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Chapter 91: Pay Off The Points

After all, they were at an extreme level, so they should have been more respectful.

There was no reason for them not to attract the monsters attention by yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs.

All of the zombies within their field of vision turned their heads and approached them.

Meanwhile, they were still arguing with one another.

Wang Wen and the other two exchanged glances before rushing out together.

To fend off the zombie horde, they divided themselves into three groups.

They wanted to keep the zombies from bothering them.

Wang Wen was strong and fought fast.

He pushed the zombie horde far away.

It took him a long time to realize that after running so far away, he could not hear the argument.

So he returned.

“Why are they arguing” he asked Zhu Xingguo, looking at the two of them who were still fighting with all their might.

Zhu Xingguo said in a muffled voice, “The woman said that the mans suitcase had a nurses uniform, and the man said that the womans lunchbox had a condom.”

Wang Wen was puzzled.

“Understandably, the suitcase might havea nurses uniform, but why would there be a condom in the lunchbox”

Zhu Xingguo shook his head in confusion.

Ren Ruoruo was also back.

She panted and said, “Captain, how long are we going to hold on like this Im a little overwhelmed.”

Wang Wen thought for a moment and said, “Wait a moment, Ill use my ultimate move.”

After saying that, he walked in the direction where Ren Ruoruo was.

He looked at the drone and the number of zombies.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw a plowed field in front of him.

All of the zombies resembled snipped wheat straws.

There were no more monsters in his line of sight.

Wang Wen nodded in satisfaction.

He walked back, wiping the blood from his nose, and said to Ren Ruoruo, who was stunned, “You can rest for a while now.”

Perhaps that time, the commotion was a little too big.

The fighting couple jerked awake.

They were perplexed by their surroundings.

The man was a little more rational.

He quickly relaxed and looked around.

He was slightly stunned as his gaze swept across the wheat straws cut down.

Then, he walked to the trios side and said apologetically, “Im sorry for letting you guys see that.

I promise that I wont do it again.”

Behind them, Zhang Lanlan sneered, “Promise Ill see a flying pig before you do that.”

Zhang Wei became enraged immediately.

“Will you die if you speak less” he asked, turning his head.

Zhang Lanlan showed no signs of weakness and responded, “I will! Especially when someone sees the nurse every day and calls me an idiot! If I dont say anything else, I will have to jump off the building!”

They quickly lost their sense of reason and began fighting again.

Wang Wen and the other two exchanged glances before continuing to watch the show.

Until that stage was peacefully completed and the next level entrance was opened.

The young couple finally woke up with a start again.

Zhang Wei was astounded when he looked at his accumulated points, which had increased by 10,000 points.

“Why were those zombies so valuable” he wondered helplessly.

“You killed one” he asked his girlfriend, turning his head.

“How much did it cost”

Zhang Lanlan was also at a loss.

“I didnt see it, so I dont know.”

Zhang Wei looked around, clenched his teeth, and shut the door to the next level.

“That was too unreasonable,” he said to Wang Wen and the other two.

“We did nothing, but we got a lot of money.

It is not logical.

It is not fair to divide it equally.

I am sorry, but I have to refund your money.”

Zhang Lanlan was a little reluctant.

She looked at her points and muttered, “Its okay to leave a little to eat, right You dont have to refund it all, right”

It was clear that, despite her reservations, she listened to Zhang Weis words.

Otherwise, she would not have had to withdraw the equally divided points into her own account.

Wang Wen smiled as he looked at the two of them.

“There is no need to worry about splitting the points,” he said, shaking his head.

“For the time being, we will not leave the tower.

We will discuss it further when the opportunity arises in the future.”

“In the future” Zhang Wei did not even understand the polite words and decisively rejected them, “How can we go back on our word”

He considered Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo next to him for a moment before saying, “It just so happens that you lack two members.

We can join forces until I can repay those points!”

“Why dont you leave the tower” Zhang Lanlan ridiculed Zhang Wei.

“Seeing a piece of trash like you begging for a job when no one wants you, its too embarrassing to continue climbing the tower with you.”

Zhang Wei turned his head and sneered.

“Then why are you still living with a piece of trash”

Zhang Lanlan sneered back at him.

“Yes, back then, I was blind and tricked into bed by a liar who said nice things.”

Zhang Wei was furious.

“Im not lying to you! Im an attending physician in a big hospital.

Even if I climb the tower, I can still save lives and help the injured.

What about you Do you think you can scare monsters to death by taking off their clothes”

Zhang Lanlan immediately said, “You used to praise me for my fitness, but now youre saying Im useless.

If you have the guts, dont touch me at night!”

The two of them were about to start fighting again.

Wang Wen rubbed his temples and said, “Alright, lets form a team.

You two will be responsible for scouting the path.

You will do all the dangerous tasks until you repay the points.”

When Zhang Wei heard that, he was instantly happy.

“Thats great!”

With the drones confirmation, the five of them had officially formed a team.

There was no longer any need to wait.

They could start the checkpoint immediately as long as no one left the team.

Zhang Wei was full of confidence as he prepared to work.

That was because he had just discovered that the three people, who appeared to be so amazing, had actually been on the 100th floor.

That was enough.

He and his girlfriend had already made it to the 100th floor and were sprinting toward the 150th.

Even if they were not strong, they would not be significantly weaker than the opposing party.

Zhang Wei laughed happily.

They eventually made it to the next ten floors.

He fell silent as he stood at the entrance to the 51st floor.

Wang Wen was used to it and shouted, “Dont just stand there! Continue while everyone else is here.”

They got through the next ten floors.

Zhang Wei felt a little complicated when he looked at the points that had already climbed up to six figures.

Zhang Lanlan pulled his sleeve weakly and said, “Those people are so scary!”

“What” Zhang Wei turned to look at her.

She said carefully, “It seems like they are not here to climb the tower but to make money!”

Zhang Wei turned to look at the three people at the entrance with a conflicted expression.

“If that goes on, Im afraid I wont be able to pay them back!”

The three people standing at the entrance also had mixed feelings.

That was the first time in Zhu Xingguos life that he had used such a rocket-like speed to climb the tower.

He was so excited that his adrenaline was pumping non-stop.

He calculated that if he could keep up that pace, he could reach the 100th floor in less than a few hours!

How long had he been in the tower

Two days at most.

It was a soaring experience to climb the tower for a week!

Ren Ruoruo could not help but observe as more and more points were amassed.

It was also the first time she earned so many points on a single climb!

She had more than 100,000 points!

That would have taken her at least a few years to earn, right

Finally, it was as if money had fallen from the sky and she had no time to pick it up!

All the monsters on the floor become valuable.

Even the monsters that they occasionally encountered on the regular floors became valuable.

If it had not been for the captains dislike of everyones slow movements, she would have licked every floor from the beginning to the end!

However, the captain was annoyed, and everyone else was very cautious and obedient.

They were afraid that one careless mistake would make the captain angry.

After all, everyone knew who could crush them.

They would not have a chance to pick up the money unless the invincible captain led the way.

The monsters became valuable, but the levels were also challenging.

Everyone would have died 800 times if the captain had not resisted the pressure at numerous checkpoints.

They would not even be able to escape the tower.

So they were all praying at the time.

They hoped the captains mood would improve.

As for the frustrated captain himself…

Wang Wen knew the source of his frustration.

They had not found any items for two consecutive rounds!

If there were no items, it would be meaningless to waste time on those low-level floors!

Then, on the 61st floor.

The time-limited secret room.

“You guys do it.

Call me after you get rid of all of them.” Wang Wen leaned against the wall and sat down, closing his eyes to rest.

He had a headache, and his nose was bleeding again.


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