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Chapter 1018: Tianxin, Do You Doubt Me

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“Tianxin, are you doubting my abilities”

Ye Tianxin blushed when she heard that.

It sounded like he was asking an innocent question, but why did she feel that he meant something else His expression made her read too much into it.

“Qingcang, Im concerned for you.

You may be too tired.” She did not tell him that her legs had become shaky from walking the whole day.

She was very uncomfortable; her knees felt very sore, and her clothes were also soaked in sweat.

“Tianxin, you cannot imagine our training in the camp We used to be drilled for hours non-stop every day.

This little exercise is a piece of cake to me.”

As they were asking themselves what to do, the old lady came over with 3 bowls of noodles.

“You must be very hungry.

I cooked some noodles.

Come back eat, quickly.”

The noodles smelt so good.

Ye Linlang took over the bowls and thanked the old lady.

“Youre welcome.

My husband and I dont think youll be able to leave tonight.

There is a snowstorm outside.

It will be very dangerous to find your way around in the dark.”

Both Ye Linlang and Ye Tianxin were well aware of the danger.

However, Xie Xuning had broken his leg.

They could not bear to see him suffer.

They did not want to delay any longer and put his injury at risk.

“Thank you, Madam.

I will discuss with the children first.”

Ye Linlang handed two bowls to Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang.

They had gone through so much to look for them.

They mustve been hungry and tired.

She was more than touched.

Words could not express her gratitude.

“No problem, go discuss among yourselves.”

Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang cupped the bowl with their hands.

The bowls were very big, with heaps of noodles inside.

Li Qingcang scooped up the noodles with the chopsticks.

There were 4 eggs at the bottom of each of the 3 bowls.

“Qingcang, have 2 of my eggs.” Ye Tianxin gave her eggs to Li Qingcang.

She was thinking that he would need to eat more so that he could carry Xie Xuning.

Perhaps they were too hungry.

Maybe it was fatigue.

The noodles were exceptionally tasty to Ye Tianxin.

“Linlang…” Xie Xuning woke up in a daze.

Ye Linlang quickly put down her bowl.

She held Xie Xunings hands and whispered.

“Xuning, Im right beside you.”

Ye Tianxin recalled the scene at the temple.

It was similar to what was happening now.

Ye Linlang had also held Xie Xunings hands and said the same thing: “I”m here.” It was a simple yet reassuring sentence.

At that time, she did not expect that Xie Yi was actually Ye Linlang, her mother.

Ye Tianxin started to tear up.

Li Qingcang patted her gently on her head.

“Eat your noodles.”

“All right.” Ye Tianxin was choking as she tried to hold back her tears.

She was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw how her mother looked at Xie Xuning.

Her face was full of tenderness and love.

She thought to herself how this mightve been a blessing in disguise for her father.

She learned that her mother had fallen off the cliff first, and her father followed suit when he caught hold of her hand.

She was comforted to see that her mother had a change in attitude.

She was no longer hostile and distant with Xie Xuning.

Ye Tianxin asked as she slurped her noodles, “Mother, how did you end up here”

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Ye Linlangs voice was hoarse.

“I passed out after I fell off the cliff, but your father had carried me all the way here.

The old lady told me that he fell outside the cave while carrying me….”

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