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Chapter 1002: The Nightmares Followed Them Like the Shadows

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Ye Tianxin talked out of worry.

She was no saint, but she just wanted to do her best to help people.

She was luckier and happier than others, and she was willing to pass it on to other people.

“Tianxin, I will come with you tomorrow.

Dont forget that I am a doctor.”

Ye Linlang became emotional as she watched Ye Tianxin arrange things so neatly.

She was a doctor.

She should also do something for them.


As he looked into Ye Linlangs gentle eyes, Ye Tianxin suddenly stretched out and tightly wrapped her arms around the back of Ye Linlangs neck.

“Mom, its great to have you back.”

Ye Linlang stretched out her hand and stroked Ye Tianxins smooth long hair, and then she whispered, “Tianxin, lets go to sleep.”

Neither mother nor daughter had slept very well that night, and both had been having nightmares.

Ye Linlang always felt like she was running in the dark night.

It was as if someone had been chasing after her.

No matter how fast she ran, the persons footsteps followed her like a shadow.

The same went for Ye Tianxin.

She always dreamed of all sorts of things.

Her past life and current life were intertwined with each other.

After they woke up, they both had dark circles under their eyes.

However, Ye Tianxin was still young enough for the dark circles to be rather hidden.

On the contrary, the dark circles under Ye Linlangs eyes were visible.

Uncle He boiled two eggs with shells.

Ye Tianxin peeled the shell off of one and handed it to Ye Linlang.

“Mom, roll this egg under your eyes.

Dark circles dont look good on you.”

Ye Tianxin also peeled an egg and then turned on the TV.

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There was no news about the snow disaster in the morning news.

Ye Tianxin couldnt help but frown.

Wasnt it snowing

“Uncle Ho, do you know where my dad is now My mom and I want to go see him.”

Uncle He said awkwardly, “Miss, Mr.

Xie may be very busy at the moment.

If you go, you may disturb his work.”

“Uncle He, I wont disturb my dad, and Im going to help him.”

Uncle He replied, “I need to contact Mr.

Xies guard.”


Uncle He quickly found Xie Xunings location.

Mo Shi sent Ye Linlang some emergency medicine from the hospital.

“Tianxin, lets get on the helicopter.

They got on the helicopter.

The world below looked like a world of ice and snow.

The snow-capped mountains and forests made it look like something out of a fairy tale.

After arriving at their destination, Ye Tianxin found that the snow disaster was not as serious as she had imagined.

The highway was closed just before the heavy snow fell last night, so no cars were stuck on the highways.

The trains had also been delayed due to heavy snow.

The most difficult thing right now was that tens of thousands of people were stranded in the railway station here.


Ye Tianxin walked into the headquarters.

When Xie Xuning in the headquarters saw Ye Tianxin and Ye Linlang coming, he signaled to continue the meeting.

Xie Xuning exhaled a white mist as he said, “Tianxin, Linlang, why are you here Its so cold here.”

Ye Tianxin smiled and said, “I was worried that the snow disaster would be bad, so I wanted to come over and help.”

How could Xie Xuning not know what Ye Tianxin was thinking His daughter was such a sweetheart.

She was trying to get them together all the time.

“Well, if you want to help, then go to the train station and help the volunteers.”

Ye Tianxin nodded and left with a smile.

Ye Linlang looked at Xie Xuning.

What about her

Xie Xuning really wouldnt let Ye Linlang take one step away from him; the separation of that year still made him feel panicked.

“Linlang, youre staying with me.”

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