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Chapter 70: Job

“What is the matter What happened” That time, it was Brawny Mans turn to be confused.

With tears in his eyes, Perplexed Man swatted the bats flying around him and told Brawny Man, “I accidentally killed one.”

“F*ck… be careful!”

Brawny Man could not help but curse and concentrate on the big monsters.

The boss monsters would split into two again if a small monster died.

He was unsure he could handle more cockroaches, so he decided not to kill them first and instead focused on eliminating their lethality.

If he left them alive, he would kill one after all four of them had lost their strength.

That way, the pressure would be less, even if one split into two again.

The pressure on him might have been reduced, but the pressure on the four corners increased significantly.

That was because that method was extremely time-consuming.

The encirclement of the giant cockroach was challenging to deal with.

It had rough skin, thick flesh, and infinite strength.

If it scratched him, the wound would not be painful.

However, he might be paralyzed if he survived it.

If he let go of his hands, killing one of them would take him a few minutes.

He had to hold back his strength so that those monsters would not kill him.

He would need more than a few minutes to handle all of them.

After all, the small monsters in the four corners would not stop coming because he was holding back his strength.

They could only deal with 20 or 30 of them.

The bats could gnaw into their bones if there were hundreds or thousands of them.

At that point, the issue would not be holding back the small monsters but surviving them.

In reality, it took longer than expected to handle the big monster.

Brawny Man finished hacking off the legs of a large monster after half an hour, causing it to lose strength and roll to the side to struggle desperately.

Wang Wen frowned as he held a swarm of bats and looked at the panting, brawny man.

He was perplexed by the other partys strength, which fluctuated between high and low.

Was he on drugs

He sneered.

The man did not ask for assistance at the time.

So, Wang Wen remained in the same spot and went about his business, quietly watching Brawny Mans performance.

He did not have to wait long.

Perplexed Mans painful voice echoed again from a distant corner.

“How long will this take There are far too many monsters in this place! I cant hold on much longer!”

Brawny Man did not have time to say anything.

Fair-skinned Man asked, “Is this too difficult Should we leave Maybe we should just leave the tower!”

Brawny Man yelled, “Weve held on for so long.

Dont give up! Hold on a little longer!”

Perplexed Man and Fair-skinned Man remained silent.

After another half-hour, only one cockroach remained in the center of the field.

The other three had already collapsed and were flailing about without legs.

Brawny Man paused to assess the situation in the four corners.

He raised his long knife and killed the cockroach in front of him before stepping back.

“It has already split into five,” he said.

“We would have finished the level by now if it had not been for the small monster that died!”

He received no response.

The four corners were guarding their posts quietly.

Brawny Man pursed his lips and quickly treated his wounds.

The opposing boss had already split again.

He took his longsword and charged forward, dealing with the fourth and fifth cockroaches.

At that point, the first cockroach was unwilling to die in such a humiliating manner, so it self-destructed!

Before it died, its belly turned upside down and spat out a pile of sticky yellow liquid.

Then, it split in two.

After that, it burst again!

When Brawny Man saw that the situation had changed back to one versus four, he frowned speechlessly and could only grit his teeth and quicken his actions.

After all, a one-versus-four situation was a little difficult for him.

Before he could even make a move, one of the two cockroaches that had been dealt with exploded.

The cockroach spat out yellow juice and split into two new cockroaches.

Brawny Man rubbed his eyes, perplexed.

He counted the cockroaches.

Six unharmed, and one crippled.

There were seven cockroaches.


“There are seven now!”

“Are you serious Who killed another small monster” Brawny Man roared angrily.

Perplexed Man was the weakest link.

At least a hundred bats surrounded him at the time.

His clothes were ripped, and his skin was stained with blood.

He hurried to avoid the growing bat swarms attacks.

“Its not me! Please hurry! I cant hold one much longer!”

Wang Wen could not take it any longer.

He dashed to the mans side with a sack in his hand.

He took the bats and placed them in the sack.

Brawny Man charged at the cockroaches with all his strength.

He appeared to be trying to eliminate the cockroaches and clear the level as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, he did not know whether it was because of his severe injuries or exhaustion.

His accuracy was deteriorating, and his strength was dwindling.

The precision and violence with which he cut off one of his legs with a few slashes had all but vanished.

The cockroaches counterattack occasionally hit him.

That made his already disadvantaged situation even worse.

Wang Wen returned to his corner after assisting Perplexed Man in catching a few dozen bats.

He did not want to amass too many monsters until they became too difficult to deal with.

He did them a favor.

He still had to do his job.

Finally, before he arrived at his destination, Fair-skinned Mans corner lit up with white light!

Fair-skinned Man had left without saying anything!

A large group of bats lost sight of their target and dispersed.

Some of them joined the group of bats on Leather-jacket Mans side, while others flew toward Wang Wen and Brawny Man in the center, happily biting their targets.

There was suddenly one fewer person, and the entire scene was in disarray.

Brawny Man sobbed and yelled, “F*ck! Just kill me!”

He turned around as he yelled.

However, Wang Wen abruptly abandoned his corner and moved closer to the center.

Brawny Man was enraged by that strange behavior.

“Why are you not looking after the small monsters” he yelled at Wang Wen.

Wang Wen did not respond.

He grabbed a pair of bat wings and caught the scattered bats back into his bag, much like a sanitation worker cleaning up trash.

Thirteen seconds.

Wang Wen only needed thirteen seconds to round up all of the scattered bats.

His large sack could not contain them all.

Then, Brawny Man saw him pull a new sack.

He noticed that Wang Wen did not only do his job well, but he also did the job that others did not do well.

Brawny Man was somewhat speechless.

Wang Wen had captured dozens of bats in Perplexed Mans corner, greatly relieving his pressure.

“Do you need me to catch some too” he asked, slightly relaxed.

Brawny Man heard Perplexed Mans question after Wang Wen had turned the chaotic situation around alone.

“Keep an eye on your corner! If you had not killed a monster, we would have completed this level a long time ago.

Just do as he tells you!”

Brawny Man was filled with resentment, but no one knew what he was feeling.

He cursed and slashed at the large cockroach.

However, before he could complete his thought, Leather-jacket Man, who had been silent the entire time, spoke up.

“Youve only been to the 200th floor.

Why are you so arrogant I no longer want to be on the same team as you.”

A bright white light flashed.

Leather-jacket Man followed suit.

When Perplexed Man saw that scene, he realized there was no way out of the level, so he quickly followed and quietly asked to leave the tower.

During the five-second countdown, he pretended to be insistent and asked, “F*ck, only three of us left How should we proceed”

The five-second countdown was coming to an end as he spoke.

His body emitted a white light, and he vanished without waiting for Brawny Man to speak.

Someone else walked away.

There were only two people left on the field.

However, Brawny Man appeared relaxed.

Wang Wen, who was chasing bats around the Square Formation, caught his attention.

He raised his brows and lowered his voice.

He encouraged Wang Wen while hacking the cockroaches, saying, “Hey, hold on! Do you have more sacks”

“You should be the one to hold on.” Wang Wen returned to his corner, carrying the sacks.

There were already a few flying bats coming out of the teleportation portal in that short amount of time.

He smiled and gently pinched the bats wings.

After all, he still had to do his job well.


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