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Chapter 190: The Second “Date”

After Ye Tianxin got changed, Li Qingcang led her out of the hotel.

CEO Xia received the hotel managers report.

‘There are so many beautiful women in the capital.

Why was Young Master Li so enamored by this girl from the countryside CEO Xia wondered.

Li Qingcang could be with any famous or wealthy woman from a renowned family.

Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang walked together.

Ye Tianxin was shorter than Li Qingcang, and she walked slower.

Li Qingcang walked slowly to match her pace.

The two went under the tall trees.

Sunlight streamed through the leaves of the trees, looking like pieces of gold.

A little girl with a bamboo basket walked towards Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin.

“Elder Brother, buy Elder Sister a rose,” she urged.

The little girls features looked as if they had been carved from jade.

She looked adorable.

Her eyes were large and bright as she looked at Li Qingcang.

The bamboo basket she held had some packaged red roses.

“Elder Brother, look at how beautiful Elder Sister is.

Buy a rose for her.

Theyre only five dollars per pack.”

Li Qingcang did not want to buy a rose at all.

He did not know what kind of parents the girl had to let such a young child sell flowers on the streets.

“Darling, where are your mom and dad”

The little girl did not answer Li Qingcang.

She looked at him pitifully instead.

“Elder Brother, buy a flower for the pretty Elder Sister” she insisted.

Li Qingcang took out his phone and called the cops.

The little girls mom and dad appeared out of nowhere when they heard that Li Qingcang was calling the cops.

They grabbed the girl and faced Li Qingcang.

“You look like a gentleman, but you cant afford to buy flowers.”

Li Qingcang glared at the couple.

“You are the girls parents, but you have not carried out your responsibility as her guardians,” Li Qingcang pointed out.

“This is a dereliction of duty!”

“Shes my child.

Why do you care If you dont want to buy flowers, thats fine.

But mind your own business, Mister!”

The girls parents took her with them, cursing and swearing as they walked away.

Li Qingcang looked at the three who were now a distance away from them.

He did not understand why there were such parents in this world.

It was a hot day.

How could they let a young girl go out and sell flowers

If she were their biological child, they would not have the heart to do that.

“Were you the one who called the police” an officer said as he approached Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin.

Li Qingcang nodded and described the girl and her parents to the police.

After that, he informed the officer of his suspicion, “I suspect that the little girl was kidnapped.

Kindly investigate, Mr.


The police promised Li Qingcang that they would look into the matter and went in search of the young girl and her parents.

Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin continued on their way to an arcade.

“What would you like to play”

Li Qingcang exchanged money for some tokens before leading Ye Tianxin in.

Many schools were on a break because of the college entrance exams.

As such, there were many people in the arcade.

Ye Tianxin saw the dance machine from afar.

“Elder Brother Li, why dont we try that game” Ye Tianxin suggested giddily.


Li Qingcang went to the machine and danced on the mat together with Ye Tianxin.

The two were exceptionally synchronized when they danced, and they won the game in just a while.


Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang high-fived when won the game.

Her eyes were like little crescent moons when she smiled.

Li Qingcangs heart fluttered.

He looked away.

He was a little uneasy.

Why did he feel that Ye Tianxin was getting prettier each time he saw her


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