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“Some people are just blind, but you, your heart is blind! Gu Yancheng, dont blame me later for not warning you.

Be careful of Lu Qingxin.

Shes a beautiful snake!” Ye Tianxin reminded Gu Yancheng out of kindness.

It was a pity that Lu Qingxin was Gu Yanchengs princess.

She was Gu Yanchengs darling.

In his eyes, Ye Tianxins warning was just her intentionally trying to frame Lu Qingxin.

“Ye Tianxin, youre just jealous of Qingxin.

Youre jealous that Uncle Lu is nice to her.

Youre jealous… of everything that Qingxin has….”

Li Qingcangs cold, indifferent gaze landed on Gu Yanchengs face.

His thin lips pursed slightly, and a cold glint appeared in his eyes.

At that very moment, under his gaze, Gu Yancheng felt like an invisible hand was tightening its grip around his throat, and he was unable to say a word.

Lu Qingxin looked tearfully at Li Qingcang.

She could clearly tell how gentle and doting Li Qingcang was toward Ye Tianxin!

She just didnt understand why.

There were so many beautiful girls in the world.

There were so many knowledgeable, elegant, gentle, and perfect girls out there.

Why was a man like Li Qingcang so infatuated with a country brat What was so great about Ye Tianxin that she was worthy of such gentle treatment from a man like Li Qingcang, who was a favored son of the heavens


“Elder Brother Yancheng, forget it.

Dont fight because of me anymore!”

Lu Qingxins eyes flashed with unshed tears, and Gu Yanchengs heart melted.

“Qingxin, do you know how worried I was about you You ran off without saying a word.

I was scared to death!”

Gu Yanchengs voice was soft and gentle.

His voice was like a feather, gently touching her heart.

If this had happened in the past, Lu Qingxin definitely wouldve been moved.

But now… she was no longer moved by Gu Yancheng.

Lu Qingxins eyes and heart were only for Li Qingcang.

Even though she and Li Qingcang had only met a few times, she was completely in love with him.

His brows, his eyes, and his lips were all deeply etched in her mind.

“Elder Brother Yancheng, I dont have a mother anymore.

From now on, I am a motherless child…”

The corners of Ye Tianxins mouth twitched upward.

She thought to herself, then shouldnt she be the one crying

She didnt have any memories of her mother at all.

She didnt even know what her mother looked like!

“Elder Brother Li, shall I embroider a little something for you!” Ye Tianxin looked up at him with a sweet smile.

Li Qingcang turned to look at her.

His eyes were gentle and full of warmth.

“I like wolves.”

Ye Tianxins face fell almost immediately when she heard that.

“Elder Brother Li, arent you making things difficult for me Ive only just started learning.

How can I possibly embroider a wolf! I can only embroider flowers and grass right now.

How about I embroider you some bamboo leaves…”

“Sure,” Li Qingcang answered.

Their low conversation was overheard by Lu Qingxin.

Every word they exchanged was like a knife to her heart, turning it into a bloody mush of flesh.

He was great, he was so very great.

How was Ye Tianxin worthy of him

That woman, Ye Tianxin, was a murderer.

She was a killer.

How could a woman like her be worthy of Li Qingcang, a perfect and noble man parallel to none

She was unworthy!

She was unworthy!

Ye Tianxin was unworthy!

“Qingxin, Ill stay with you.

Ill stay with you forever!”

Gu Yanchengs voice rang in Lu Qingxins ears, but she didnt hear him.

She could only watch as Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang moved further and further away from her.


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