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Chapter 191: The Second “Date” (2)

“Tianxin, what other games would you like to try” Li Qingcang asked as soon as they were done at the dancing game.

“I want to try them all!” Ye Tianxin looked around and responded excitedly.

“Is it okay with you, Elder Brother Li Will you accompany me”

Li Qingcang agreed.

Then, Ye Tianxin grabbed Li Qingcangs arm and said happily, “Elder Brother Li, youre such a good person.”

“You silly girl…”

Li Qingcang sighed.

What should he do

Ye Tianxin was so easy to please.

It wouldnt take much to make her happy.

If she were to enter university and start dating, what should he do if some scumbag breaks her heart

Forget it.

He shall ask Yan Ge for a photo of Yan Jun when he goes back to camp.

He wanted to see how Yan Jun looks like and whether he would be satisfied with Yan Juns appearance or not.

“Im not a silly girl!” Ye Tianxin objected.

“I am Little Tianxin who is both smart and adorable.”

“Lets go play the racing game.”

Li Qingcang brought Ye Tianxin to the racing game machine.

The seats were like that of a motorbike.

Ye Tianxin stretched her leg over the seat and challenged Li Qingcang, “Are you ready, Elder Brother Li”

“You bet.”

Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin began to race.

Aside from being straight-A students, both of them could get really competitive.

Ye Tianxins tiny face looked especially serious as she stared straight at the screen.

She did not notice that a large number of young men and women were now surrounding them, all of them staring at Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang.

“They got through the first stage.”

“They got through the second stage.”

“OMG! They even passed the third stage!”

The spectators were all very excited.

They had played the same game, but it was too difficult for them that they didnt manage to pass even the first stage.

However, Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang both seemed like experts.

They managed to pass 10 stages all at once.

The machine congratulated them and released tickets.

Li Qingcang was anall-kill machine.

Meanwhile, Ye Tianxin really played with everything in the arcade ,and she won every single time.

Two hours passed until they were able to try all the games.

Ye Tianxin carried a giant teddy bear proudly.

Li Qingcang had won it from a shooting game.

The two walked to the cashier to exchange their tickets for prizes.

They won in every game they had played with.

They collected a lot of tickets, and they managed to exchange them for a pair of mechanical watches.


Ye Tianxin looked at the watches happily.

She hurriedly took out the big watch and put it on Li Qingcang.

Then, she wore the small one on her wrist.

She raised her hand, showing her watch to Li Qingcang like a child.

“Elder Brother Li, is it pretty”


Ye Tianxins wrist was slender, and the watch was a little big on her.

“You cant wear this watch for now,” Li Qingcang told her.

“Ill find someone to adjust the strap in the next few days, and then you can wear it.”

Li Qingcang took off the watch on his wrist and placed it in the box.

“Elder Brother Li, are you not going to wear yours”

“You keep it,” Li Qingcang replied softly, careful of disappointing Ye Tianxin.

“You can give it to your boyfriend when you start dating.”

Ye Tianxin felt as if a sword had been stabbed through her heart.

She was silent.

She didnt expect it from Li Qingcang.

Her heart ached.

Without a word, she took off her watch and put it back in the box.

“Elder Brother Li, I am still a child,” Ye Tianxin spoke, trying to look and sound okay.

“How can I have a boyfriend”

Ye Tianxin had been very happy, but what Li Qingcang had said made Ye Tianxins heart sink.

For a moment, she had the urge to just…


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