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305 Its Starting To Become Interesting (Part 2)

It was not until He Jiong found out that the Tiansheng Groups big boss, Qin Dongbei, had been defeated and killed and that the Boai Group and the academy had risen to power that he returned and continued to cheat people for food and drinks.

However, in addition to the 300th-floor story, he also mentioned Wang Wens number one lackey.

No one believed it at first.

Only the low-level rookies who needed his assistance would pinch their noses and flatter him in exaggerated tones.

Everyone was laughing at him behind his back for bragging.

The organizer of the most recent large-scale gathering appeared to have been quite famous and invited many experts from the 300th to 400th floors to participate.

He was among those invited.

When they arrived at the meeting location, they discovered that the organizer was powerful, indeed.

The setting was grand and beautiful, and there was a delectable selection of food and wine.

There were familiar faces all over the place.

Famous experts and beautiful women could be found everywhere.

Even the waiters were all very stunning.

He was wealthy in every way.

Many of the ladies did not have high statuses, but they could attend that gathering due to their appearance and figures.

Standing on the balcony and taking a selfie with the magnificent hall in the background would be enough for them to brag about to their friends for a long time.

They would be even more proud if they were lucky enough to invite a few famous people from the 300th or 400th floor to take a photo with them.

He Jiong would not have attended such high-end gatherings in the past.

It was not that he did not have the qualifications.

After all, he was a 300th-floor expert.

He would not be the main character in such a large scene if he did not like it.

Many bosses were higher than him, in addition to his followers and beautiful women.

There would be no one to come and flatter him.

Naturally, he was too lazy for a snub.

But he attended the gathering that time.

It was because of a beautiful, aloof woman who had been ignoring him and then got all excited to see him.

She even asked him if he had received an invitation to the party.

He would attend it for the sake of that beautiful woman.

He was invited to attend the gathering.

He also used an invitation card to enter, accompanied by the beautiful woman.

When they arrived, there were not many people at the party, and the woman was still in good condition.

She was still clutching He Jiongs arm, at the very least.

As time passed, there were more and more famous people in the gathering, but she stood out.

Some would approach her and talk to her as if they were her friend.

Occasionally, she would hug some of the younger women and sigh at each others clothes, makeup, and jewelry.

The real change happened when a beautiful woman, who was no less beautiful than her, appeared with a male companion.

“Steel-teeth girl!”

The beautiful lady covered her mouth in surprise and looked at the other woman.

“I didnt expect you to be here! Todays banquet has very high standards.

It looks like youre doing very well if you can attend this kind of event!”

As she spoke, she turned to her male companion and smiled.

“Brother Ning, this is Du Keke, the best friend Ive always mentioned.

Ive known her since we were kids.

She used to bare her teeth and wear dentures for a long time, so everyone called her the steel-teeth girl.”

Brother Ning did not respond.

He turned to He Jiong and extended his hand.

“Hello, Im the captain of the Ninth Consortiums elite team, Ning Li.”

He Jiong was stunned.

He thought,Is the Ninth Consortium still around

He shook the other mans hand without a change in expression.

After the two of them introduced themselves…

He learned that Ning Li was a high and mighty expert who had reached the 400th floor.

They were the truly high-class guests in that days gathering.

As one would expect from a large consortiums elite team!

As for Du Keke…

He Jiong had only reached the 300th floor.

Furthermore, he had only just reached the 300th floor.

He had spent most of his time on levels below that.

Of course, he would not tell anyone that.

Ning Li did not show any weird expression when he learned that He Jiong had only reached the 300th floor.

All the tower climbers knew that the difference between the 300th and 400th floors was not as significant as outsiders thought.

The point was that both sides could strengthen their bodies.

If they fought, a person with a supreme treasure from the 300th floor would most likely defeat a higher expert with only rare items.

However, Du Kekes mentality had changed.

She was impressed by Ning Lis reputation and extraordinary aura.

People would occasionally approach and greet him warmly, their words either respectful or ingratiating.

She then turned to face He Jiong, who stood beside her.

There was not even a familiar face after standing there for a long time.

He was like a lonely ghost, wandering everywhere.

Even the way he held the wine looked deplorable.

Du Keke was disappointed.

She even felt a little embarrassed.

Hence, she had unknowingly let go of He Jiongs arm.

Her friend laughed and said she wanted to introduce her new friends to Du Keke.

Ning Li looked at He Jiong, wandering around the dining table alone, and then looked at the two beauties around him.

After all, he did not refuse Du Kekes company; he was a man wrapped in his sense of superiority and vanity.

He even fantasized about sleeping with the two beautiful women.

He led the two women around, holding a wine glass, to meet people, talk, and laugh.

He Jiong was eating and drinking at the table while looking coldly at Du Keke, who was walking away with a red face.

He picked up the bottle of wine and poured it into his mouth.

He knew that he was an unbearable man.

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