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Chapter 129: Ye Tianxin, the Business Prodigy (3)

Ye Tianxin nodded and said, “Di Shanshi, before I went to the capital, I thought that the town of Jiameng was very big.

When I got to the capital, I realized that the world is very big.

If you have time, visit the capital and experience it for yourself.

You will discover an entirely different life out there…”

Ye Tianxin returned home and told her grandmother about transferring the ownership of the house.

At the same time, she used the computer to prepare the proposal.

She had written many proposals that involved various industries.

As such, this proposal was a piece of cake for her.

Jing Zhichen was bored, so he went to look at Ye Tianxins computer while she typed.

Jing Zhichen was shocked by what he saw.

“Tianxin, what are you writing”

Ye Tianxin continued to type as she responded to Jing Zhichen, “I am writing a proposal.

I thought that your suggestion this afternoon was very interesting.

Thats why I am writing a proposal for Mayor Di.

It would be of great help to our plan if we can get his support!”

Jing Zhichen pulled a chair and sat beside Ye Tianxin.

“Show it to me once youre done writing it.”

“I was going to show it to you anyway.

I dont know much about business.”

Ye Tianxin finished the proposal half an hour later.

There were still some errors in Ye Tianxins proposal.

She didnt have the data to support her points and to convince the other party.

Jing Zhichen held the laptop and read the proposal line by line.

Every line gave Jing Zhichen a completely new understanding of Ye Tianxin.

He finally understood why Ye Tianxin would say that she was not interested in the entertainment industry at all.

She could set up her own company based on this proposal alone.

He believed that one day, Ye Tianxin would become a formidable businesswoman.

“Tianxin, where did you learn all these business theories”

Ye Tianxin cursed silently in her mind.

She had almost let the cat out of the bag accidentally.

She answered casually, “Elder Brother Jing, just tell me whether I wrote the proposal well or not.”

“Its a very good proposal.

You are really a business prodigy!”

Jing Zhichen praised Ye Tianxin sincerely.

Ye Tianxin, however, was not happy at all.

She was not a business prodigy.

She was the only one who knew what price she had to pay for this.

She had not known what she was doing in her first year in Shenhai City.

The night of Ye Tianxins 20th birthday was also the night Ye Qingxin and Gu Yancheng got engaged.

When she woke up, she found herself lying on a bed next to Gu Yancheng…

Lu Qingxin had put up with it and withdrew from the relationship graciously, allowing her to be with Gu Yancheng.

Because there were too many people who had seen them, the Gu family agreed to let her marry into the family in order to save face.

After marrying into the Gu family, Gu Yancheng loathed her.

He did not care to touch her and did not even want to stay in the same room with her.

She did not have any value at all in the Gu family.

Yet, she became pregnant a month later.

She became the most important person in the Gu family because of the child.

It was also at that moment when she realized that she did not know anything…

She studied very hard while she was pregnant.

She was like a sponge, absorbing knowledge madly.

How did she make it through that year

She was the only one who knew how.

She had been so silly then…

“Elder Brother Jing, Im getting embarrassed by all your compliments,” Ye Tianxin said coyly.

Her phone suddenly rang.

Jing Zhichen glanced at the name on the screen.

It was “Elder Brother Li”.


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