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Chapter 309: Tianxin,I Wont Give Up On You!【3】

“Isnt it better to have one more option” Qie Yiyan refused to give up.

“Tianxin, in our army, there are many handsome soldiers.

I promise you that theyre better than the one you like.”

“No, hes the best.” After Ye Tianxin glanced at Li Qingcang, she continued to refuse Qie Yiyans offer, “No one can be compared to him.

He is the most special one, and the most outstanding one in my heart.”

After the helicopter stopped, Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang got off the plane.

Their separation was coming soon, so the other five girls were very reluctant to part with Ye Tianxin.

During this period of time on the island, everyone reflexively surrounded Ye Tianxin, who was always calm, as if as long as she was there, they would have nothing to fear.

It was a natural sort of attraction.

Her personality was good.

She was tough, cheerful, and she always gave people an optimistic impression.

Now, they were going to part, even though they all already knew that Ye Tianxins dream was to become a diplomat.

But at that moment, they still vaguely hoped that Ye Tianxin could stay and fight side by side with them.

“Tianxin, are you really not thinking about staying Were unwilling for you to leave!”

“Yeah, why dont you stay Youre so smart anyway.

You can study majors in two separate schools, and when the time comes, youll have two degress when you graduate.

Itll be great.”

“Tianxin, are you really leaving with Captain Li We dont know when we can meet each other again.”

Ye Tianxin wrote down her QQ number and contact information for Wei Weiwei.

“At that time, well create a QQ group so that even if we arent together, we can still connect.

I hope that in the days to come, we can still support each other and fulfill our dreams.”

Xie Xinghe walked over from a distance.

When he saw Ye Tianxin in a camouflage uniform, his eyes flashed a little.

He didnt know if it was his illusion, but he felt as if he saw the shadow of his brother-in-law in Ye Tianxin.

“Brother Xinghe.”

Ye Tianxin and Xie Xinghe called Brother Xinghe at the same time.

Xie Xinghe nodded, then he said to Li Qingcang, “Everything is ready.

You go back with Tianxin first.

I will stay and deal with the rest.”

“Well then, goodbye.”

Ye Tianxin bid adieu to her friends.

Some people know that they will be friends for life as soon as they meet.

And some people, even if they stayed together for an entire lifetime, would still be strangers.

Ye Tianxin had her own friends.

Her true friends.

They spent such unforgettable and thrilling days together.

That was such a precious experience for them.

“Xie Xinghe, this is really unacceptable.

I finally found such a good seedling, you…”

Since the Xie family and the Li family appeared at the same time, Qie Yiyan knew clearly that it would be impossible to keep Ye Tianxin.

He felt regretful.

Reluctant to give up.

He felt rueful as well.

Qie Yiyan looked at the way Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang behaved when they got on the plane, and a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

Could the person Ye Tianxin have a crush on be Li Qingcang

If that was the case, it would be much more interesting.

“Qi Yiyan, youve been way too domineering ever since Xingqings accident.

You should know that Ye Tianxin is a person, and you should respect her wishes instead of imposing your own wishes on Ye Tianxin.

Do you understand ”

Understand my foot.

Qi Yiyans face was dark.

He didnt understand.

All he knew was that Ye Tianxin was a good seedling he had personally chosen.

He wouldnt give up on her.

Hell never give up on her.


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