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When Ye Tianxin got to the academy, there was already a large crowd of people milling about at the entrance gates.

The crowd consisted of applicants whod come for the interviews and some of their parents.

With much difficulty, Ye Tianxin squeezed her way through the crowd and past the entrance gates into the academy.

She then went to join the line at the recruitment office for an assessment pass.

The other girls waiting in line were of varying shapes and sizes, and were all dressed to the nines in attractive outfits.

On the other hand, the barefaced Ye Tianxin, standing amidst these prettily made-up girls without a trace of makeup on her face, was like a breath of fresh air.


Having obtained her pass, Ye Tianxin left the recruitment office, followed the instructions on the signposts to the classroom designated for the interview, and waited outside for her name to be called.

Thanks to the immense popularity of Chunxue across the entire nation, every recruitment drive at Capital Film Academy had attracted numerous applications.

Ye Tianxin sat on the bench outside the classroom and waited for her turn.

Shed only just sat down when a girl whod been sitting there got up, a look of undisguised revulsion on her face.

Ye Tianxin glanced at her and decided that itd be really unbelievable if she made it past the first interview in that outfit.

Her hair was colored red, orange, green, black, blue, and purple.

She wore a white vest paired with an ethnic styled long skirt, her belly button exposed.

With her collagen-filled face painted a variety of colors, she looked very much like a non-mainstream type of person that people gossiped about.

Ye Tianxin was feeling thankful that, due to the remote inland location of Jiameng, shed never been inclined to experiment with this non-mainstream fad, not even at the height of her youthful rebellion.

Perhaps it was because this girl and Ye Tianxin were both dressed relatively “outlandishly” that the other people around them didnt seem to pay much attention to the non-mainstream girl.

Feeling bored, the non-mainstream girl sat down beside Ye Tianxin.

She took one look at her old-fashioned dress and the white trainers that had been washed umpteen times and spoke daintily, “Hey, did you come from a farm In your village, are you like, the village queen”


Village queen

At the girls questions, Ye Tianxin raised her head and smiled sweetly.

“Whats a village queen” she asked.

“I dont understand what you mean!”


“Its like, the prettiest girl in the village, you know Since youre here to apply for admittance to the film academy, shouldnt you have bought yourself a nicer outfit Just look at you, dressed in such outmoded clothes.

You definitely wont get past the first interview!”

Having said her piece, the girl extracted a small mirror from her bag and peered into it, carefully checking her appearance.

A short while later, the girl, while continuing to admire herself in the mirror, murmured to herself, “I thank my parents for giving me such a pretty face.”

Upon hearing that, Ye Tianxin actually felt like laughing, but instead she merely shut her eyes and waited in silence for her turn.

After some time, a teacher walked out of the classroom and read out the pass numbers.


99, No.


Come in please.”


99—that was Ye Tianxins pass number.

Holding her pass, Ye Tianxin walked into the classroom, while No.

100 followed and also entered the classroom.

At that moment, Ye Tianxin glanced at No.

100, who was right behind her, and froze in shock.

She… isnt she Lu Qinxin



Why was she applying for admittance to the film academy

Lu Qinxin was wearing a long white dress, and her hair was loose and cascaded down to her tiny waist.

Her petite face was lightly made-up to cleverly highlight the most attractive features of her face.


100, come over here and have your makeup removed.


99, start preparing for your performance.”

Ye Tianxin took a long, deep breath.

Meeting her archenemy so unexpectedly at this time had, without a doubt, somewhat affected her mood.



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