completed the level.

The following levels were ordinary, with no special checkpoints or double trials.

It was as if the World Tower had used up all its strength.

“Now that you have the Fair Exchange, you dont need the special privilege to bring in cigarettes from outside the tower, right” Wang Wen asked Zhu Xingguo, standing in the safe zone on the 710th floor.

Zhu Xingguo nodded.

Wang Wen also nodded and said, “In that case, you havent used your special privilege this week, right Can I use it”

“I thought you were going to tell me to quit smoking or something.” Zhu Xingguo laughed.

“Thats scary.

Just say it.

It doesnt matter if I have cigarettes; you can use them as you wish.”

Wang Wen patted his shoulder.

“I can only have one, right” he asked.

After he finished speaking…

The drones restoration light fell.

He began to swear again.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo seemed to hear the sound of burning points.

But that had gone by pretty quickly.

The light on the Oath Scepter gradually faded, and in its place appeared an extremely bright pearl of light in Wang Wens right palm.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and handed the pearl to Zhu Xingguo, saying, “Try to save that.

Remember to use the privilege rather than the Fair Exchange.”

Zhu Xingguo took the light bead and used his special privilege to store it.

He asked curiously, “Master, what was that”

Wang Wen looked at his remaining points and said, “Its all my energy.”

Zhu Xingguos hands trembled as he stored the item.

His fingers changed from pinching to cupping, and his movements became more careful.

No matter how stupid a person was, they feared death.

However, as the old saying went…

It was not embarrassing to be afraid.

However, it would be embarrassing to do it if one were afraid.

The pearl of light was successfully stored a few seconds later.

As he only had one chance, he was worried that he would not be able to get it back, so Wang Wen decided to wait until next week for the test.

At that moment…

Everyone had another, more important thing to do.

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