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Chapter 310: Boss Li Is Jealous! (1)

Ye Tianxn and Li Qingcang had only just gotten onto the plane when Li Qingcang asked somewhat urgently, “Tianxin, who is the person you like”

“The person I like” Ye Tianxin was stunned for a moment.

Then, she smiled sweetly and said, “Elder Brother Li.

This is a secret.

I shant tell you for the time being.”

His heart suddenly hurt.

It felt as if his heart was being stabbed at by needles.

Li Qingcang felt as if fine needles were stabbing straight at his heart.

“I just want to know whether he is worth you liking him.” Li Qingcang asked, his words stinking of jealousy.

Ye Tianxin held Li Qingcangs hand and said, “He is worth it.

Elder Brother Li, he is a great person.

I feel like I am not worthy of him.

Thats why I have to work even harder and be more serious at making myself an even better person.

One day, I will be able to stand by his side based on my own abilities.”

“Silly girl.

You are already good enough right now.”

What exactly had that damned man said to his little Tianxin What had he done to her

He must have done something unforgivable to make little Tianxin feel so inferior about herself.

“You dont have to feel upset at what other people say.

Tianxin, you have to remember, you are always the best.

You are the greatest, the most outstanding person in this world.

There is no such thing as whether a person is worthy of another person because you are you and no one else can replace you.”

His little Tianxin would forever be the best, the greatest person there was.

Ye Tianxins eyes curved up as she smiled gayly at Li Qingcang.

She said sweetly, “Elder Brother Li, do you really think that I am that great”

If you really think that I am that great, what if I were to confess my love for you

Elder Brother Li, dont look at me like that.

Dont praise me like that.

I am afraid that I wont be able to control myself.

I am afraid that I will confess my love for you to you…

I am afraid that you will push me away.

Elder Brother Li, do you know

That when I think of you, there is a sweet feeling in my heart.

I want to spend all of my days with you, day and night, years and months, every minute and every second.

I like you.

You have rooted yourself in my heart, and my love for you has germinated.

Without me knowing, you have become a tree, flourishing with branches and green leaves.

Elder Brother Li, wait for me.

Wait for me to grow a little more.

Wait for me to become just a tad bit more outstanding

I will confess to you then.

Elder Brother Li, the tree in my heart will blossom with flowers when you agree to date me.

The flowers will bloom, one after another.

That is proof of my love for you.

“Silly girl, do I look like someone who would lie”


Ye Tianxin smiled sweetly.

She was like a child who had not grown up and who knew nothing of the world in front of Li Qingcang.

He used his gentleness, his warmth, and his thoughtfulness to soothe the hurt she had hidden in her heart, bit by bit.

She was willing to keep her child-like innocence in front of him.

She would forget the past.

She would forget the pain.

She would forever be like an 18-year-old girl.

“Then thats right.

If I say that you are the best, then you are the best.

Anyway, you are not allowed to look down on yourself.

If someone says that you are not good enough, then tell me.

I will protect you and take care of you, get it”

Li Qingcang reached out and touselled Ye Tianxins soft hair.

Her hair was fine and soft.

Her tiny face was as clean as white porcelain.

However, she was still stunningly beautiful.

He had never told her that when she had rushed out in the rain that night and hugged him tightly, it felt as if he had found a treasure that he had lost.

She was a treasure.

She would forever be his treasure.

One of them had already fallen in love but did not know.

The other had fallen in love but hid it deep down in her heart because she was a coward.


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