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Chapter 180: Birthday Surprise (3)

“Then get in the car.

There are mosquitos out there.”

Ye Tianxin headed to the car and sat at the passenger seat obediently.

She then bent to touch her calves.

She had been busy with cooking the noodles earlier and had not realized that there were mosquitoes.

She only realized that her calves had been bitten when she got into the car.

Her calves had rashes.

They were so annoying.

“Elder Brother Li, are you tired If you are tired, close your eyes and rest for a while,” Ye Tianxin suggested.

“You still have to drive later, and its not good to drive when you are tired…”

Li Qingcang nodded and closed his eyes.

The training that Li Qingcang had undergone for several consecutive days had been too intensive.

He fell asleep in less than a minute and was even snoring softly.

Ye Tianxin knew that Li Qingcang was very sensitive.

She turned her head to look at Li Qingcangs face without making much noise.

His eyelashes were really long.

It was rare to see men with such long lashes.

His skin was really smooth.

Even though his skin was a bit brown, it still looked clean and refreshing.

His lips, nose—everything—looked so great.

He looked so good that Ye Tianxin could not bear to look away.

Gu Yanchengs name suddenly popped in Ye Tianxins mind.

She looked away silently and focused on the dark night in a distance.

How silly and stupid had she been in her previous life to have fallen in love with Gu Yancheng

Gu Yancheng had not liked her at all and even hated her so much.

Why had she been so naive to think that he would notice her good qualities and be enough

She was really stupid!

She was so silly that she had been hopeless.

Ye Tianxin placed her hand over her heart.

Her heart ached with regrets.

She knew how it felt to like somebody.

She seemed to like Li Qingcang.

It was not an affection a younger sister had for an elder brother.

It was an affection that a woman had for a man.

But how could she be worthy of Li Qingcang with her current situation

Li Qingcang was wealthy and accomplished.

He deserved someone better and not someone like her.

Before Ye Tianxin got lost in her thoughts, she remembered that she had not gotten her revenge yet.

In the meantime, she would just love him in secret.

She would keep him in her heart and try not to speak about her feelings for him.

Ye Tianxin covered her face with her hands.

Tears trickled on her face.

She wiped them away with a tissue.

She had just celebrated her 18th birthday, and now she was upset.

If she had not had such a tainted past life, would she have the courage to confess her love for him

Her past life had been so unbearably ugly.

However, she was able to meet him because of that unbearable past.

Ye Tianxin put a hand on her chest.

She felt as if her heart was literally aching.

The pain was so intense that it felt as if someone had stabbed her heart several times.

Her wounds bled, and she was in so much pain that even breathing hurt.

Ye Tianxin did not dare to cry out loud.

She was afraid that she might wake Li Qingcang up with her sobs.

She cried silently for herself and for the person she loved but could never have.

“Tianxin, whats the matter”

Ye Tianxin heard Li Qingcangs voice and wiped her face with another tissue.

She smiled reservedly and replied, “I dont know why I didnt feel wronged when Wu Cailan hit me, but when I saw you and thought of how she had slapped me, I felt upset…”

Ye Tianxin continued, tears still trickling on her face, “I felt upset, and then I cried…”


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