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Chapter 1012: Xie Xunings Left Leg Was Broken!

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Xie Xuning took a deep breath and pushed off the snow that had covered his body.

He and Ye Linlang were lucky this time.

When they fell, they did not directly fall to the lowest part of the cliff, but instead fell on a protruding rock on the cliff.

It happened that there was a pine tree growing outside the rock.

Their bodies were cushioned.

It took a great deal of effort for Xie Xuning to push away all the snow that had covered him.

After his upper body was exposed, he began to poke away the snow from Ye Linlangs body with his hands little by little.

“Linlang, wake up.”

Xie Xuning stretched out his hands and gently pushed Ye Linlang.

Ye Linlang didnt move.

It was as if she was asleep.


Xie Xuning desperately scooped away the snow and hugged Ye Linlang in his arms.

Her face was frozen cold.

Xie Xuning was very regretful.

Hes a soldier with an instinct for danger, but Linlang was just an ordinary person.

She had no such instinct.

Xie Xuning opened his coat and brought Ye Linlangs body closer to his skin so that he could pass more of his warmth to her.

Even though she was in a coma at this time, Ye Linlang instinctively arched a little toward the warm place.

Xie Xuning looked around, and there was a blanket of snow in the distance.

Xie Xuning hesitated for a moment and wondered how long they would have to wait if they were waiting here to be rescued.

Besides, its freezing out here.

How long were they going to wait here in the cold

He was in good health and could resist freezing, but the same couldnt be said for Ye Linlang.

He had better think of a way to save themselves.

Xie Xuning moved Ye Linlangs body and checked her condition.

Fortunately, Ye Linlang was not injured or bleeding anywhere.

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“Linlang, wake up.”

Xie Xuning patted Ye Linlangs face gently, but she still did not respond.

Xie Xuning had no choice but to hold Ye Linlang in his arms and tie her to him with his clothes.

They stepped into the air unintentionally at first, and both of them were frightened.

When he reacted, he could only let Ye Linlang no longer get hurt.

Xie Xuning looked around and planned a relatively safe route in his mind.

They slid slowly down the slope formed by the snow.

After sliding down, Xie Xuning hurriedly removed the snow on Ye Linlangs face.

Xie Xuning stood up, only then did he realize that his left leg was completely out of strength.

Xie Xuning took a deep breath.

In any case, he had to take Linlang out.

It wasnt an option for them to wait here to be rescued.

He took out his phone and took a look, but there was no signal at all.

“Linlang, I will definitely take you out this time.”

Xie Xuning gritted his teeth and made a rough judgment of the direction.

He changed his position and put Ye Linlang on his back.

He slowly walked a few steps, then picked up a piece of deadwood from the roadside and used it as a cane.

His left leg was weak, which made it harder for Xie Xuning to walk than usual.

He trudged through the snow.

There was a terrible pain in his left leg.

So what

It was just one leg.

As long as Linlang was fine, that didnt matter.

Xie Xuning had no idea how long he had been walking.

He didnt stop for a rest at all.

He only felt that he had lost all feeling in his left leg.

“We are saved!”

Far away, Xie Xuning saw a wisp of smoke rising from the cliff.

That wisp of blue smoke….

it was like a flame of hope.

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