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“Youll be part of the cast for Jin Xins movie.

Du Juan definitely wont have time to be there for you round the clock,” Li Qingcang pointed out.

Ye Tianxin hesitated for a moment.

However, upon further thought, she felt that even if she did sign the contract and so on, what did she have to lose “No, Brother Li.

What I meant was that this contract sounds too good to be true.

Im worried that its a scam!”

Li Qingcang didnt expect Ye Tianxin to be so cautious, and his cold, indifferent expression softened when he heard what she said.

Even his voice sounded gentler as he advised, “You could consult Du Juan about the contract.

Shed know.”

“Thats right.

I could ask Mother Du Juan about this.

She must be well-acquainted with some lawyers,” Ye Tianxin thought.

Suddenly, Ye Tianxin faintly heard someone calling “teacher” on the other end of the line.

“Ill hang up first, then.

Call me if you need anything.

Dont brave through things alone,” Li Qingcang emphasized before hanging up.

Disappointment was written all over Ye Tianxins face as she listened to the dial tone on the other end of the line.

“He just recuperated, and yet hes already so busy.

Can his body take this” she wondered.

She couldnt help but worry about Li Qingcangs condition and pray for him to remain healthy.

Shortly after Ye Tianxin hung up the call, Du Juan and Jin Xin arrived.

As this was Jin Xins first time visiting Ye Tianxins grandmother, he had brought some fruits and supplements with him as gifts.

“Uncle Jin,” Ye Tianxin greeted.

Jin Xin glanced at her and noticed how charismatic she was.

As she was also thoughtful and kind, Jin Xin felt certain that she would make it big in the future.

“Tianxin, Im here to visit Grandmother,” he said, and the trio entered the ward.

However, while shed been on the phone, her grandmother had fallen asleep because the nurse had fed her medication that made her drowsy.

“Sorry, Uncle Jin.

Grandmother seems to have fallen asleep,” Ye Tianxin replied apologetically.

Jin Xin scanned the ward before glancing at Ye Tianxin again.

She was completely unlike the person hed met at the bookstore before.

Probably because of the expensive dress that she was wearing, Ye Tianxin now seemed like a completely different person.

Her goatskin shoes were also a limited edition model, and her demeanor had changed.

Jin Xin never wouldve believed that the girl before him was the same girl hed seen half a month ago if he hadnt seen what Ye Tianxin looked like when she was down and out.

“Uncle Jin, Mom, please take a seat,” Ye Tianxin urged as she made them each a cup of tea.

After Du Juan took a sip, an odd expression came over her face.

Jin Xin, too, found the scent of the tea familiar and probed, “Tianxin, the fragrance of the tea…”

As Du Juan and Li Qingcang were acquainted, there was nothing for her to hide.

She explained, “Brother Li gave it to me.

If you like it, I could give you some before I leave.”

“Its all right.

You can keep it for yourself!” Du Juan declined.

Du Juan could tell that the tea was likely a rare, premium-grade Da Hong Pao, for its fragrance wasnt something that could easily be forgotten after tasting it.

“Who exactly is Li Qingcang And how did he get his hands on such a premium tea” she ruminated.

“But Mom, I dont like to drink tea,” Ye Tianxin assured her, and proceeded to pack up the remaining tea leaves for Du Juan.

Du Juan wasnt exceptionally thrilled to receive the tea, but as she held onto them, she felt deeply comforted by Ye Tianxins attitude.

“I wont stand on ceremony, then!” she thanked her, and put the tea away in her bag.

With a grin on her face, Ye Tianxin took out the contract that Jing Zhichen had given her and asked, “Mom, I was just about to give you a call as well! Today, an entertainment company sought me out and expressed their interest in signing me on! This is the contract they gave me.

Could you help to take a look at it and see if its all right for me to sign”


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