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Chapter 162: The First “Date” (2)

Ye Tianxin spotted a pink dress that looked rather pretty.

She reached out to pick it up and give it a try.

“Dont touch it!”

A salesperson immediately stopped Ye Tianxin from touching the dress.

The salesperson said haughtily, “This dress costs more than a thousand dollars.

You cant afford it.”

Ye Tianxin was offended, but she considered that the sales assistant might be having a rough day.

After all, she was now rich…very rich.

She had 10 gold bars!

The dress costs a mere ,000.

She could surely afford it.

“I want to try this dress,” Ye Tianxin expressed her interest.

She had never been someone who found pleasure in spiting others.

However, for some reason, she just wanted to dress nicely.

She wanted to impress Li Qingcang.

She did not want to appear ugly in front of him.

“Say, young lady, dont you understand me I said that this dress costs a thousand dollars.

Do you have the money to pay for it”

Ye Tianxin took out a bank card and slammed it on the desk.

“Ill pay by card, alright”

There were POS machines in the mall, so paying by card was naturally not an issue.


The salesperson had a condescending look on her face when she saw Ye Tianxins bank card.


Hold on.”

Ye Tianxin glanced at the staff.

She knew that every sale the shop assistant made would count towards her quota and that she would receive a commission for every dress she sold.

However, Ye Tianxin did not want the staff to get the commission.

“Count it as your sale,” Ye Tianxin informed the salesperson standing at the counter.

The salesperson looked at Ye Tianxin and didnt say a word.

She then moved to the side.

Ye Tianxin swiped her card and paid for the dress before trying it on.

The dress was powder pink and looked like something a rich girl her age would wear.

There was a thin layer of organza on the dress and little flowers were embroidered on the pink cloth.

These flowers at the hem of the dress made the outfit especially youthful and full of life.

Ye Tianxin looked at her reflection in the mirror and put down her hair that had been tied up.

She looked down at her plastic slippers and felt that they did not match her dress.

She should go and buy a pair of shoes.

If she were to buy a pair of shoes, she also had to buy a bag to match her shoes.

It would be best if she could find a hairdresser to give her hair a wash and some lazy curls.

That would be perfect!


Li Qingcang walked up to Tianxin and looked at her from head to toe.

“Your shoes dont match the dress.

Better change to another pair.”

“You think so” Ye Tianxin asked.

“Yep.” Li Qingcang waved his hand at the salesperson and said, “Get your manager here.”

“Sir, our manager is not around.”

It was the same staff who tried to stop Ye Tianxin earlier.

Li Qingcang glanced at the salesperson who wore the malls uniform and reached for his phone and dialed someone.

“Manager Xia,” he began.

“Its me, Li Qingcang.”

In just a short while, a balding man of average height dressed in a black suit came over.

“My apologies, Young Master Li.”

Li Qingcang acknowledged Manager Xia.

“Manager Xia, bring your best clothes, bags, accessories, shoes of this season that suit this lady here.”

“Theres no need,” Ye Tianxin refused, tugging Li Qingcangs hand.

“Elder Brother Li, I dont need to buy so much stuff.”

“Be good.

Listen to me.”

Li Qingcang pulled Ye Tianxin to the sofa and they sat down.

Meanwhile, Manager Xia ordered people to serve them fruits, drinks, and snacks.


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