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293 What Do You Call A Dead God

Ren Ruoruo pondered that.

She had already deduced that the beam guns and magic cannons had divine power.

The captain also claimed that the aura on his body was identical to the magic cannons.

That showed that he had obtained divine power as well.

Given that they were both divine powers, why was the beam gun ineffective against the hexahedron while the hexahedron could harm her

With that doubt in mind…

She took up the beam gun, set it to the lowest setting, and carefully fired a shot at her left hand.

She reluctantly admitted that those so-called divine weapons could seriously harm her, who also possessed divine power.

Zhu Xingguo, who was standing beside her, was taken aback.

He quickly took out an Elixir of Life and poured it on Ren Ruoruos pierced arm.

He scolded, “You cant let yourself get hurt, no matter how anxious you are! I have a lot of things on me; I can always find a way to break that thing!”

As he spoke, he handed the Elixir of Life to Ren Ruoruo.

He turned around and took out large and small welding guns to burn a point on the hexahedron.

It did not burn through the hexahedron, but it quickly burned out their oxygen, which was already running low.

Zhu Xingguos face turned pale.

In a hurry, he opened the empty bottles he had previously sold at the Fair Exchange.

The hexahedron was slowly filling with a gas that smelled like fruit juice, carbonated drinks, and low-alcohol alcohol.

Ren Ruoruo covered her nose and asked Zhu Xingguo to keep the bottle.

He only opened empty bottles of drinking water and juice.

If it did not work, soda would.

Zhu Xingguo nodded and waved a large empty bottle of pure water to collect the turbid air in the hexahedron and sell it.

Then, he picked up some unopened fresh empty bottles, bought them, and opened them to release fresh air.

That cycle continued.

He had cleverly solved the problem of insufficient oxygen.

Ren Ruoruo looked at Zhu Xingguo, her eyes shining as if she had a new understanding of him.

However, the breathing problem was only a side effect.

The real damage came from the pressure that kept squeezing her body.

That kind of pressure was very mysterious.

It was nothing like air or water pressure.

It was like a constantly shrinking human-shaped mold.

It did not affect her movements, but it continuously injured her body.

Ren Ruoruo noticed that Zhu Xingguo was still looking for a way.

She did not want to waste his efforts.

She thought about it.

She chose to play her trump card and her Level 5 Devils Form.

She morphed from the Great Sage into her Devils Form and attempted to resist the damage of the hexahedron using the damage reduction spell.

At the same time, she cast a Level 5 Life Lock on Zhu Xingguo with a 400 percent spell enhancement, which would last for eight hours.

Unfortunately, her Light of Life was still on cooldown.

One and a half hours was both fast and slow.

At the very least, it seemed unlikely that he could last until the end of the cooldown.

After a while…

Their situation improved.

However, they still lacked effective offensive capabilities.

Zhu Xingguo paused for a moment before taking a pile of explosives from the Fair Exchange.

With a conflicted expression, he looked at Ren Ruoruo.

Ren Ruoruo was rendered speechless.

“There is only so much room.

We will probably be blown up before the hexahedron explodes.”

“Dont you want to try Maybe we can survive with our Level 6 physiques” Zhu Xingguo said so unwillingly.

“Its too risky.

Its safer to leave the tower.” Ren Ruoruo refused, shaking her head.

As the two of them were discussing…

Wang Wen appeared outside the hexahedron and casually pointed it out before asking, “Did I interrupt your conversation”



Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo dashed to Wang Wens side, taking deep breaths.

They drank the Elixir of Life as if they had been reborn.

The face in the air snorted in surprise.

“Theres another power that can break my cage Who are you”

“Are you the God that those people were talking about” Wang Wen asked.

“Foolish mortals are not worthy of knowing my identity,” the face sneered.

“Alright.” Wang Wen nodded.

“If you meet the legendary God, please help me pass a message.

Tell him we have some questions for him and would like to invite him over for a chat.”


The face roared, “Arrogant blasphemer, accept Gods punishment!”

Just as he finished speaking…

A straight beam of light fell from the sky.

It blasted toward the three of them.

Wang Wen raised the transparent barrier, sensing an increase in energy consumption rate.

Without further ado, he waved his scepter and said, “I swear I will use 10 percent of my energy to attack the god whom the temple members worship.”

The metal wall…

It collapsed.

From somewhere on the top, a bright light pierced through the clouds and mist.

The earth trembled as an earth-shattering boom came from afar.

The human face above them screamed in agony.

It then dispersed into wisps of mist and vanished.

Ren Ruoruo, still in Hostile Perception, observed the red light at the top of the metal wall fade away.

“Captain,” she said to Wang Wen in a daze.

“Its gone!”

Wang Wen was also a little dumbfounded.

“I swear that the temple members god will appear before me unless he is dead,” he said.

After the oath…

The energy did not move at all.

Nothing happened.

But it already represented the answer.

Wang Wen was stunned.

“So weak Its only 10 percent of my energy, and hes already dead”

“121% of progress achieved, the 720th floor is now cleared.”

Zhu Xingguo said, “F*ck, its true!”

“Im done for! I havent even asked how to use divine power!” Ren Ruoruo said

“I dont think hes a god at all.” Wang Wen had a headache.

“There are five minutes left.

Ill grab someone from the temple and ask them.”

He waved his scepter.

He found a person who knew the most about divine power.

He was a half-dead and sickly person.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were shocked.

Why did another person who looked like he was about to die appear

The sickly man asked Wang Wen, “Are you the new God Its a pity I have nothing to offer, but I can only express my pious respect to you.”

Wang Wen looked at the remaining time on the drone and went straight to the point.

“Quickly! Tell us how to use divine power.”

The sickly mans listless eyes swept over the three of them.

He coughed a few times.

He was dead.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were at a loss for words.

Wang Wen was furious.

He waved his scepter and forcefully resurrected the sickly invalid!

Three percent of the energy was consumed.

From a certain point of view, that man had 30 percent of the dead Gods power.

“A person with 30 percent of a gods strength is this weak What the hell do you believe in” Wang Wen spoke with a strange expression.

The sickly man looked at his own body strangely.

He was puzzled.

“I seem to feel a little better.

What happened”

“Its nothing serious.

You just died a little,” Zhu Xingguo said.

The sickly man looked at the three of them in shock.

His tone was filled with disbelief.

He was not surprised that he was back from the dead.

Instead, he said, “The new God did not take it but returned it to me.

What the hell is this”

“Hey, hey, speak properly!” Ren Ruoruo almost slapped him again.

“I saved your life.

Why were you scolding me instead of thanking me”

“What new god, old god Can a dying god still be called a god” Zhu Xingguo complained.

Wang Wen stopped everyones desire to continue chatting and ordered the sickly man, “Tell me how to use divine power.

Dont waste my time!”

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