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Chapter 308: Tianxin,I Wont Give Up On You!【2】

All of them looked at Ye Tianxin, and Ye Tianxins face blushed slightly.

Her eyes gleamed like shining stars.

When Li Qingcang saw that Ye Tianxin didnt answer so quickly, he thought, did Tianxin actually have a boyfriend

No, she shouldnt.

He hasnt heard of any boys appearing beside Ye Tianxin

Could it be that the person Tianxin likes is the Zhai Shanshi, who Jingchen mentioned

Suddenly, Li Qingcang had the feeling that his prized possession had been snatched away.

There was a subtle uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

“I dont have a boyfriend, but I have someone I like.”

Ye Tianxins answer made Li Qingcang even more stunned.

There was someone she liked, so what was the difference between that and having a boyfriend

Wasnt there a saying

It was easy for a woman to pursue a man.

If Ye Tianxin confessed and the other party agreed, then wouldnt he no longer merely be someone that she liked, but be her boyfriend instead

“Thats enough, dont ask any more questions.

I wont satisfy all of your appetites for gossip.”

Qie Yiyan took advantage of the situation and persuaded Ye Tianxin by saying, “Tianxin, you might not know, but female soldiers are extraordinarily attractive.

Youre so good-looking, so after putting on a military uniform, Tianxin, you would be eye candy that stands out amongst the soldiers.

Although I dont know who you like exactly, he definitely isnt as exceptional as the people in our army.

Just take Captain Li for an example.

He had a perfect score on the college entrance exam, and during the college entrance exam, even people from Harvard, Cambridge, and various ivy leagues desperately tried to recruit him.

Furthermore, with his striking looks, isnt he way more handsome than even many celebrities in the entertainment industry There are many people like him in the army.

Tianxin, you only have someone you like right now, which is alright, since its like liking a piece of clothing.

You can change the person you like…”

Li Qingcang defended Ye Tianxin by saying solemnly, “Captain Qi, why do you care about who Tianxins crush is Why do you think that Tianxins crush isnt a nice person I believe that someone who Tianxin crushes on must also be a particularly good man.”

Ye Tianxin nodded fiercely.

Captain Qi exemplified him, who was the person she liked.

“Yes, I like him, and hes also very excellent.

Although I know that there might be someone better than him in the army, for me, he is unique and different.”


There was a burst of sourness in Li Qingcangs heart.

After hearing what Ye Tianxin said, he felt overwhelmed with jealousy.

He wondered which rascal was so lucky to be crushed on by Tianxin.

In Li Qingcangs heart, it felt as if two cats were scratching each other.

He wanted to ask, who was that person

But in the end, he still suppressed the urge to ask her and didnt speak.

After all, there were so many people around, and Tianxin was thin-skinned.

She would definitely feel embarrassed to make her crush known to everyone.

He thought that he should ask her when there were only the two of them around, then he would let Jingchen examine the other partys character along the way, so as to save Tianxin from suffering grievances.

He didnt want Tianxin to be hurt by other people.

Li Qingcang didnt speak, and Ye Tianxin didnt speak either, so the vibe on the helicopter instantly became stiff and solemn, in contrast to the previously relaxed vibe.

Qie Yiyan glanced towards the outside of the plane door.

They were already above the National Defense Military Academy.

“Tianxin, youre the one I chose, so I wont give up on you!”

When Li Qingcang heard Qie Yiyans words, which almost sounded like a confession, his eyebrows raised.

“Dont be so persistent.

Its Tianxins own life, so Tianxin will think for herself…”


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