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Chapter 188: I Missed You, Elder Brother Li (1)

After hanging up, Ye Tianxin immediately stood up and took her things.

She ran back to her dormitory excitedly and swiftly packed her stuff.

Ye Tianxin knew that Li Qingcang was coming to see her, and she was happy.

Li Xiaohui, who was on the upper bunk, noticed Ye Tianxin was now in a good mood.

“Tianxin, what happened You look very happy.”

Ye Tianxin replied with a smile that reached her eyes, “I am.

Something good just happened.”

“What happened Quick, tell me,” Li Xiaohui urged, curious.

“Is your boyfriend coming to see you”

Li Xiaohui had guessed correctly, and Ye Tianxin blushed.

“He isnt my boyfriend,” she corrected Li Xiaohui.

“He is someone I like.”

Li Xiaohui laughed at Ye Tianxin for being so foolish and not knowing how to be flexible.

“Thats no big deal.

You just have to make him your boyfriend!” Li Xiaohui suggested.

Ye Tianxin felt sad.

Li Qingcang probably would never become her boyfriend.

Not even in her wildest dreams.

He was just kind to her, and thinking about him filled her heart with joy.

She did not dare to confess her love to him.

She was afraid that if she did, he would avoid her.

Then she would never see him again.

She couldnt bear the thought of it.

She might as well be satisfied with the current state of things between them.

“Lets talk about that in the future.”

Li Xiaohui moved next to Ye Tianxin and whispered, “You know, Tianxin, you can have him as a fling.

No strings attached.” Li Xiaohui giggled.

“Youre nuts!”

Ye Tianxin glared at Li Xiaohui.

Li Qingcang as a fling

That was impossible!

Li Qingcang was more than just a fling.

He would never be someones fling.

Furthermore, she did not want Li Qingcang to think that she was that kind of girl.

Ye Tianxin had just finished packing her things when Mr.

Chen appeared at the door of their room.

He informed Ye Tianxin, “Ye Tianxin, someone is here for you.”

Ye Tianxin checked her luggage carefully and made sure that she had packed all her important things.

Then, she picked up her bag and walked to the entrance of the school.

“CEO Xia What are you doing here”

CEO Xia greeted Ye Tianxin and said, “Young Master Li is on the way here.

I will take you to the hotel first.

Miss Ye, please come with me.”

CEO Xia brought Ye Tianxin out of the school gates then into a Mercedes-Benz parked outside.


Chen wanted to instruct Ye Tianxin to be careful.

However, he didnt bother when he saw the car.

Ye Tianxin arrived at the presidential suite of the hotel.

There, she filled the bathtub with water then went in.

After her bath, she put on a nightgown and dried her hair with a hairdryer.

Her long hair was draped over her shoulders as she sat down near the window of the hotels presidential suite.

Then she started reading.

She looked especially serious as she read.

When she heard someone knocking on the door, she ran across the carpet barefooted.

“Who is it”

“Its me, Li Qingcang.” He stood by the door patiently.

Ye Tianxin opened the door, and Li Qingcang walked in.

When he saw Ye Tianxin in her nightgown with her hair down, looking beautiful, he felt as if the air smelled like flowers.

“Put on your slippers, Tianxin.

You might catch a cold.”

Ye Tianxin jogged to the window barefooted and put on her slippers.

She smiled sweetly at Li Qingcang and did not say a word.

Her heart was filled with affection for him.

When someone truly liked a person, they just had to look at them and their heart would be filled with bliss, warmth, and love.


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