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Chapter 312: Boss Li is Jealous! (3)

This piece of luck had come too suddenly.

Yan Jun could barely believe it.

So, so… was his wish about to come true

Boss, you are great.

You are so concerned about my happiness.

Dont worry.

I will definitely treat her well.”

Yan Jun even glanced at Ye Tianxin intentionally when he said that.

He had nothing to fear now.

What else could Jing Zhichen say if Boss has already agreed to him dating Ye Tianxin

Ah, what a wonderful future…

Ah, what a wonderful first love…

Yan Jun thought of how he would be able to hold her hands in public and wrap his arm around her waist when they get together.

He even anticipated filming the wedding night scene between Ying Tao and Zhou Hong even more.


Li Qingcang swept his cold eyes over Yan Jun but Yan Jun did not realize it at all.

He just looked at Ye Tianxin like a love-struck moron.

When you like a person, you would not be able to hide it in your eyes.

Yan Jun liked Ye Tianxin.

Every time he saw Ye Tianxin, it was as if she were the sun and he was like a sunflower and he would follow her around.

After exiting the airport, Li Qingcang opened the car door and got Ye Tianxin to sit at the passenger seat.

He only realized that the thick-skinned Yan Jun had already gotten into the back of the car with a love-struck expression when he sat down at the drivers seat.

“Get out.”

Yan Jun was stunned.

“Boss, I already said that I will follow you around and help you.”

Li Qingcang opened the car door and grabbed Yan Jun with one hand as if he were handling a chick.

He threw Yan Jun down by the side of the road.

“Drive your own car back.”

Yan Jun who had been immersed in his own happiness did not realize that something was off at all.

“Elder Brother Li, why did you throw Yan Jun out of the car”

Ye Tianxin looked at Yan Jun through the back view mirror.

Yan Jun stood by the roadside.

He looked extremely pitiful, like a pet that had been abandoned by its owner.

“Do you feel sorry for him”

Li Qingcangs tone was a little cold, though he did not realize it.

Ye Tianxin looked at Li Qingcang a little confusedly.

“Elder Brother Li, why would I feel sorry for him”

“Isnt the person you like Yan Jun”

Li Qingcang said.

He had thought that Ye Tianxin and Yan Jun had fallen for each other while filming Red Cherry.

Ye Tianxin suddenly laughed out loud and said, “No, the person I like is not Yan Jun.”

Elder Brother Li, the person I like is you.

“But that rascal seems to like you.”

The key thing was that Yan Juns love-struck expression was very obvious.

Li Qingcang could see it clearly and could not even ignore it even if he wanted to.

Ye Tianxin looked in front calmly, her lips curved up slightly into a smile.

She seemed to be in a good mood and not even the traffic jam in front of her could ruin her excellent mood.

“Elder Brother Li, the person Yan Jun likes is not me.

He likes Ying Tao.”

As a romance movie, Red Cherry was beautiful and romantic.

The female lead, Ying Tao, was extremely charming and it was understandable that Yan Jun had fallen for Ying Tao.

“You mean that he is still immersed in the film”

Ye Tianxin nodded.

“I think so.”

Li Qingcang was both happy and disappointed.

He was happy because the person that Ye Tianxin liked was not Yan Jun.

He was disappointed because he still did not know who the person Ye Tianxin liked was.

“Tianxin, I shall send you to the book store later.

You rest for a while.

I heard from Jing Zhichen that you still have to re-film a few shots…”

Ye Tianxin turned to look at Li Qingcangs almost perfect side profile.

She knew that Elder Brother Li was going to leave again.


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