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When she was back in the elevator, Ye Tianxin saw her reflection in the steel doors and realized that shed been crying.

“Did Brother Li notice that I was crying Thats so embarrassing! Im a grown woman.

Why am I so emotional This is a bad sign,” she thought.

When Ye Tianxin returned to the ward, her grandmother could tell at one glance that she had been crying.

“Tianxin, you couldnt bear to see Li leave, could you” she asked.

“Grandmother, Im fine.

I just dont know how to repay Brother Lis kindness.

He was so nice to us,” Ye Tianxin replied.

“If it hadnt been for Brother Li, I probably wouldnt have been able to survive in the capital and find such a skilled specialist to operate on Grandmother.

Every single step Ive taken in life has been so difficult,” Ye Tianxin thought.

“Li is a good man.

Lets be kinder toward him from now on,” Grandmother consoled weakly, and Ye Tianxin felt a wave of sadness wash over her.

Shed always known that the day would come when Li Qingcang had to return to his normal life while she stayed on with her grandmother.

But she felt hollow at the thought of it, and it was as if she had lost a piece of herself.

She felt as gloomy as a rainy day and was overwhelmed with depression, yearning, and uncertainty.

For some strange reason, her heart also began to ache.

“Grandmother, Ill go study and do some practice questions,” Ye Tianxin said and walked over to the study table.

When she reached over to grab her exercise books, she realized that there were a few new additions to the pile.

They were all the past papers for the Capitals national college entrance exam, and there was a post-it note stuck to the exercise book at the top.

It was a note from Li Qingcang.

He had written confidently with a fountain pen, “Tianxin, Ill wait for you at the Capital University.”

Tears furiously streamed down her cheeks when she saw this.

Lowering her head in silence, she took out her pen to attempt the questions.

Some people are born gifted, but Ye Tianxin wasnt one of them.

She could only fulfil her dreams through effort, diligence, and dedication.

Ye Tianxin gradually became engrossed in solving the problems in the past years papers.

With each question she completed, she felt as though she was being liberated, and she gradually started to loosen up.

Only when the lights switched on because it was evening did Ye Tianxin finally pause to look up from her exercise book.

Her beautiful, exquisite features were reflected in the glass window as she glanced outside and saw how dark it was.

Turning to the side, she apologized, “Grandmother, Im so sorry.

I forgot the time because I was too engrossed in my studies!”

“Come over and eat, Tianxin,” her grandmother beckoned.

Her grandmothers meals were specially catered based on the recommendations from a professional nutritionist, who would analyze her condition and advise the hospital staff accordingly.

They gave her grandmother many dishes but in small servings, and everything looked so appetizing that it made the simple act of eating an enjoyable thing to do.

“Grandmother, go ahead and eat.

Ill wash my hands first,” Ye Tianxin said and walked over to the bathroom.

She ate dinner with her grandmother after she washed her hands and returned to the ward.

Ye Tianxin was happy to see that her grandmothers appetite was much better now.

After dinner, under her grandmothers guidance, Ye Tianxin earnestly attempted to embroider.

After some time, she washed up and headed off to bed.

Tossing and turning in the dark, she couldnt seem to fall asleep, so she took out her phone and tapped on her call log.

Li Xingchen was a very thoughtful young lady and had saved her younger brothers contact on Ye Tianxins phone under the name of “A Li Qingcang.” This way, it would always be the first number to appear in her contacts, since the contact list was arranged in alphabetical order.


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