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301 Breaking The Rules With Martial Arts

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A few days ago.

Wang Wen was still recovering his energy in the tower.

In a secret meeting room outside the tower…

A meeting was held with the heads of the six consortiums.

They did not invite the First Consortium.

They were all big bosses, and he had made it clear during the last meeting that he wanted to be a lackey.

There was no reason for them to talk to him.

Six of them were convinced.

Tower climbers could not be made the decision-maker

Especially if it were just one tower climber.

Even if the tower climber did not care.

It was never appropriate for a tower climber to stand on top of the world and dominate the consortiums.

Everyone had their role to play.

When a persons martial strength was greater than that of the law enforcement team, they must be restrained.


The man was an emperor.

But how could there be an emperor in the world

And Wang Wen did not seem to have any restraints.

Therefore, the six consortiums felt that…

That person…

Well, it was better to destroy him.

Everything else would be fine when that was done.

The world would be peaceful.

The world still belonged to the consortiums.

Everything would be normal.

Hence, they thought of a solution.

Wang Wen was powerful; he was the number one tower climber in the world.

Even Lu Ci from the First Consortium was no match for him.

Even the big boss of the second consortium, Qin Dongbei, could not defeat him, even with all the groups resources.

That meant it would be useless even if the groups sent all their tower climbers to go against him.

Wang Wen defeated the top two consortiums 600th-floor climbers.

What could they expect from their 500th-floor climbers

Furthermore, the most powerful team on the 500th floor, Boai Groups Mi Lailai, was also on their opponents side.

It was simply ridiculous!

Since there was no hope for their tower climbers…

What about technology

No matter how strong Wang Wen was.

In the end, he was still a human.

A large amount of high-explosive explosives could melt steel, let alone flesh and blood.

At that point in the discussion…

The woman in charge of the seventh consortium lit a cigarette and said in a strange tone, “Sorry, Im afraid thats not necessarily true.

Dont forget that he could even block the First Consortiums missiles!”

The rest of the leaders were stunned.

She hesitated and said, “Didnt they say that after he blocked it, he was seriously injured and could not move If we increase the yield, we should be able to succeed in one shot, right”

“Everyone, wake up! He had only reached the 300th floor back then.

Which floor is he on now”

The leader of the Fifth Consortium could not stand it anymore.

He extinguished his cigar and looked at the woman in charge of the Seventh Consortium sullenly.

“Director Xu, youre not giving up, are you Dont tell me we cant deal with this little kid.”

“Arent we trying to think of a way” Director Xu took a puff of her cigarette and said, “I wont retreat, but if theres no good way, I cant be bothered to get involved in this mess.”

“You!” The leader of the Fifth Consortium suddenly stood up.

He looked around at the other leaders.

“He can block missiles,” he said through gritted teeth.

“What about nuclear bombs”

His voice faded.


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