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Ye Tianxin couldnt help but say, “Qin Chuan, you really are a scumbag.

I bet your blood even runs black.”

Mai Yatang was just an ordinary little girl who was loved by her parents.

Even though she suffered from growth delay, her heart was filled with childlike purity and innocence.

She was like an elf in the forest, so naive and innocent…

He was a murderer who ruined her entire life.

“Ye Tianxin, youre way too naive.

Im just a businessman.

I couldnt care less about doing good for the world or saving people.

I target whoever can let me earn money.

I dont care what she was like in the past.”

Ye Tianxin reached her hand out to slap Qing Chuan, but Li Qingcang gripped her wrist.

“Its okay.

You dont need to waste your time on these filthy scumbags.

Youll hurt your hand trying to hit someone with such thick skin.”

That display of affection came out of nowhere.

Wei Weiwei, Mu Yuluo, and the others were all left speechless by Li Qingcangs comment.

“Xiao Mengmeng, you do it.”

Xiao Mengmengs expression was befuddled as she was suddenly called upon by Li Qingcang.

As a result of being trained in martial arts, she already had thick skin.

Still… werent they treating her a bit unfairly

Although that was what she thought, Xiao Mengmeng still walked in front of Qin Chuan and gave him several loud slaps.

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Although those slaps landed on Qin Chuans face, Thomas felt a burning pain on his own face.

All of these girls were way too fierce and scary.

Seriously, who were they

Albeit a little late, Thomas finally realized that they couldnt be ordinary girls at this point.

All of them were such impressive fighters.

How could they possibly be ordinary people

Ye Tianxin glanced at the stage through the glass wall.

The lights were already dimmed.

She was worried that the situation right now wouldnt last for much longer.

If Qin Chuans men realized that something about the surveillance footage seemed strange, they would be in very deep trouble.

A smart person shouldnt put himself at unnecessary risk and danger.

Ye Tianxin knew this virtue better than anyone else.

Ye Tianxin first handed Qin Chuan over to Li Qingcang so he could take him away first, while she and the others went to rescue Mai Yatang from this ordeal.

It was far too risky for a pure and innocent girl like Mai Yatang to stay in a turbulent, lawless place like this.

Ye Tianxin and the others followed the direction of the water and went backstage of the auction house.

They saw Mai Ya there, sitting on a chair with a red apple in her hand and biting on it occasionally.

Her fingertips had a youthful radiance to it, its color resembling that of white jade.

She looked exceptionally pretty as she chewed on the apple.

Even Wei Weiwei couldnt help but touch her own arm lightly.

She had a strange feeling… It was almost like the moment she saw Mai Yatangs eyes, she impulsively wanted to pamper her and care for her.

“Were from room number six…”

The staff member of the Royal Auction House looked at Ye Tianxin and Thomass identification documents to ensure that theyre the right people.

“Please transfer 5 billion dollars to the specified account within three days.

Now, you may take her away.”

“May Yatang, come.

Well bring you back.”

Mai Yatang instantly jumped up and dashed in front of Ye Tianxin when she heard her.

She looked at Ye Tianxins face seriously and said with a delicate, silvery voice, “Are you here to bring me back home”

“Yes, Im here to bring you back home.”

Ye Tianxin reached her hand out toward Mai Yatang .Mai Yatang immediately grabbed her hand.

She went close to the side of Ye Tianxin.

She looked very obedient and adorable.

The group of people slowly walked toward the main door of the Royal Auction House.

Although Qin Chuan was now in their hands, Ye Tianxin couldnt help but feel nervous for some reason.

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