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Ye Tianxin bent down and tried to coax Jing Gungun.

There were still tears on Jing Gunguns supple, apple-shaped face.

She looked toward JIng Zhichen and asked, “Daddy, would it really not hurt”

Jing Zhichen felt like something was about to explode inside of him.

“No, it wont hurt at all.”

“Jing Gungun held onto a corner of Jing Zhichens shirt pitifully, then said in her silvery, cute voice, “Daddy, does it really not hurt”

For some reason, Jing Zhichen couldnt bring himself to tell her that it was really not going to hurt.

He was very afraid of injections when he was younger as well.

One time when the school informed them that they were going to receive vaccination shots, he was so afraid that he decided to skip school.

He still remembered that Li Qingcang and the others laughed at him and mocked him relentlessly for this, but he was just scared.

He couldnt help but feel terrified upon seeing such a long and thin needle.

Jing Zhichen reached out and grabbed Jing Gunguns soft, plump little hand.

After staying silent for a while, he suddenly turned over and said to Ye Tianxin, “Tianxin, I dont want to do the paternity test anymore.”

“Zhichen, have you thought about it” Ye Tianxin hugged her shoulders and asked.

Jing Zhichen suddenly refused to do the DNA paternity test.

Was it because he had recalled what happened

Did he recall who was the woman he had a relationship with

Jing Zhichen nodded and said, “Nevermind, lets not do it.

Since shes hugging me and calling me daddy, Ill believe her.

Ill believe her that shes my daughter.”

After calming down, Jing Zhichen thought that after getting such a cute daughter out of nowhere, he was the one who was gaining something here.

“Alright then, Zhichen, you make the decision yourself.

Are you preparing to bring Gungun back to the Jing family, or are you going to bring her back to your mansion”

If he were to bring her back to the JIng family, Jing Zhichen could almost predict the tsunami of questions that he would be facing.

After all, having a daughter was important to the people of the Jing family.

If he brought her back to his own mansion instead… since he was usually busy with work, he was worried about letting someone else take care of her.

Gungun was still so young.

What if she got abused by the babysitter or something

“How about we let Gungun stay at the Lang Garden for now”

Ye Linlang was already taking care of Tang Yuan at home, so it wasnt a big deal for her to take care of Gungun as well.

“In that case, we need to go to the mall to buy Gungun some clothes.”

Right as Ye Tianxin said that, her phone started ringing.

After picking up the phone, Qie Yiyans voice entered Ye Tianxins ear.

“Gungun came to the lakeside alone in a taxi.

We found the taxi driver who drove her here.

The driver said that Gungun got on the taxi and paid for the fare herself.

We still need to investigate where Gungun came from.”

Ye Tianxin nodded and said, “Thank you.

Sorry for the trouble, Yiyan.”

“Tianxin, tell Zhichen to think about it very carefully.”

Ye After Ye TIanxin hung up, he walked toward Jing Zhichen and Jing gungun.

From afar, she could tell from a glance that the two of them hadnt actually recognized each other as parent and child.

Both of them sat the same way, yet they didnt want to talk to each other.

To her surprise, their micro-expressions and body languages were in sync.

To be honest, based on the way they were sitting right now, Ye Tianxin didnt believe that they werent father and daughter.

“Tianxin, right now, I feel like Gungun is Jing Zhichens daughter.”

Shangguan Ling stood beside Ye Tianxin and whispered toward her.

Ye Tianxin glanced at Shangguan Ling before saying softly, “Shangguan Ling, why do I feel like youre a little jealous right now”

Shangguan Lig reached his hand up and stroked his chin lightly.

He wasnt jealous of Jing Zhichen.

Instead, he was jealous of Li Qingcang.

He was jealous that although Li Qingcang had died, he continued to live on in Ye Tianxins heart.

Jing Zhichen was so fixated on getting him and Ye Tianxin together.

What he didnt know was that in Ye Tianxins heart, there were only two types of men: Li Qingcang and all the rest.

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