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Chapter 281: Tianxin Was Kidnapped (2)

The girls face paled in fright.

Her eyes were filled with tears.

She looked pitiful.

Ye Tianxin stretched out her hand to pick up a bottle of mineral water.

She silently opened it and took a sip from the bottle.

This was the most common mineral water seen in supermarkets.

There was nothing unusual about the bottle at all, and the water tasted normal.

It didnt taste like some substance was added to it.

At that moment, Ye Tianxin told herself that no matter what, she had to replenish her energy in the shortest time possible.

She could only escape when she had the strength to do so.

Compared to Ye Tianxin, the girl seated across from her appeared weak and afraid.

She refused to eat or drink.

Ye Tianxin tried to meet her gaze, but to no avail.

Shouhu sized up Ye Tianxin, examining her from head to foot, and a smile formed on his lips.

Ye Tianxin pretended not to notice Shouhus smile.

She ate her bread and drank the mineral water calmly.

What kind of organization was this exactly

These two men were definitely not ordinary people.

They were not regular hooligans.

They all had very strong and muscular physiques.

Could it be that they were some assassin organization

No, that was impossible.

If she had landed in the hands of some assassin organization, she would be killed silently without any fuss.

“I am done eating.”

Ye Tianxin had already finished eating while the girl across her sobbed into her food.

“There are still others who havent arrived yet.”

Shouhu sat down beside Ye Tianxin.

He stretched out his hand, wanting to touch Ye Tianxins face.

However, the man standing behind Ye Tianxin slapped him immediately and said, “Keep your paws away!”

“Oh, Huamao, are you gonna be that protective of this girl”

Shouhu glanced at Huamao.

Huamaos expression remained cold and distant as he stood tall and straight behind Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin ignored the argument between the two.

She looked out in the distance as four men and four women emerged from the dark.

The four girls were probably about the same age as she was.

Every girl had a look of terror on their faces.

“Everyone is here now.”

“They are all here.”

Shouhu wiped the mischievous smile off his face and stood behind the girl he had brought earlier.

He seemed to have seen Ye Tianxin assessing him, and he turned to wink at Ye Tianxin.

Who were they

The same thought occurred to the six girls present at the same time.

In the beginning, Ye Tianxin thought that these people had been sent by either Lu Qingxin or the Yan family.

But now, Ye Tianxin realized that her assumption was wrong.

Then who exactly were these people

“I am going to call out your names now.

If your name is called, remember to say present!”

A sinister but gentle voice rang in the air.

“Mu Yuluo.”

Mu Yuluo wore a simple T-shirt.

Her hair was short and red, and there was a set of red earphones dangling from her neck.

She looked like a playful rich girl.


“Yao Qinghan.”

Yao Qinghan was a short girl who was barely 1.5 meters tall.

She wore a lolita outfit that looked like it came out straight from a Japanese comic.

She looked young and had a sexy speaking voice.

She looked like someone who could be bullied easily.


“Wei Weiwei.”


Wei Weiwei had long hair and fiery red lips.

She looked very haughty.

“Ye Tianxin.”


There were six of them in total: Mu Yuluo, Yao Qinghan, Wei Weiwei, Ye Tianxin, Xiao Mengmeng, and Ji Nuan.

“Who are you all Why did you bring us here” Ye Tianxin asked.

A mans low chuckle could be heard through the broadcasting system.

He said, “Beautiful ladies, please dont worry.

We are not a human trafficking organization.”


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