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Chapter 305: Captain Li, Do You Have a Girlfriend [1]

“Why will they not This is not a matter of whether they agree or not.

If you dont want to stay, then I will bring you home.”

Li Qincangs words comforted Ye Tianxin.

She reached out her hands and hugged Li Qincangs sleeping bag tightly.

“Thats kind of you, Brother Li.”

Li Qincang wasnt expecting that gesture from Ye Tianxin.

His body stiffened, and he said in a low voice, “Silly girl, you are worth it.

And you are the only one I will treat well.

Go to sleep.

Sweet dreams”

Ye Tianxin was really sleepy.

After being abducted to the island, Ye Tianxin was stressed out.

They had to gather twigs to make fire and food to survive.

No one knew what would happen next.

But Li Qincang came here like a knight in shining armor, rescuing a damsel in distress.

Ye Tianxin was relieved that Li Qingcang came.

She was no longer afraid, and nothing would worry her.

His arrival reassured her, and she soon fell asleep.

It didnt take long before Ye Tianxin was asleep.

Li Qincang reached out and gently pushed away the hair on Ye Tianxins forehead, revealing her beautiful face.

He was now at ease at finally seeing her safe.

He was pleased that he arrived just at the right time.

The girls situation could have gotten worst.

Then he fell asleep.

Yan Lili, who was at the stairway, looked at the light coming out of the tent.

Her heart ached.

He really cared about her.

He was a man of duty, yet he was willing to bend the rules for Ye Tianxin.

Yan Lili went upstairs quietly.

She should stop herself from wallowing in self-pity.

She had pride and dignity, too.

Even if she lost, she would like to be a dignified loser.

The weather on the island was unpredictable.

The wind had stopped as well as the rain.

The air turned humid.

It smelled of seawater and the fragrance of wild grass.

The night passed quickly.

The sun rose early, piercing the dark sky.

It was a comforting sight after the ordeal everyone at the island had to endure last night.

Everyone was still asleep.

Only when Li Qincang heard the sound of the helicopter did he woke up.

He stood up quickly and ran out of the tent, then towards the open space.

A white helicopter was slowly landing.

Qie Yiyan, in his military uniform, got off the helicopter, and behind him followed Shouhu.

“Shouhu, pull the alarm.”

The sharp alarm pierced through the quiet morning, waking the girls who were still sound asleep.

When the girls ran to the first floor, Ye Tianxin slowly came out of her sleeping bag.

Wei Weiwei and the others immediately surrounded Ye Tianxin.

They were all confused, especially Wei Weiwei.

“Why do I smell something strange”

“Whats that smell”

‘Could it be that my hair became smelly because I didnt shower last night and got caught in the rain Ye Tianxin thought as she sniffed her hair.

“Its the smell of love,” Wei Weiwei teased Ye Tianxin.

“Get lost.”

Ye Tianxin reached out and hit Wei Weiwei.

Wei Weiwei leaned closer to Ye Tianxin and muttered, “Youre really too weak.

If you really like him, dont hesitate.

What are you waiting for Someone might snatch him from you!” Wei Weiwei smiled mischievously.

“Im still young,” Ye Tianxin replied seriously.

She was not in a hurry.

She had to settle the matter first.

“However, Captain Li is not young anymore.

If you dont act now, someone will.

Believe me.

And when it happens, you will surely regret it.”


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