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Qin Chuan laughed coldly.

He coldly stared at Ye Tianxin.

“I was abandoned by my parents since young.

These people found me and raised me into a monster.”

Qin Chuan smiled bitterly.

His existence had been a great tragedy.

Why did his parents give birth to him if they did not want children

Did they not use any protection

How could they abandon him after having their fun

He was brought into the world not only to hurt himself but others as well.

“In our organization, there are many others like me.

They picked us up as orphans from everywhere in the world.”

“Ye Tianxin, how have you offended these people”

The question had also been bugging Ye Tianxin all this world.

She had thought hard about it.

She also wanted to know how had she offended them

Why did they try to kill her time and again

What did they want from her

She had no clue about what was happening at all or why this was happening to her.

“Qin Chuan, you refused to speak all this while.

What is it that you want from us Do you want to know your real parentage If I can find out who your birth parents are, will you tell us everything you know”

Qin Chuan shook his head.

He had never wanted to find his parents.

Ever since he knew he was an orphan, he realized that he had been an unwanted child all along.

He never thought of looking for his parents.

He was not interested to know their reason for abandoning him.

He was alone right from the beginning.

He was destined to lead a lonely life.

“What exactly do you want then”

Qin Chuan looked at Ye Tianxin with his eyebrows raised.

He spoke in a soft voice.

“I want to see someone.”

Ye Tianxin felt chills all over her body when she heard those two words.

There were so many girls with the name Mingzhu in the Empire.

Could it be so coincidental that he was talking about the Mingzhu she knew

Qin Chuan had been observing Ye Tianxins expression throughout the conversation.

It was as though he was deliberately playing with her mind.

“The Mingzhu I am talking about is the same Mingzhu you know.”

Ye Tianxin felt cold all over.

Was Qin Chuan trying to tell Ye Tianxin that Mingzhu was also part of the organization

Ye Tianxin was now feeling suspicious of everyone around her.

Anyone who got close to her might have harbored bad intentions.

Today it could be Mingzhu.

The next day, it could be someone else.

Was there anyone around her whom she could trust fully

“Okay, I will bring her to you.”

“Ill wait for you here.”

The sun shone brightly when Ye Tianxin walked out of the cell.

She felt a little dizzy with the blinding sunlight.

Ye Tianxin made her way to the hospital at Capital University where Mingzhu was staying.

Mingzhu was sitting on the chair under her bed, playing computer games.

She was wearing a set of pink earphones which looked like a pair of cats ears on her head.

Ye Tianxin stood behind her and looked at Mingzhus black hair, her eyes smarting.

She did not know Mingzhu well but they were also no strangers to each other.

Because of her busy schedule, Ye Tianxin was often not in school.

Occasionally, she even skipped classes.

Mingzhu had been very helpful and even helped her take down notes in class for her.

Having experienced a betrayal once, Ye Tianxin was not someone who could trust others easily.

Mingzhu had entered her life gradually.

Ye Tianxin stretched out her hand and tapped Mingzhu on her shoulder.

Mingzhu felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around.

She removed her earphones when she saw Ye Tianxin.

“Tianxin, youre back”

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