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“Lu Qingxin, even Gu Yanchen who grew up together with you doesnt want you anymore.

It just shows how much of a failure you are as a person!

Ying Yimei glared fiercely at the young girls and said to them, “Hey girls, dont just stand there and gossip, and dont blindly believe in Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin is also just an ordinary human being, she isnt a god!”

“Woah, you sure sound like youve got resentful against our Tianxin because of jealousy.”

“No matter how jealous you are of her, its useless, because Ye Tianxin is just so darn good at everything!”

“Oh, by the way, are the two of you going to call the police If youre going to call the police, please hurry up.

Otherwise, were going to leave now.”

Lu QIngxin and Ying Yimei stood still where they were.

Of course, Lu Qingxin wasnt actually going to call the police.

If she really called the police, the person who would be embarrassed is herself.

Because of the press conference that Gu Yancheng held, Lu QIngxin was about to become famous now.

If she called the police now, the only person who would be embarrassed is herself, and not anyone else.

Lu Qingxin was filled to the brim with exhaustion.

There were still scratches on her face, and her hair was a complete mess.

She looked as pitiful as someone who had lost something very important.

The girls grabbed their bags and walked off without any hesitation.

Lu Qingxin and Ying Yimei sat back at the seat where there were initially.

Lu Qingixns tears rolled about inside her eyes, but she tried her very best not to let them roll down her cheeks.

Ying Yimei took a deep breath.

“I should have killed Ye Tianxin back then.

I should have hired a hitman to kill Ye Tianxin.”

Back when Ye Tianxin wasnt mature and powerful yet, she should have killed Ye Tianxin.

If Ye Tianxin had died back then, her life and family wouldnt have been ruined.

“Lu Qingxin, you and I are the same, we both lost everything that we had because of Ye Tianxin.

You were cautious and had your guard up from the moment that I found you and came to you, thats reasonable.

However, theres actually one thing that I simply cant understand.

Are you okay with all of this Are you alright with the fact that Ye Tianxin is a shining celebrity star now, while you have absolutely nothing left”

She wasnt alright at all, not a single bit.

Not only was she not alright, but she also wanted to murder Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin was no longer the same as the one who lived together with her grandmother back then.

Right now, Ye Tianxin had the entire Xie family to back her up.

Any mistake could cause them to lose everything.

She didnt dare to gamble on this.

Without absolute certainty that it would work as planned, Lu Qingxin didnt even dare to touch Ye Tianxin.

Ying Yimei smiled bitterly.

“Im even more tragic than you.

Gu Yancheng sent me to an asylum for the sake of Ye Tianxin.

Do you have any idea of the kind of life that I had lived in the asylum”

The moment she recalled those dark days that she spent in the asylum, she wanted to murder Ye Tianxin and dismember her body into a thousand pieces.

It shouldnt be like this.

If Ye Tianxin didnt exist, her life wouldnt be like this.

Gu Yancheng had said before that she was supposed to be Li Qingcangs fiance.

She had a beautiful future ahead of her back then, but she lost everything because of Ye Tianxin.

Ying Yimei asked, “Do you want to kill her”

Lu QIngxin gulped nervously and said, “I do want to kill her.”

“I want to kill her too.

We need to think of a sure-fire, risk-free way to kill her.”

A sure-fire, risk-free way to kill her so that the Xie Family wouldnt be able to suspect us…

Ying Yimei was thinking one step ahead.

She wanted to use Lu Qingxin as her tool, a weapon to kill Ye Tianxin with.

She would only feel satisfied if Ye Tianxin died.

“Okay, lets work together.”

Lu Qingxin reached her hand out and grabbed Ying Yemeis hand tightly as the two shook on the alliance.

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