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Ye Tianxin still did not know that the “bro” Jing Zhichen was talking about was Li Qingcang.

“What happened after that” she asked further, eager to know.

“After that, he chose to stay at Capital University.

He said that Capital University is a university of our country.”

Jing Zhichens words filled Ye Tianxin with pride.

“I wish I could get to know this bro of yours.

Hes practically my idol even though I havent met him.”

Jing Zhichen spoke to himself,You guys already know each other.

“I will introduce you to him in the future.”

Meanwhile, Auntie Zhu was already done cooking by the time Ye Youran returned home.

Ye Youran was a high school senior, so everything that she ate had to be nutritious.

There were four dishes and a soup on the table.

Auntie Zhu had been watching TV.

When she heard Ye Youran coming in, she switched off the TV hurriedly and greeted her, “Youran, are the results from the mock exams out”

“Theyre out.” Ye Youran told Auntie Zhu.

She then went on to share her scores.

Auntie Zhu compared Ye Yourans scores to those from her previous exams and realized that Ye Youran had improved a lot.

“Our Youran is so smart! Youve received such a good score unlike that little b*tch Ye Tianxin.

She must be at the bottom once again!”

Auntie Zhu was very pleased.

She thought that she had to go and brag to that old woman later on.

Ye Youran lost her appetite immediately when she heard Ye Tianxins name.

She hesitated for a moment but did not tell her mother about Ye Tianxins scores.

After lunch, Ye Youran took a short nap.

Auntie Zhu was worried her washing the dishes might be too loud that she might wake Ye Youran up.

She took a few eggs and went on a stroll to Grandmothers courtyard.

“Oh, Auntie, did your houseguest leave”

Auntie Zhu walked into the courtyard with her basket.

She did not see Jing Zhichen and Ye Tianxin, so she thought that Jing Zhichen had already left.

Grandmother heard Auntie Zhu talking loudly as she entered, so she said, “Lower your voice.

Tianxin is sleeping.”

“Auntie, Im not trying to criticize you, but why are you so protective of that fatherless child, Ye Tianxin She has gotten into so much trouble ever since she was young.

The results of the mock exams are out.

Do you know how Ye Tianxin did With such terrible scores, she has totally wasted all the money you spent to raise her.”

Grandmother looked at Auntie Zhu and remarked, “So what youre saying is that your Youran is good at everything and my Tianxin is good at nothing”

Auntie Zhu sat on a bamboo chair and stared at the things that she had never seen before in the rundown home.

“Auntie, you said that yourself, I have never said that,” she responded coyly.

“Auntie, I heard that a grandnephew of yours came by.

Why have I never heard of him”

“That was back during the famine.

My sister and I were sent to different families, and we only reconnected not long ago.

What about it”

Auntie Zhu thought that the old womans fate was really good.

So many people had died during the famine, but she endured.

And now, she had a rich relative

“Auntie, you didnt even tell us that you were sick.

I dont have other skills, but if you had told me, I could have cooked for you.

Look, I already said that you cant count on Tianxin in the future.

You would still need me and my husband to help you out as you age.”

“Theres no need for that,” Grandmother declined nicely.

“Our Tianxin is a good girl.

Youd better educate your Youran well.

I heard that Youran didnt do as well as Tianxin for their mock exams.

Dont be angry at your child.

After all, there are times when one would do poorly for a certain exam.”

Auntie Zhu was speechless.

She didnt know what to tell Grandmother.

When she came to her senses, “Auntie, you must not make things up even if you want to protect Tianxin.

Our Youran is fourth in the entire school.”


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