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Chapter 223: Tianxins First Press Conference (2)

This was Ye Tianxins first time appearing in front of the media.

As such, Du Juan placed great importance on this occasion.

She personally picked out a pearl white cheongsam for Ye Tianxin and also combed out her braids.

She used a small crystal clip to keep some of Ye Tianxins bangs in place.

The rest of her hair was left down.

Because of the film, Ye Tianxins bangs had been cut.

The few strands of hair on her forehead made Ye Tianxins playfulness and cuteness stand out.

She was like a breath of fresh air.

“Tianxin, you are really beautiful.”

Ye Tianxin looked at her reflection in the mirror.

She did not have any makeup on her face.

She had really good skin, and a smile was her best accessory.

Ye Tianxin parted her lips slightly, revealing a small and elegant smile.

“Guan Chenxi will accompany you to the place where the press conference will be held.

Tianxin, dont be nervous.”

Du Juan still had a lot of things to do on set, so she did not have time to accompany Ye Tianxin to the press conference.

“Dont worry, Mom.

Ill be fine.

Go and do your thing.”

Guan Chenxi walked with Ye Tianxin to the conference room of the hotel.

“Shes here! Shes here!”

“Ye Tianxin is here.”

The reporters all sat down on their seats and faced the front, preparing their notebooks.

A table and a chair were on the temporary stage.

A red table cloth was laid over the table.

A few microphones were also set up on the table.

There were tags on the microphones that indicated which program they belonged to.

Behind the reporters were a row of videographers.

There were cameras and recorders set up in front of them.

The doors of the conference room opened.

Guan Chenxi guided Ye Tianxin to the table.

She smiled gracefully and said, “My friends from the media, how are you I am Ye Tianxin from Jiameng High School.”

Ye Tianxin was beautiful, and she glowed when she smiled.

Coupled with the fact that she was wearing a cheongsam, everyone immediately had a good impression of her.

There were not many media outlets that had wanted to interview Ye Tianxin at first.

There was not much dirt on a high school graduate after all.

However, someone had leaked the news to the media that Ye Tianxin, the national top-scorer for the college entrance exams, was not enjoying her holiday after the exams.

Instead, she was filming a movie.

Most importantly, the director of the movie was Director Jin Xin.

One had to know that the previous films directed by Director Jin Xin were critically acclaimed abroad.

Director Jin Xin was considered a genius even by his international contemporaries.

Not only did the film have such an amazing director, but even the scriptwriter for the movie was a famous scriptwriter who had received several accolades within the country.

A team made up of the two of them was enough for many newbies in the entertainment industry to do everything to get into their film.

“Ye Tianxin, I heard that you joined Director Jins film right after the college entrance exam ended.

Is that true”

Ye Tianxin sat down by the side.

She looked elegant and bright.

“To be more exact, I only joined Director Jins set after taking graduation photos.

My friends in the media, please keep your eyes out for Director Jins new film,Red Cherry.”

A reporter raised his hand and spoke, “Ye Tianxin, I heard that you were always at the bottom of the class for three years in high school.

How did you manage to do so well for the college entrance exams Can you guarantee that your results are genuine”

Ye Tianxin looked at the reporter.

What did he mean by that

Was he hinting that her college entrance exam results were a sham


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