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Chapter 161: The First “Date” (1)

“Would you have contacted me if you werent worried”

Li Qingcang took out a handkerchief and wiped the dirt off Ye Tianxins face gently.

Ye Tianxin answered without hesitations, “Of course not.

I wasnt expecting anything from you when I donated blood to save you…”

Li Qingcang was touched when he heard Ye Tianxins reply.

She did not want anything from him, but he was willing to give everything he had to her and dote on her as if she were a princess.

“Lets go.

Ill drive you to find your grandmother.

Go and tell your grandmother about this.”


Ye Tianxin had no reason to object to Li Qingcangs suggestion.

She wondered why Li Qingcang had the time to visit her today after she agreed to that.

“Elder Brother Li, youre free today”

Li Qingcang did not tell Ye Tianxin that he had asked for a day off to visit her and keep her company.

“Thats right.

Im free all day today.”

“Then wait for me for a while, Elder Brother Li.

I have to go home.

I want to show you something.”

Ye Tianxin ran home and told her grandmother about the treasure they had dug earlier.

Then, she grabbed the box that contained the military medal and ran back to the car.

Li Qingcang felt his head ache when he saw how naïve and trusting Ye Tianxin was.

She had just left a case filled with precious items with him.

Wasnt she afraid that he might run away with these things

“Elder Brother Li, look.

Whats this”

Ye Tianxin took out the medal from the box happily.

Li Qingcang examined it in Ye Tianxins hand.

His brows furrowed.

“Where did you get this”

“It belonged to my biological father.

Elder Brother Li, can you trace down my father using this military medal”

Li Qingcang took the medal.

It was an old medal.

The new ones nowadays were much more exquisite.

“I will try my best to help you investigate, but I cant guarantee anything.”

Records of military merit medals issued in the past were all done on paper.

There were no computer records.

Thus, gathering information would be extremely challenging and time-consuming.

Li Qingcang helped Ye Tianxin fasten her seatbelt and then drove her to the bank in the city.

Ye Tianxin rented a safety deposit box and put the items there.

Then, she handed the keys to Li Qingcang.

“Take the keys, Elder Brother Li.

I shall remember the passcode.”

“You keep the keys and dont tell anyone about this.

Also, dont tell anyone about what we found.”

Li Qingcang was worried that someone might try to hurt Ye Tianxin if they found out that Ye Tianxin had a stash of jewels and gold.

Didnt someone commit arson because of the results of mock exams

If someone were to find out that Ye Tianxin was so wealthy, wouldnt they just kill her

“Elder Brother Li, dont you trust me I wont tell a soul about all of this.

Youre the only person I talked about it.

Youre the only one I trust.”

Li Qingcangs heart skipped a beat when he heard what Ye Tianxin had said.

He was pleased to know that Ye Tianxin completely trusted him.

“Silly girl.”

Li Qingcang brought Ye Tianxin to the mall straight from the bank.

While they were inside the car, he said, “Tianxin, shop around in the mall.

I will get a room upstairs to grab a shower.”

“Alright, Elder Brother Li.”

Almost all of Ye Tianxins clothes had been burned in the fire.

The dress that she was wearing was a cheap one from the farmers market.

However, Li Qingcang wanted to buy Ye Tianxin some clothes.

When they got to the mall, Ye Tianxin walked around but did not see anything she liked.

This was mainly because the city was too small.

As such, the consumers buying power was naturally lower.

Some high-end brands were not even available in this mall.

This mall was the only one in the city.

The salespeople looked at the cheap clothes that Ye Tianxin was wearing and knew that she was a girl who would only look and try, but definitely not buy from their shop.

As such, they could not be bothered to assist her.


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