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If anyone dared to lay a hand on one of his people, he would pay them back a hundredfold.

There were rumors that a group from Koryo once annoyed Ye Tianxin.

Xie Xuning stopped exporting Chinese cabbage to Koryo, which directly choked the throat of Koryo.

After all, Koryo was a small country, and Chinese cabbage was the main ingredient for Koryo Kimchi.

It was around that time that every household in Koryo began to make Kimchi.

Because the Empire stopped exporting Chinese cabbage to Koryo, there was a shortage of Chinese cabbage in the country.

The people of Koryo were very angry about it, so the group that had become famous in Koryo was forced to go into hiding, and then it disappeared without a trace.

Thomas said with determined confidence in his voice, “Miss Ye, what does it matter if your father, Xie Xuning, is the Commander of the Empire”

“Thomas, Bill, it seems that you already know exactly who my father is.

Then its up to you.

Do you decide to fight against the Empire, or to cooperate with the Empire”

The number of women missing from the Empire each year was staggering.

At first, some people said that these missing women were all abducted into the mountain area and became the bachelors wives.

She didnt expect the real truth.

Bill asked, “Cooperate with you”

Ye Tianxin nodded and said, “Yes, Bill, Thomas.

You have been in the black market, and you should know that a lot of women from the Empire were smuggled into the black market to be someones property on the black market.

But there is one thing you should also know, which is the Empire will protect every citizen of it.

The authority of the Empire had no prior knowledge of the matter before, but now that they knew it, they will not turn a blind eye to it.

We will strike hard to protect the citizens of the Empire, especially the women.”

Both Bill and Thomas found that they were caught in a kind of tangled process.

Little did they know that Mu Yuluo, who was at the Water City Hotel, had spotted the clue when Bill looked up the word “Xie Xuning” on his computer.

Why did Bill suddenly type the words “Xie Xuning” on his computer for no reason

How did they know these words

They had to hear it from Ye Tianxin.

Then, it meant that Ye Tianxin and Yao Qinghan were in danger.

“Oh no, somethings happened to Tianxin and Qinghan.”

Mu Yuluo stared at the computer screen anxiously.

With her knowledge, both Ye Tianxin and Yao Qinghan were very intelligent and courageous people.

How could anything happen to them under these circumstances

It meant that the other party was stronger than they expected.

Wei Weiwei stood against the bathroom door.

“Ye Tianxin will be all right for a while.

She is clever enough to know how to turn the present dilemma into a favorable one for herself.”

Wei Weiwei walked up to Mu Yuluo and put her hand on her shoulder.

She was in a state of anxiety.

“The problem at the moment is that Im afraid Ye Tianxin will be transferred.”

Wei Weiwei just talked with the man and learned that someone had paid top dollar for Ye Tianxin by name on the clowns forum.

It meant that the presence of Ye Tianxin was something that some people couldnt ask for.

Who on earth would have such a novel taste to ask for Ye Tianxin

She was afraid that he hadnt known that Ye Tianxin was a deadly poison.

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