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Gu Boyan placed Ye Tianxins photo in front of Gu Yancheng.

What did it mean when a man placed a photo of a woman on his desk

Gu Boyan knew very well his sons intention.

At the same time, he was also a little surprised.

Gu Yancheng took the photo from Gu Boyan.

Ever since he dreamed of that incident, he had already made up his mind.

Ye Tianxin could only be his wife.

“Dad, this is your daughter-in-law.” Gu Yancheng was straightforward and did not want to hide anything from Gu Baiyan.

Gu Boyan looked at Gu Yancheng in surprise.

He was even more shocked to hear Gu Yancheng say it out loud.

He thought that the woman Gu Yancheng loved was Lu Qingxin.

Was not Gu Yancheng bewitched by Lu Qingxin

When did Gu Yancheng fall in love with Ye Tianxin

Why was he not aware of it

“Gu Yancheng, have you thought it over Ye Tianxin was not the orphan from the Town of Jiameng.

Now her father is Xie Xuning.

There are many considerations you have to think about if you are serious about marrying her.”

Gu Boyan was a businessman.

Businessmen had always been shrewd.

It was clear to him that between Lu Qingxin and Ye Tianxin, who was a better choice as Gu Yanchengs wife.

Moreover, the timing could not be more right.

In the past, when Li Qingcang was around, Gu Yancheng might not stand a chance at all.

But now that Li Qingcang was dead and Ye Tianxin was all alone.

This would be a perfect opportunity for Gu Yancheng.

“Yes, if I Gu Yancheng one day, were to marry, that woman can only be Ye Tianxin.”

Gu Boyani smiled like a wily old fox.

If his son could really marry the commanders daughter, it would mean that the Gu family line would be improved.

Their descendants would be part of a military family.

“If you need my help, just let me know.”

Gu Yancheng looked intently at his father.

“You have to cut your ties with those people”

“What do you mean those people” Gu Boyan did not understand what Gu Yancheng meant.

Gu Yancheng answered in cooly, “Dad, Im sure you know why the Lu family got into trouble.

You wouldnt want the Gu family to be the next Lu family.

Gu Yanchengs words made Gu Boyan ponder hard as he looked out to the streets outside the glass window.

Gu Yanchengs office was located on a high floor of the building.

The cars on the streets looked like toys when he gazed down on them.

“I dont know what you are talking about or how much you know, but me handing Gu Enterprises to you was a legitib=mate business transaction.

You dont have to ask for too much.

Im an upright and honest man.”

Gu Yancheng raised his eyebrow.

“I will not go for any matchmaking.

Please watch over your wife.”

Gu Boyan was a little confused.

Since when did his son start to consider so many things

According to the old guards at Gu Enterprises, when Gu Yancheng took over the business, he had singlehandedly and forcefully pushed through a couple of deals.

He ran the company like he was a dictator.

No one could sway his decision.

Gu Boyan had paid a visit to Gu Enterprises after hearing the old guards complain to him about his sons management style.

Gu Yanchengs words were crisp and clear.

Suddenly, the phone on his table rang.

“Chairman Gu, Ms.

Lu Qingxin had bought some trolls on the internet.

They are going to spread the news about Ms.

Ye Tianxin.”

Gu Yancheng glanced at the news on his computer screen and he guessed that Lu Qingxin must have also read about Ye Tianxins news.

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