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Chapter 204: Tianxin, Lets Date! (1)

Ye Tianxin looked at Yan Jun.

At this point, Yan Jun might have just entered the entertainment industry not long ago.

His disposition was very positive.

Ye Tianxin could vaguely remember that Gu Enterprises had once invited Yan Jun to become an ambassador for a brand under the company.

Gu Enterprises had only just indicated their interest in working together with Yan Jun when his manager just refused them straightaway.

His manager had claimed that Yan Jun would not take any commercials and would just focus on filming movies.


Jing Zhichen knew that Ye Tianxin was joining the film set today.

As Ye Tianxins temporary guardian, he naturally had to make a trip to visit her.


Yan Jun heard Jing Zhichen and greeted him.

Jing Zhichen was a little surprised.

He looked at Yan Jun and felt that Yan Jun was sitting a little too close to Ye Tianxin.

As such, he pulled Yan Jun away.

“Yan Jun, are you the male lead of this movie”

“Thats right, Bro.

Is Tianxin under your company”

‘Small world, Yan Jun thought.

If Tianxin was Jing Zhichens artist, then it would be easier to get things done.

“Yep, Tianxins one of mine,” Jing Zhichen replied as he looked at Ye Tianxin.

He immediately noticed that her eyes were red.

It looked like she had cried…

“Yan Jun, come with me.”

Jing Zhichen walked to the garden outside and grabbed Yan Juns collar.

“You rascal! What did you do to Tianxin”

“Bro, I didnt do anything to her.

How could I bear to anything untoward to her She is my girlfriend.”

Yan Jun was very honest.

He thought that since he and Jing Zhichen knew each other very well, there was no need to beat around the bush.

Jing Zhichens eyes looked very dangerous, but Yan Jun did not seem aware of it at all.

“I am doing this for the movie,” he explained.

“Tianxin and I do not know each other at all before this.

We are dating just for the movie.”

“Dont you dare use your dirty tricks on Tianxin.

Stay far away from her.

Dont even think about hooking up with actresses just a few days after entering the entertainment industry,” Jing Zhichen warned.

Jing Zhichens words confused Yan Jun greatly.

He had only wanted to cultivate a better relationship with Ye Tianxin.

“Yan Jun, listen.

Tianxin is my—”

“Your lover” Yan Jun interrupted “Say it, Bro.

Thats not very nice.

Youre already so old, and Tianxin is in the prime of her life.

If you do that, arent you afraid youll be ruining the future beauty of our nation”

Jing Zhichen was so angry that he slapped Yan Juns head.

“Are you itching to be beaten”

Yan Jun rubbed his head confusedly after being beaten.

He had only wanted to improve his portrayal of the role given to him and make this movie better.

What had he done wrong

That was so unfair!

Jing Zhichen ignored Yan Juns angry expression and continued, “Be nicer to Tianxin in the future.

If I find out that you did anything that you shouldnt do outside of work, you better be careful…”

Yan Jun stood, looking a little disheveled.

What was up with these people these days

First, his brother had called him and asked if he had offended Boss Li lately.

Then, Boss Li had called him and asked if he had had his first love and first kiss.

And now Elder Brother Jing was behaving like that…

Did his stars clash or what

Things have not been smooth-sailing since he entered the industry.

He had finally managed to get into this major production with a renowned director after much difficulty.

In the end, his co-star was Elder Brother Jings younger sister.

What was he going to do in the future

“Tianxin, I grew up with Yan Jun.

Dont be afraid.

The rascals skin is tough, so you dont have to be too polite with him.

If he dares to do anything to you, just slap him in the face.”


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