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Chapter 80: Shoot A Plane

“No.” Wang Wen was taken aback by the three of them and asked, perplexed, “What are you guys doing”

The three of them exchanged glances and said, “We want to climb the tower with you.”

Wang Wen exhaled a huge sigh of relief and said, “If were going to climb the tower together, then lets talk nicely.

Why do you look like you wanted to marry me”

Just as the three of them were still hesitating.

The drone passed overhead.

It sent a team confirmation to the three of them after Wang Wens request.

The three of them blew up.

They stood there staring at the drone, unsure what to do.

“Let us take a quick walk.” Wang Wen straightened up and smiled at the three of them.

“Didnt we promise to climb the tower together Lets form a group.”

The three cried as they lay on the ground, looking up at the calm and honest Wang Wen.

Happiness had appeared unexpectedly!

They had not anticipated that the team rights they had worked so hard to get would be easily obtained.

They could not believe it was real because it was so simple.

The three of them excitedly hugged each other after they finished confirming with the drone and saw that they had officially formed a team with Mr.


The first man said,”Zhu Xingguo.”

The second man said, “Yao Shi.”

The woman said, “Ren Ruoruo.”


A said, “Wang Wen.”

Since the four of them had formed a team successfully, it meant that they would be climbing all the levels together.

Everyone would make the same progress.

They would not be able to enter the next level unless everyone was at the entrance of each level, even if they were standing inside the entrance.

The drone reminded them of the last wave of enemies to arrive after they formed a team.

Wang Wen ran from the armed helicopter that was slowly approaching in the air.

When the enemy was not looking, he turned left and right and entered a small building.

Finally, the three people spoke up.

“So youre Wang Wen! Previously, the Tiansheng Group had amassed many people from the academy with great fanfare.

They claimed that they wanted to compel you to hand over some information!”

Wang Wen nodded as he observed the outside world through the hidden window at the corner of the stairs.

“Are you scared It is not too late to change your mind now.”

Yao Shi, the second man, yelled, “Why would we be scared Well just fight them off!”

Zhu Xingguo laughed.

“Fight With that Your strength You havent even reached the 100th floor.”

Yao Shi was furious.

“What do you mean Captain Wang led me there last week!”

They laughed.

Wang Wen, on the other hand, was reminded of Yao Shis words about Captain Wang.

He had not heard that title in a long time.

He had never considered it before.

Why was he moved when he heard it

Wang Wen laughed mockingly at himself.

His pupils shrank when he saw the helicopter outside, turning the machine guns head to aim at the small building.

“Get down!”

He rolled away from the window, sticking close to the last step and lying down.

The other three quickly joined in.

A deafening sound was heard before they could lie down.

Machine gun bullets rained down on the small structure.

The enormous force pierced the wall, leaving fist-sized holes.

Zhu Xingguo lowered his head, feeling the fiery power fly over his head, and said, “Why did such a ridiculous thing happen on the 20th floor”

Wang Wen was unable to respond to that question.

The World Tower was full of oddities.

He had encountered eight speed mechanisms before reaching that level.

Who would believe it

Compared to nearly dying of exhaustion on the numerous floors, being shot by a machine gun was considered a minor inconvenience!

Yao Xingguo clenched his teeth as he heard the screams of innocent civilians who had been shot.

He was so terrified that he nearly peed.

In a panic, he yelled, “This is far too dramatic! Should we leave the tower”

Wang Wen had no control over the decisions of others.

He said, “If you retreat every time you face a minor danger, you will never reach the top!”

Yao Xingguo said, “This is not a minor danger, isnt it Thats a helicopter with machine guns!”

“Well, lets go shoot a plane today!” Wang Wen pricked his ears and listened intently.

He used the opportunity to shoot and reorganize himself.

He stood up and dashed upstairs.

He rushed to the top of the building after climbing 260 flights of stairs.

The three people behind him could not run and could not catch up.

They moved their hands and feet as if they were dogs.

The door to the roof was shut.

Wang Wen pulled out a shotgun and fired a few shots at the lock, breaking it directly.

He kicked open the door, ran half a lap along the edge, and found a good spot.

He climbed up the fence, opened his hands, and jumped out with all his might under the dumbfounded gazes of the trio who had finally reached the rooftop!

Before the three of them could make their way to the fence,

They noticed a strange buzzing sound in the air.

The room instantly went silent.

When their ears recovered, they could hear an earth-shaking explosion from the bottom of the building.

They knelt by the fence, looking down.

The armed helicopter turned into a fireball in the thick smoke, as if an invisible prehistoric beast had stepped on it.

Obviously, the ground was one level lower than the distance.

The drone flew over from above.

The scanning light landed on the ground and burned an entrance to the lower level.

“The 20th floor, ends.]

The World Towers 410th floor

A woman in a bright red coat and crystal high heels retracted her hands slowly.

With a rumble, the mountain-sized monster in front of her collapsed.

It did not take long for it to stiffen.

The woman walked into the lower level entrance, her face expressionless.

The World Towers 21st floor.

Finally, they reached a checkpoint for the Survival in the Wild level.

Wang Wen calculated the extreme temperature based on the color of the sky.

He led the three of them through the woods in search of a clear stream.

First, he stabbed the head of a poisonous snake that was almost as green as grass by the stream.

Then he took out the inspection tool made from the previous floors materials to test the water quality.

The three people next to him were not exceptionally skilled at fighting, but they quickly got to work.

They built a stove and started a fire without consulting Wang Wen.

The incredible thing was that they even obtained a small pot from somewhere.

They set it on the bonfire after washing it in water and began cooking instant noodles!

When the water was ready, the three filled up a cup with noodles and soup.

They also took the pots sole red shrimp and placed it on the noodles.

Wang Wen, who was resting against a tree, received the first bowl.

Wang Wen had always climbed the tower alone.

That was the first time he had received that treatment in a long while.

He looked at the bowl and asked, “Why did you give me prawns I noticed you only caught one after much difficulty.”

Zhu Xingguo rolled up his pant legs and sleeves.

He laughed and said, “Its fine.

I will try to catch more.”

He dragged Yao Shi, who had been drooling while staring at the pot, back into the river to look for more raw ingredients.

The significance was obvious.

Ren Ruoruo was given the task of looking after the pot.

Ren Ruoruo was captivated.

She held a handful of wild mushroom mushrooms she had picked along the way for Wang Wen to identify.

She extracted the edible portions and washed them in the stream of water.

She carefully pierced them with a sharpened branch and roasted them over an open fire.

There were six skewers.

She gave two skewers to Wang Wen.

The remaining four skewers were carefully peeled off and placed in the pot.

First, she scooped out the noodles and divided them into three portions.

She added more water to the pot and boiled them once more.

The charred wild vegetables and mushrooms inevitably melted into the soup.

She poured the soup over the three portions of noodles without hesitation.

She called out to the two men stuck in their shrimp-catching job.

Finally, they ate the noodles together.

Wang Wen sat quietly as the three of them distributed more than half of the pot of noodles to him.

They were still laughing without a care as they shared the few remaining noodles.

He knew that their accidental team was rather unusual.

However, it was a delightful surprise.


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