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300 Its A Deal

Gu Jianbing lowered his head and gazed at the rare item shown in the introduction on the 740th floor.

Aside from shock, his expression was a little complicated.

He looked at the Spirit Ear and sighed.

“Youre already on the 740th floor Thats fast!”

The old man raised his head and looked at Wang Wen.

“When we first met, you had not even entered the tower.

It felt like it was only yesterday.”

“Youre exaggerating.

Its been half a year.” Wang Wen laughed.

“You climbed to the 740th floor in half a year.

Isnt that ludicrous No” The old man shook his head and sighed with a bitter smile.

“Back then, you said youd pay back the Great Rejuvenation Golden Core tenfold.

I didnt take you seriously then.”

Gu Jianbing gently picked up the Spirit Ear and looked at it under the noonday sun.

He summed up his experience and said, “Lets not talk about the price fluctuations caused by the demand and supply.

Just looking at the item, a normal rare item on the 300th floor would cost millions of points, and the 400th level would cost millions to tens of millions.”

“I dont think wed be able to count those with higher prices,” Wang Wen said.

“Theyre all bartered or exchanged with conditions.

No one uses points to buy or sell.”

Gu Jianbing glanced at him and disagreed.

“If I wanted the exact calculation, I could get that.

When I asked for the Great Rejuvenation Golden Core pill from the consortium, they took all my shares, at least a few hundred million in market value.

The Great Rejuvenation Golden Core pill is a rare healing tool, so its a little more expensive.

In this case, on average, the rare relic from the 500th floor must be worth a hundred million points.”

The old man pointed at the item in his hand with a complicated expression.

“Sol, the 740th floors item is more valuable than something from the 500th floor!”

“Not that much more valuable.” Wang Wen recalled in his mind.

“Ive traded with the World Tower before.

The price of this Spirit Ear is only around 1.5 billion.

Its about twice the market price.”

Gu Jianbing was shocked again.

“Everyone else is still struggling to climb the tower.

Youve already started a deal with the World Tower”

Upon hearing that…

Then he caught sight of the old mans expression.

Wang Wen opened his mouth, but his voice came to a halt.

He suddenly realized.

The things that he had said seemed a little too unorthodox.

In his previous life, the First Consortium spent more than ten years digesting information from the tower.

Many of the transcendent skills effects remained unclear and complicated.

Only Lu Cis team and three old monsters from the Tiansheng Group made it to the 600th floor in his new life.

There was little information available about transcendent abilities.

Without too much competitive pressure, it was even possible that Lu Ci and the others who climbed to the 600th floor did not receive much support from the consortiums.

It was also possible that they possessed only a few transcendent abilities.

It was not hard to figure out which intelligence department the old man had worked for.

He probably only had about ten transcendent abilities.

To keep the enemy from discovering their flaws, the information on Lu Ci and the others main transcendent skills might not be too detailed.

As a result, the old man actually knew very little about the tower.

The unknown had always inspired awe and fear in people.

Furthermore, he had left the First Consortiums intelligence department.

The information was even more outdated.

Gu Jianbing was no longer the influential figure in his life, who held the worlds information and talked about the world with a smile.

A bit of sadness welled in Wang Wens heart as he looked at Gu Jianbing, who was clearly uneasy but trying his best to calm down.

The old mans current situation was entirely due to their entanglement.

If it were not for him…

Gu Jianbing would not fall out with the First Consortium.

He would not relinquish his position as the intelligence departments chief, which was held in high regard by tens of thousands of people.

Wang Wen reflected on the past.

He felt very guilty as he looked at the old man in front of him, who was no longer as powerful.

He paused for a moment.

“Old man, will you climb the tower with me” he asked Gu Jianbing.

Gu Jianbing was stunned.

He waved his hand and refused, saying, “You still want me to go into the tower at my age Im old and cant do it anymore.

You young people should go and try it out; Ill look after the academy for you.”

It was an expected answer.

Wang Wen knew the old man well.

The other party would never agree to such a risk.

So, after hearing the rejection, Wang Wen took a step back and said, “We will just go up to the 500th or 600th floors.

It wont be too strenuous.

Besides, its also difficult to care for the academy.”

The obstinate old man would still refuse his offer.

But his tone got more determined.

Wang Wen looked at Gu Jianbing with a smile.

The old man shook his head and said firmly, “Forget it.

You took me here to enjoy my life.

Im too lazy to go into the tower and fight.

No matter how easy it is, forget it.

He was right!

Wang Wen cheered in his heart.

His expression remained unchanged.

He took the opportunity to say, “Theres no room for discussion at all Alright.

Then, Ill report all the information on transcendent skills and tools to you in the future.

Youll be able to give me some advice since youre experienced, right If you refuse me, then Ill have to fight the battle alone.”

That was the real request Wang Wen had in mind.

It might seem like a request, but at Wang Wens level, the information he could obtain from his transcendent skills and tools would undoubtedly be the best in the world!

He wanted to help the old man to be powerful again.

It was not a waste of the two peoples friendship and understanding accumulated over two lifetimes.

Gu Jianbing was done listening to Wang Wen.

He initially remained silent.

He remained motionless.

He stared at the Spirit Ear in his hand.

He had the impression that he and Wang Wen were old friends who had known each other for many years.

The other party was acutely aware of his predicament.

On the other hand, he felt deep familiarity whenever he faced Wang Wen.

It was as if he were the son or grandson on whom he lavished his love.

He could not help but feel compelled to help him.

Even though they had only met a few times…

They werent even familiar with each other.

They could be considered acquaintances at best.

But he was willing to trade his shares for the Great Rejuvenation Golden Core the young man had asked for.

All because Wang Wen had asked for it.

Even the old man could not understand why he trusted him so completely and without any principles.

Later on…

Wang Wens feedback was that he had used a supreme treasure!

Furthermore, it was a medicine specifically designed for the elderly!

When Mo Ran personally went into the tower to retrieve the treasure, the corporation had specially sent experts from the hospital to study it.

It was confirmed that the items effect was appropriate for the old mans condition.

Gentle treatment, mild nourishment, and obvious life extension.

A portion of the effect would be wasted if anyone else in the group took it.

That treasure was like a life-saving medicine explicitly made for the old man.

The facts proved it.

The old mans chest, which had been stuffy for a long time, felt much better after consuming the treasure.

The symptoms of being unable to sleep through the night had completely subsided.

The old mans mental and physical condition had improved significantly in just a few weeks, visible even without the need for hospital tests.

In addition, there was a rare item from the 740th floor in front of him.

Gu Jianbing felt that Wang Wen seemed to care more about his old life than he did.

What kind of feelings would he have if there was someone in the world who cared more about him than he did

He looked at the Spirit Ear.

After a long while…

He smiled and shook his head.

The haze and uneasiness he had worked so hard to conceal were washed away.

It was replaced by warmth.

The old man raised his head and looked at Wang Wen.

“Sure, Ill give you some advice,” he said with a smile.

“Its a deal, right” Wang Wen grinned widely, like a child who had just stolen some candy.

“Yeah.” The old man reached out his hand and patted the head of the worlds number-one tower climber.

His tone was firm.

“Its a deal!”

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