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“Your son That cheating woman is carrying your son, isnt she I know you must have murdered my son.

They said if he had a stepmother, he had a stepfather.

I didnt believe it, and then what happened…”

Ye Tianxin felt an inexplicable sense of disgust in her heart upon watching the woman with tears and snot running down her face.

The man said sarcastically, “Can you stop fooling around If you want to do this, why dont you just call the police and say I killed my son”

The woman put her arm around the little fat boy and wailed.

With a slight sour feeling in her heart, Ye Tianxin slowly backed out of the crowd.

“Tianxin, dont be upset.

Youve done your best.”

Shangguan Ling was worried that Ye Tianxin would blame herself for not saving the little fat boy.

Ye Tianxin shook her head.

She was not blaming herself.

She just felt bad for the parents.

The little fat boy was eight or nine years old.

From the moment his mother conceived him to the present, the little fat boy must have been well-loved.

It must have been hard for them to suddenly lose a child they had raised for so many years.

Ye Tianxin knew the feeling of losing a child better than anyone else.

“Ill look into whether or not the little fat boy has anything to do with the elephant going berserk.

Tianxin, let Chen Xi take you back to the hotel so you can rest.”

Ye Tianxin took the thin blanket that Guan Chenxi handed over and covered her body, which was dripping wet.

Seeing Gu Yancheng standing under the shade of a tree with an indifferent face, she walked over quickly and stopped in front of him.

She reached out and slapped Gu Yancheng in the face.

Gu Yancheng didnt dodge.

“Gu Yancheng, youre nothing more than a rat in a dirty sewer with a filthy mind, you know that”

Gu Yancheng and Shangguan Ling rushed toward Ye Tianxin at the same time when the elephant went berserk.

How did Gu Yancheng know she was here

Something about that seemed strange, didnt it

“Tianxin, I dont know what youre talking about.”

Ye Tianxin sneered, “Gu Yancheng, you know what youre doing.”

Gu Yancheng clenched his fists and then loosened them.

He still stared at Ye Tianxin with an innocent face.

His voice was even more soft and gentle.

“Tianxin, I know youre upset, and I know you are thinking…”

Ye Tianxin slapped him again.

The surveillance camera by the lake was down, but the other surveillance cameras in the zoo werent.

As soon as they checked out each one, they were able to spot someone suspicious.

It would be easy to see who the little fat boy talked to before the incident.

Ye Tianxin saw that the little fat boy had been put into a body bag.

The police must have convinced the little fat boys parents to perform a forensic autopsy to determine if he fell into the water by himself.

Did someone deliberately drown the little fat boy

“Tianxin, look, do you know this person”

Just as Ye Tianxin was talking to Gu Yancheng, someone handed her a piece of printing paper.

Ye Tianxin smiled when she saw Lu Qingxin in the photo.

“Gu Yancheng, with your personality, theres no way Lu Qingxin wasnt following you, right Lu Qingxin has been bouncing around for so long not because you cant kill her, but because you still love her and cant bear to kill her.”

Gu Yancheng protested, “No, youre the one I love, Tianxin.”

He loved Ye Tianxin, not Lu Qingxin.

Ye Tianxin was beautiful and kind, while Lu Qingxin was like a poisonous snake.

“Thats why you want Lu Qing to give me a hard time, so you can be a hero and save the damsel, right”

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