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Ye Tianxin looked sarcastic.

Gu Yancheng didnt deserve to be called a man.

No, he didnt even deserve to be considered a human; doing so wouldve been an insult to humans.

He was an animal incapable of sympathy.

Gu Yancheng remained silent.

He didnt expect that Ye Tianxin was able to read his mind at once.

He could only admit to that thought.

When he learned that Lu Qingxin and Ying Yimei came to Shenhai City, he didnt think they would come to Shenhai for a visit.

They wanted to take this opportunity to make Ye Tianxin suffer.

Thats exactly what happened.

He admitted that he was waiting for an opportunity to get inside Ye Tianxins heart.

He also knew that Ye Tianxin was kind-hearted enough to change her mind about him If he had put himself in danger trying to save her.

Gu Yancheng thought his chance had come… but he didnt expect that hed be too late.

Shangguan Ling was the hero who rescued the damsel this time.

“Tianxin, I didnt know Lu Qingxin was capable of murder…”

Ye Tianxin didnt even bother to look at Gu Yancheng.

How did he not know that

How old did he think she was

How dark was Lu Qingxins heart

Didnt he know that Lu Qingxin tried to run over her grandmother a few years ago

What was so hard to believe about her drowning a little kid now

“Shangguan Ling, Lu Qingxin is wanted all over the city.”

Ye Tianxin turned around and got into the car with Guan Chenxi.

Gu Yancheng was even angrier as he watched Ye Tianxin leave.

Ye Tianxin, you used to love me so much.

Why do you hate me so much now

I love you so much and dote on you.

I dont want you to get hurt in any way… so why are you like this

Gu Yancheng looked up at the blue sky.

A dim light flashed in his long and narrow eyes.

Ye Tianxin, youve given me no other choice.

Gu Yancheng turned around and strode away from the zoo.

The spring trip could only end early when something like this happened.

Buses took the children out of the zoos parking lot.

The school also had certain responsibilities when something like this happened.

Back at the hotel, Ye Tianxin took a shower, changed her clothes, and then called for an update on the case.

Shangguan Ling replied, “Tianxin, there was no time for Lu Qingxin to commit the crime during the time that the little fat boy drowned.

There are witnesses and physical evidence that Lu Qingxin had nothing to do with boys death.”

How was there no connection

How had Lu Qingxin become so smart

After drying her hair with a hairdryer, Ye Tianxin went directly to the police station.

She saw Lu Qingxin with a calm face in the police detention room.

“I didnt kill anyone.

I was shopping in the mall at that time.

The surveillance footage there can prove that.”

Ye Tianxin snapped the photo on the table in front of Lu Qingxin.

“Then, have you seen him”

“Yes, I have.

I saw this little fat boy alone by the lake when I went for a walk in the park after lunch.

I warned him not to be alone by the lake because it would be dangerous, but the little fat boy didnt respect me.

He even called me old…”

“I am an adult, after all.

How could I care about this with a child”

Lu Qingxin burst into tears as she spoke.

“If I had known something was going to happen to the boy, I would have dragged him to his teacher.”

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